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PostSubject: Shitai   Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:30 pm

Extra Pictures

Shitai Aburame

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Aburame, Shitai
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: Oct 31
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145 lb

Specializations: Ijutsu / Genjutsu / Ninjutsu / Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Katon / Doton / Fuuton

Rank: Tokubetsu Jōnin
Village: Sakyugakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Shitai is a very personal kid, he lacks all but maybe a few so called friends and as such has been labeled an outsider even by his own clan. He takes pleasure in spending almost all of his time in his underground laboratory with UV lights shining down on his so that he can examine all the details of what is going on in the space. However he can't spend all his time in his small room since the terrible lighting would make him go blind, when he is above ground he enjoys quiet walks by himself through the streets of his oasis village, occasionally he may talk to people but most refuse to speak to him due to his reputation as a necro maniac. His reputation is true enough though, Shitai is indeed obsessed with dead things both human and beast and has been known to use his room for impromptu dissection surgeries that end with him examining every piece of the body down to the last tendon. The concept of death however always seems to escape him since he likes to think that someone never actually dies but instead simply loses the ability to move and respond. Let's review, examining corpses makes him and excellent medical shinobi however his social standing is terrible.
Likes: Overall Shitai has very few likes but at the same time a great amount. He is obsessed with dissection and thus he is also crazy about every piece of the body. Other than dissection there is little left for the boy to enjoy other than the company of his loyal kikaichu that have stayed with him through thick and thin even if only because he is their only possible host.
Dislikes/Fears: The list of hatred is shockingly short for someone considered a complete social outcast, Shitai is not one to hold grudges so other shinobi (including ones that directly insult him about his habits) don't even come close to making their way to his attention. Rather what he dislikes is when someone insults his only friends, that's right the boy gets offended when people have negative words about his kikaichu. He fears only the loss of his precious kikai companions, Shitai is a simple fellow so it is expected that he have a simple fear. However this is not so much a fear as it is a paranoia since an incident from his childhood makes him think that everyone wants to kill his friends.
Motivation: Shitai wishes only to find other people that accept him how he is and exactly how he is. He seeks a companion with whom he can train and do other normal things with from day to day, riches and fame hold no sway over this young shinobi.

Section 3: Clan Information
Bloodline: Kikaichu
Bloodline Ability: Members of the Aburame clan have the ability to control chakra feeding insects referred to as Kikaichuu, these insects live inside the Aburame and feed off of his chakra in exchange for their services. There are varying levels of control that people have over the kikai as well as the varying breeds of the insect that are able to grow within their bodies, this changes over time as the shinobi develops into a fully fledged member of the clan. Hosts are able to telepathically communicate with the insects that live in their personal colony. The breeds able to be controlled are as follows.

Basic - Genin:

Poison - Chunin:

Medical - Tokubetsu Jōnin:

Nano - Jōnin:
History of Clan: Not much is known about the history of the Aburame due to them being a highly secretive clan, their need to keep secrets is the main reason that they moved the entire clan into the village hidden in the dune where very few know of it's location and much less how to enter and discover those within. One thing that is known however is that one of the founding members of this collective group was a twin, one accepting the kikaichuu into his body as a hive and the other rejecting the power completely, in the end the one that took in the kikai killed his brother and took over the family with a iron fist. With the use of the family's nack for Ijutsu a series of surgeries were invented that would allow kikai to be inserted into a child's body and to keep them asleep for hours or even days while the insect burrowed and multiplied until an entire colony was present.
Location of Clan: Sakyugakure

Section 4: Background

Character History: As a young child Shitai was always known to have a large smile plastered on his face, however that all changed after the surgery. The Aburame implantation technique, which involves placing the child in a temporary coma to allow the kikaichu to enter and breed to start the colony was standard procedure and easy enough, however the chunin that placed the boy in his coma was terrible at medical jutsu and thus left Shitai in a state where he was asleep but completely concious of what was happening. The pain he experienced twisted his mentality and morphed him into a man hell bent on never having to go through that again. Ever since the implantation of his insects Shitai has never once smiled, when asked why he simply shrugs or responds with something about how he sees no point in doing something only for the benefit of others.

