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 Bokun, Takeru

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PostSubject: Bokun, Takeru   Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:55 am

Takeru Bokun

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Bokun, Takeru
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Birthday: 13 December
Height: 182cm
Weight: 84kg

Specializations: Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Doton, Suiton, Fuuton

Rank: A
Village: Sakyugakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Takeru is a hard man, his life experiences have forged him into a person as rugged and unforgiving as the land he was born in. He is incredibly sure of himself in everything he does, viewing his actions as the only correct path at the time he makes a decision and does not allow doubt to sway his thoughts at any time. Takeru lives by his personal creed that no matter what he does, those decisions are his own regardless of the consequences. While very sure of himself Takeru is also open to discussion and suggestions from others, his long life has forged in him enough wisdom to temper the rash nature he had as a younger man. Many who face Takeru in battle acknowledge him as one of their firecest opponents because he gives no quarter to his enemies, when he fights there is no thought of mercy for those who oppose him and he will relentlessly attack those who come against him. When in battle Takeru gives an opponent two chances to surrender, once when a fight begins, and once when he feels that he has the upper hand, if his enemy refuses both times he will kill them for opposing him unless prior orders restrain him, but he will let an opponent who surrenders accept their defeat with honour. As hard as he seems to be Takeru does have a more tender side, especially for his late wife and son, visiting the formers grave when occasion allows and ensuring that his son has the childhood and upbringing he deserves. A usually soft spoken man, Takeru is known to be rather gruff and upfront with his words, especially when it comes to hostile situations. He is also ambitious, a trait that has not been tempered bt his age, and he still strives to obtain enough power to allow him to quell any conflict.
Likes: Takeru is an avid reader, and particularly enjoys texts on history and especially texts on the bijuu, and jinchuuriki of the past. He reads in a lot of his spare time, enjoying the relaxation that it grants him. He also savours time spent with his son, and the two occasionally bond together over his son's favourite past-times, with an occasional visit to his wife's grave to pay his respects. He is fond of good food, and will usually go out of his way to ensure that when he eats, he eats rather well. Takeru has a strong love for order and discipline, believing that both unite to create peace, a view that is reflected by the Empire and why he fits in so well with them, this order extends to his household, with everything arranged in its place so that nothing is lost.
Dislikes/Fears: Despite what many of his enemies think, Takeru despises battle. It was not always so, and as a younger man Takeru sought out conflict and bloodshed as much as he could, the adrenaline of it caused his blood to boil and he savoured the experience. However with age Takeru has begun to see conflict as an unnecessary blight on the world, a blight that he means to see remedied before he dies. Takeru also despises the Rebellion, viewing them as part of the conflict of the world and the reason why he must still fight instead of being able to leave things to the next generation.
Motivation: Takeru's motivation is peace, it was not always so and as a younger man Takeru was driven by his yearning to find opponents and situations that would better himself. This still remains in part, and as an older man Takeru still appreciates the learning he receives from conflict, but his desire for it all to end and for the world to know peace overrides any lust for battle that still remains. A large part of this stems from his family, his wife having spoken to him of her wish for a peaceful world for their son to grow up in.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline Ability:
History of Clan:
Location of Clan:

Section 4: Background

Character History:

Smoke filled the air and the screams of women and children mingled with the groans of men slowly dying, moans that held the hopelessness of those who knew they could not be saved. Large gouges out of the ground had flung dirt clods as large as a man's head in all directions, knocking some down, killing others. Takeru pulled himself free of his mother's grasp, she barely noticed as he walked away in a daze, her eyes were locked on some point in the distance, the limp hand of another child clasped in her own. Takeru fought back tears for his dead little sister, she had the sweetest smile and her giggle had made everyone around her laugh in joy. He stumbled a few steps further and looked up at the sky, his innocent eyes locked onto the giant being that still struggled against those that still fought to defend their families from the monster that threatened to destroy them all. Around him people had the same dazed look his mother had, and he knew despair for the first time in his life. He looked up at the monster again and burned it's image into his mind as surely as the lands around him now burned, he would always remember those eyes, and the multitude of swinging tails....


He remembered his first day as a student in the ninja academy of the village, he had new clothes on that his mother had ironed for him with such a big smile on her face, but he still saw the slight sadness in his eyes where his sister used to be. The other kids were all like him, eager to learn to be a ninja and to protect the village, each looked longingly at the forehead protector that their teacher wore, hoping that one day they too, would have one. He remembered on of the bigger kids had tired to pick on him that day, to establish himself as the undisputed leader of the group, Takeru had gone home with a bloody nose that day, the bully had surely proved that he wasn't a pushover. It was only the next day when they bully himself was carried off by his friends, hanging limply in their arms. They had teased him about his mother and he had gone into a rage until his friends pulled him off the motionless boy, he thought his name was Caelum. He had been punished that night of course, but he never forgot the thrill of overcoming his first enemy on his second day at the academy. The rest of his academy days had passed much the same, learning what his teachers taught, laughing with his friends, sharing cold stares with Caelum whenever he passed by. He remembered other scuffles, most of the time with Caelum, some with other boys. But then, they had all fought amongst each other at that age, their teachers had said they were the most unruly generation they had ever come across. His graduation day was one of the proudest moments of his young life. It had been a sunny day, the sun glaring down with its sweltering heat and making all those under it glisten with a soft sheen of perspiration, but he hadn't cared. He ran to his mother clutching the forehead protector he had earned tightly to his chest, she had smiled properly that time, no hint of the sadness in her eyes and hugged him tight. That night they had had his favourite foods, and friends and family all came over to say how wonderful he was, how proud they were of him. He remembered smiling for the next 2 weeks.


