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 Encounter on the deck [Shinobu + Open]

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PostSubject: Encounter on the deck [Shinobu + Open]   Thu May 30, 2013 5:58 am

Neru had finished packing his belongings in the crew's quarters and headed towards the deck. He was looking to have some fun, and to probably mess with one of the crew member's. He climbed up and then onto the deck and saw a man, what the Captain called 'packmule'. "Hmm, let's try him." Neru thought as he snickered. "Yo packmule, why didn't you carry our stuff aswell? How about you bring me a nice cold glass of water as an apology?" Neru then started to play with his Yo-Yo, waiting for him to answer.
The packmule had a strange tattoo on his back, but Neru didn't care. "It doesn't make him look tough."

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Encounter on the deck [Shinobu + Open]
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