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 Pokemon Aethra

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PostSubject: Pokemon Aethra   Pokemon Aethra Icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 10:08 am

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The Aethra Region hadn’t always been up on the sky; they were once in the sea as four big islands that looked up to the Eon Duo. Some say that it was the Eon Duo that guarded the islands, but that didn’t really spring about until catastrophe had broken out. One day a group of teenage boys had been out at sea and they happened to have spotted Kyogre as he sailed on through the sea. Wanting to get a closer look, the teens had instead angered the sea god and thus a storm was brewed up threatening to sink Aethra.

The Citizens had prayed to the Eon Duo hoping that somehow someway they would be saved. And their prayers were answered as the Eon Duo showed up coaxing the Kyogre down and then they had raised the islands up into the sky with their legendary ability and have watched over the floating region ever since.

Ever since then, Aethra has been a relatively quiet region. Sure you have your trainers that go for the gym here or there and not many have made it to the Pokémon league. But then recently there has been a rather huge influx of trainers coming in, apparently some sort of commotion had happened at another region and many of the trainers had taken refugee with whatever Pokémon they were able to bring when they got to Aethra. Now wanting to start over many of them have started on a new journey, some have settled into jobs around Aethra deciding to take a break away from the journey.

A new rumor had started to float around. Rare incidents that people have seen the Swords of Justice roaming around on the islands. Have the Eon Duo brought them over to guard their own island while they watch over?

With many new people in the region and a whisper about some sky pirates searching for treasure and the legends. There is also a rumor going around about a group of purists that don't exactly like all the new commotion going on.
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Pokemon Aethra
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