Growing up with his new state of mind Shitai found other children to be very cruel and rude towards not only himself but each other, the idea of such stupid actions escaped him for the longest time. The very concept of human nature was a total mystery, while being well aware that people were cruel creatures at their core he never fully understood why since scientifically there was no explanation that he could discover. Then came the day when some other kids caught him talking to one of his favorite kikaichu, the group beat him terribly and squashed all the kikaichu that came out to aid their precious host leaving him with only a small fraction of his colony. It was this day that made him overly paranoid for his insect's safety, causing him to be distrusting of even those within his clan.

Throughout his stay in the shinobi academy he remained an outcast, being pushed to the side in favor of other boys and girls who were considered more normal than him since he was so quiet. His anti-social climax however came when he was nine and decided to ask out his crush for the first and only time. To his surprise she agreed and wanted to meet with him after class to hang out, excited he didnt think about it and agreed. When he got to the place though he was met not only by her but by the majority of the class who laughed at him for the most part while the top students decided to use him as a punching bag for quote' thinking he was people'. This event would leave him scarred emotionally, even to the point that he became a mute for the remainder of his time in the academy.

He grew further and graduated from the academy to become a genin and spent the next few years ignoring most of his shinobi duties, completing the minimum amount of missions he had to in order to make standards. He spent most of his time in his basement lab learning directly from his grandfather and becoming an expert in medical ninjutsu in the process. He never really got over the worst days of his life but eventually, after a few heart to heart talks with his grandfather decided to forgive people as a whole and to try and open his heart again so that when the time was right he would be able to make himself some friends.

After several years he turned seventeen and entered the chunin exams with two other members of his clan that had been picked out as the representatives of the Aburame that year. He fought hard and made it through the first two tests easy enough, then came the third test which involved direct combat which had never been his forte. However, just before this exam was a one month break which would allow the participants to go and train for the upcoming battles. His grandfather came to him and his team, showing all of them a more in depth look at elemental ninjutsu, all three members of the squad had a very strong katon nature which was fortunate. The elder Aburame was one of the greatest masters of this element in the world and he shared with his grandchildren his secret techniques.

Thanks to the elemental training he received Shitai was able to truly fight in his matches, while still not easy he was able to emerge victorious. The team all passed and were advanced to the rank of chunin for their great display of nature transformation and went to celebrate with their master. When they arrived at his room however they were met with a gruesome scene, a member of the rebellion had tracked down the old man's room during the competition and waited for him to fall asleep, taking this advantage they entered and assassinated him in cold blood. When the three insect users arrived however the assassin was still present and cleaning his blades, waiting for those who had learned directly from the old one to take them into the afterlife as well. Having to act fast Shitai and his cousins fled but they were not fast enough, one of them being slaughtered instantly upon opening the door by a swift katana blade. They ran as fast as they could but it wasnt enough, eventually they made it into an open area with dozens of high ranking imperial shinobi but this just meant the assassin only had time to kill one of the boys before being killed off himself. As he died the rebellion supported raised a closed fist and shouted the word 'Kohrah', leaving it imprinted in the young shinobi's head forever even as the scum's blood ran down his face with a wicked grin under his torn mask showing he had no regrets for what he had done.

He was eventually escorted home by another squad from the village but the events at the exams had changed him. People started noticing the differences in the boy's personality as he grew older, things that at first were brushed to the side as a simple phase he may have been going through but later realized to be true obsessions in his day to day life. Things like death and corpses eventually became the only thing that rivaled his kikaichu for his attention and he spent more and more time in his lab studying. Eventually he developed extremely severe bags under his eyes that are permanently stained black. His outward looks as well as his internal thoughts made him labeled as a true social outcast even among his own clansmen, he still doesnt understand why but in time he has decided that he doesnt care so long as he has his kikai to keep him company.

He was however required to go out on missions whenever a medic of his caliber was needed, he had earned a special jonin rank for his emphasis on Ijutsu and it was his pride, the Aburame were historically medics and thus it only made sense for him to be as well. Whenever he is on a mission he has never lost a teammate since his exam team, though this is more due to him using his team as a way to build the statistics of his reputation rather than actually caring about them. In addition his reputation against enemies has also made him famous, taking those that he doesnt allow to die on the field of battle back to his lab to never be seen again while he furthers his knowledge of the human body in ways that would turn most people stomachs.

RP Sample:

Mission: Assassination of a Nuisance:


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