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 Sword training, Lesson 1, Light and Kenjutsu. [Training]

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PostSubject: Sword training, Lesson 1, Light and Kenjutsu. [Training]   Tue May 07, 2013 10:07 pm

Jutsu used for the training:

Neru had decided to train on his Kenjutsu skills, after he had his brush with battle against Ren. He needed better ideas for Kenjutsu, involving his clan's special element, Hikari, Light. He brought two of his shortswords for the training, but he would first use one. "Hmm, alright, let's do this." Neru would start building up chakra in his body which he would transfer to his hand. "Hmm, now to transfer it to the sword."
Neru would then try to transfer his light chakra into his sword. It would be successful but it wasn't refined and all jumbly. Neru would then concentrate the light chakra surrounding his sword to become smaller. It would but it would become too thin. "This is tough." Neru thought. After a few minutes of increasing and decreasing, the light chakra surrounding the blade was perfect. "Now to fire it out of my blade." Neru then took a deep breath and slashed his sword to try and send a wave of light chakra. It came out weak and vaporised after a few seconds. "Not good enough." Neru would then send upto 6 waves, but all of them would fail. "Hmm, I think, I'll try it this way." Neru started to charge light chakra again and sent it to his sword, he would then form it around the edge of his sword, the light chakra surrounding it would be a bit bigger in size, making sure it was dense. "Here goes nothing." Neru would then slash his sword and release the light chakra which would form a dense wave of light, travelling towards a tree and nearly cutting it. "Finally." Neru would then make more practice runs, bettering the jutsu with each try until he finally mastered it with both of his swords.

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Sword training, Lesson 1, Light and Kenjutsu. [Training]
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