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 The Quest for the Maw: Chapter 1

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PostSubject: The Quest for the Maw: Chapter 1   Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:32 am

A few days past after I took the Angel down from her home in the sky to begin my quest for the ultimate weapon. I had rounded up the perfect crew for the expedition, and I was every bit confident in my ability to track down my reward. After all, I was a pirate. Treasure was what I lived for.

After a few days heading North along the western coast of the mainland, I finally had a lead. It was right in the old folk legend of the sword itself. I called my firstmate to the captain's quarters to share with him my findings. I showed him a wrinkled piece of parchment, with a rough sketch of the sword along it, with the word "Chills" also etched into the top of the paper. The parchment was several hundreds of years old, passed down through the lineage of an old sailor's family back in Aero that I "borrowed" for the time being. My firstmate looked to me with a grin and said, "Aye, we've got it then?"

"No," I responded, "But we will." With a smile crossing my lips, I stormed out onto the main decks and began to bark orders to the crew. "You there, run out the main sail and put a line on the guns. I need all apparent line and the rudders secured! Helmsman, track a course around the north of the ruins of the snow village. And boys, bring your parkas. We're headed to Summit Ocean." And with a laugh and a nod, I took a swig of whiskey from the flask in my coat before returning to my quarters. I would need some rest before the next day, it seemed there was a storm on the horizon.

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The Quest for the Maw: Chapter 1
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