Kailie had always had such pretty eyes. He remembered that being his first thought when he met her at their first genin team meeting, how pretty her eyes were. That day it had been cloudy, the edges of a summer storm just starting to push over the village, but her eyes had shined brighter than even the sun to him. In fact he barely remembered the rest of that meeting, he had been staring at Kailie the whole time, and barely stopped long enough to hear his other squadmate introduce himself as Alec, his sensei as Bouzen. She had noticed him staring towards the end, and in his whole life he had never seen anyone blush so much. The three of them had made a good team, and mission passed by in flashes, from simple tasks of cleaning up litter, to being the personal attendants to the Kage when he had traveled to another village. That had been another time when his mother had smiled without any sadness again, her son was making her so proud. The Chuunin exams had pushed them to their limits, and he remembered failing as a team the first two times, experiences he barely remembered. The third attempt was engraved into his mind though, with all the bitterness and sweet memories it brought. They had passed the written exam easily, after all this was their third time taking the exam and Bouzen had drilled them on theory just as much as he trained them physically. He remembered the second test was a group survival test where they had to survive 3 days in a fenced off area while other genin teams had hunted the, and the chuunin examiners had tried to hamper them in any way they could. Years later it was said that was the hardest test ever administered to genin anywhere. The first two days had seen his team fight three others over fresh food and water, each time they suffered injuries, and they only had to retreat the last time, too warn out from their previous encounters. On the third day they had run into Caelum's team. Tired and injured they hadn't stood much of a chance, Alec and Kailie had been subdued within seconds by Caelum's squad mates, Takeru always remembered that Caelum and his squad were bigger bullies than anyone else, and Caelum had always had a grudge against him. He remembered being knocked out after trying his best to fight for a few minutes, the bitter taste of defeat in his mouth. He remembered waking up slightly to see Alec tied to a tree, blood dripping down from a cut on his forehead, remembered looking over to where Kailie lay, struggling as Caelum and his friends were tearing at her clothes. He knew pure rage for the first time that day, he pulled himself off the ground and took them from behind without warning, driving a kunai into Caelums back and slashing at the others as he protected Kailie. They had fought, but Takeru had been an animal that day, snarling and not caring how many injuries he sustained. He had beaten them in the end, their bodies a mangled mess on the ground, blood covered the ground, and he remembered the examiners telling him that Caelum would survive. Remembered wishing that he wouldn't. He recalled the tender moment where Kailie nursed his wounds on that final day, remembered the sweet touch of her lips when they first kissed as the horn announcing the end of the exam sounded, the thrill of passing. They had been formally made Chuunin three days later, and he remembered smiling at Kailie as they stood before the village. His mother had smiled again that day.


His years as a Chuunin bore the memories of a hundred battles and the bittersweet recollections of victories and losses. It was during those years he had found his lust for battle had taken over him, he lived to find anyone that could stand against him, lived to find people that would make him stronger. Strong enough to keep Kailie safe. She had been in his team for a while, and they had shared many things together in that time, they had grown as close as two people could be. But then had come an assignment that would take him far away from her, he had been given the task of hunting down several Chuunin that had deserted the village, Caelum was one of them. He had refused to take her with him when he chose his men, he had been raised to a Special Jounin especially for this assignment, he didn't want to make her remember the time in the chuunin exams where they had been so close to...he had tried to forget that moment. She had been angry at him, and she had vowed never to speak to him again if he went without her. As much as it pained him, he had to go, and hoped she would understand one day. The hunt for Caelum and his missing-nin took nearly two years, two years away from his village and all the loved ones he had left there. Two years away from Kailie. When he finally found Caelum the fighting was fierce, his team had engaged the other criminals, but he alone fought Caelum. They fought with the bitter hatred of rivals until finally Takeru stood over him, blood streamed from an his eye where a kunai had pierced it. He had been given orders to take all the missing-nin alive, but none of his team said anything when he had slit Caelums' throat, they knew what he had done.


He and Kailie had made up eventually, and all was forgiven. He courted her for another year before he asked her to marry him. She had said yes before the words were even out of his mouth and they had held each other tenderly, looking forward to the life they would have together. Their wedding had been simple, but he remembered his elderly mother's smile as he kissed her after the ceremony in front of friends and family. Alec had been his best man. There was a celebration after, and it was late when he and Kailie had retired to their new home together, when he had gingerly lay her on the bed and held her tight. That night was the sweetest of his memories, the feel of her in his arms and her soft voice as she spoke of the undying love she had for him. Their son had been born a couple years later, a strong lad with his mother's eyes, such beautiful eyes.


He held back tears now as he remembered the night she had died. They never found a body, but he knew that she couldn't have survived, few ever did. The attack had come swiftly while they traveled, absolute chaos had gripped the camp as the earth itself heaved from the titanic forces that were directed at them. No one knew why the tailed beasts attacked, or for what purpose. Takeru only remembered looking up at the flailing tails and feeling the same fear he felt as a child well up in him. He had fought, tried to protect Kailie, but when the beast finally ceased its attack and left, she was no where o be found. He had held his son close that night as he cried silently, the boy was only four, but he knew his mother was not coming back. They had both wept for days.

Blink, Blink

Takeru wiped his eyes and moved away from the window, taking a deep breath he sat down in his chair and looked at the photo on his bedside table. A man with an eyepatch held a girl dressed in white close as they smiled, it was his most tender memory. Taking it from its place he looked down at it sadly, tears rolled from hi eyes. "Happy anniversary Kailie".

RP Sample:

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Bokun, Takeru
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