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 Lies Are The Truth RPG

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PostSubject: Lies Are The Truth RPG   Lies Are The Truth RPG Icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 11:58 am

Lies Are The Truth



No, how foolish can one be, To ruin the chances of ones normaly life! To be the only one accepted in the world, can it be true that there is so much chaos and destruction in the world that people are beginning to realize that lies are the truth? have we succumb to such low levels of disbelief that it is hard to realize whats real and whats just fibs. There is a futuristic country spoken of in legends, on its futuristic ordeals and materials, how advance it has become and how self sufficient it can be at times. This Country is called Lorciavana and the people living in this area are just like any other person, well thats what people though until they Met newer people who seemed to have obtained the gene of unrealistic material making them able to control thingd, do things that are unreal to the human eye, what are these thigns that they can do you might ask? Well i can tell you with just simple words, these thigns are gifts, given to them from the heavens? yes for some. Given to them by genetic experiments? yes for many. But why? is a question one single person is all to familiar with. How could this people enter our once sane world and turn the sanity into insanity? Those experiments and the genetic mutations of the DNA genes past from parents to children, well long story short it really was a storm that no one knew was coming.

This breed of people began to multiply...form under the noses of the people they surround themselves with, without anyone ever knowing, until people started knowing. At first it was just a common accident with a fire burning down a house or a forest, then that common accident resulted in various natural disasters, and from those disasters total chaos has over risen. Quite a few people began to hate this new breed of super humans as not many knew what to do with them. The government actually wanted to dispose of them, until some executives find a way on how this breed of humans could be of use to them. Others thought that they should dispose of them to keep in Unsanity at bay. People were turning on eachother, Siblings on Siblings, Friends on Friends, Families on Families, Even Couples on Couples and vice versa. Someone had to put a stop to it. Whether it be good or bad the chaos needed to come to a closing, which is when The Chief Executive of the Goliath Birdwing Coporation decided to put an end to this and formed his own group of government officials who had the same dream as him.

With that the newly made Monarch Organization was formed having people join by the thousands as they all wanted nothing to do with the Shogis. Shogis is the name the Monarch organization came up with for this new breed of super humans. S.H.O.G.I.S is the abbreviated word for Super Human Organisms Given Inexcusable Spirits. basically meaning that the gifts the Shogis have are unhumane and they have tainted the world, so they must execute them all, but some other people don't seem to like the idea so much which is why they partnered with the Goliath Bird Wing Coporation to put a stop to the Monarch organization for wanting to excute the Shogis, and then there are those select few of people who don't want to be on either side, because they feel as if this all could be avoided if we all just learned to live with eachother, and actually that did work for oen second when all of the Shogis promised not to use their gifts, but that one rebel shogi...god have mercy...he just couldn't go with the flow, he didn't want to be ashamed of who he was or what he could do, which is why he went on a devastating rampage destroying everything and everyone in his way, until he got detained...and eventually executed, but it was the blunt act of stupidity that made the rest of the shogis realize that they live in the same place with so many people and nothing is entitled to them, so why should they be ashamed of there talents when other don't have to, so just like the Monarch organization re-opened as well as the Golaith Bird Wing Coporation. Will there ever be hope, or are we just going to have to take it by force, maybe when people lie, I guess they are telling the truth, Lies are the Truth...
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Lies Are The Truth RPG
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