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PostSubject: The Anything Forum   The Anything Forum Icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 6:09 pm

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The Anything Forum
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Are you one of those writers that enjoys roleplaying a multitude of various plots and ideas? Does it occasionally become bothersome to have to remember to log into all of the different plot oriented sites that you've taken an interest in? Well look no further! The Anything Forum (TAF) is a place where you can roleplay, well, ANYTHING! Whatever sort of plots you want and all in one place! You can choose your own settings, create your own plots to play with other interested parties, and create as many characters as you like. If you'd like to make friends, TAF can provide you with friendly staff and community involvement. Do you often become bored while waiting for a response to a thread in which you're involved? The Anything Forum has off topic community forums to participate in. Our guest-friendly forums allow for others who run their own communities to advertise their own sites and affiliate with TAF as well as ask any questions or address concerns before becoming a member. Come check us out and see if this is the right place for you! Welcome to TAF!
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The Anything Forum
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