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 Tara Free D-rank summon [wip]

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Tara Free D-rank summon [wip] Empty
PostSubject: Tara Free D-rank summon [wip]   Tara Free D-rank summon [wip] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 9:20 pm

Rank of Summon: D
Element Affinity: Hyouton (Ice Release)
Family: Hawk
Size: 3ft (5ft wing span)
Base Speed: Tara is able to walk at the speed of 10mph, slower than most Genin. But in turn, can fly at speeds of 20mph.

Speech: Like most summons, Tara can speak to humans and has a soft but wrathful voice. If she is surprised, she puts more emphasis on one word phrases, comes off with a boom.

Icy Feathers Requires charging. After charging, Tara is able to fire feathers which turn into ice, right after they leave her skin. The ice causes numbness when hit and can pierce the skin easily. The numbness lasts for 2 posts and reduces the power of that limb by 15%. Cooldown 4 posts.

Icy Dome Passive. Tara's skin and feathers become very cold and her feather's are nearly ice. Tara is now immune to fire, water, wind and lightning attacks (C-rank) but a D-rank Doton attack can still harm her. The effects last for 3 posts. Cooldown 5 posts.

Breath of Ice: Tara builds up Ice chakra in her mouth for one post. After that, she releases it from her mouth at a target, going at the speed of 20mph. The Ice breath on smaller limbs such as the hand, can freeze it for 2 posts, making it unusable. Anything bigger than a hand, causes numbness along with a 20% reduction in speed/power for that limb. It can deflect C-rank fire, water, wind, and lightning but can be stopped by D-rank Doton. The breath lasts for 4 posts. Cooldown 6 posts.

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Tara Free D-rank summon [wip]
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