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 The Recruit [Open to All]

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PostSubject: The Recruit [Open to All]   Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:33 am

The sun slowly rose over the top of Chikagakure, illuminating the inside of the mountain through what cracks were present. I stood outside of Fort Dunstad looking for anyone anyone that would approach the main entrance. I had recently been spending my days postings banners on the mission board about needing people to assist me on a journey. I had asked for Chunin, Special Jounin, and Jounin to help assist me because of the dangers that would be present along the way. I would reveal all in due time when at least one person had arrived. I continued to watch as other shinobi passed me by.
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PostSubject: Re: The Recruit [Open to All]   Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:57 pm

Saix walked slowly through a busy crowd while ever so carefully he dodged the moving black and gray blobs he saw. He was taking his time to Fort Dunstad because he left earlier than normal becuase it was an area he was unfamiliar with. Due to his will to act blind, Saix spent many of his days hanging around the missions board and the ANBU barracks to see if he could get any leads of people who were in need of assistance. Even though he was from Morigakure, many of the shinobi paid respect to him for they all knew about his terrible past. No one was sure of the true story but many believed that he was a great warrior who had lost a fight that resulted in him being blind. They knew for sure that he was able to control his chakra flow in a way that allowed him to make out objects. Saix didn't mind the false identity he had been given but he thought it was all for the best. Those that actually knew him were the only ones that were aware of his true nature.

Saix had overheard some of the ANBU talking about a poster that was put up a few days ago about a young shinobi wanting to recruit people for a journey. Nothing else was said besides the part about meeting outside of the Fort. So Saix had sent off immediately to this fort and to see this shinobi for himself. Saix hadn't been outside of Chikagakure for quite some time so he thought it would be best to get some fresh air. By sending wave after wave of dark chakra, Saix soon found himself in an area that was not heavily populated and sensed a person a few yards away that was remaining in place. That must be the guy. Now let's see what he's up too. Saix continued to walk towards the person standing still.
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The Recruit [Open to All]
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