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 Battle Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Rules    Battle Rules  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 2:11 am

Battle Rules

The following things should be kept in mind when engaged in combat on Province of Legends.

1. The first and most important rule is that God Modding in any form is not allowed on this site. For anyone new to RPing and in particular battling within an RP, God Modding is when you explicitly control another persons action within your post ie you state that you hit an opponent without giving them a chance to dodge in their post, moving them or any other action that they have not done themselves. If you do god-mod in a fight, or someone does in yours, kindly let them know and give them an opportunity to remedy it. If you do not remedy it and staff have to become involved you will suffer a free hit. Simple as that. 

2. No meta-gaming is allowed. Meta-gaming is using information obtained out of character such as your opponents abilities or clan's traits to your own advantage, basically if its something your character wouldn't know about you can't use it to your advantage. Something that often happens and is hard to avoid in RP is 'fast learning' where after an opponent uses their technique and you've read it your character will react as if they suddenly know the mechanics of the technique. Remember to try and stay realistic in your reactions and fights, its usually a lot funner to slowly work out your opponent's strategies. 

3. Every jutsu, clan ability, form, technique, basically anything used that affects either you or another character in some way must be put into a spoiler at the bottom of your post to keep things concise and easy to reference. Any techniques that use chakra must be deducted from your chakra pool at the bottom of the post, if a jutsu costs 10 chakra is used and you have 250 chakra at the bottom of the post you would put 240/250, if this is confusing refer to the chakra rules below where it is explained in more detail. 

4. Be fair and don't try to say that you dodged something that you obviously couldn't dodge, it not only makes RPing a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all but it avoids incidents where staff must step in to mediate the situation which not only wastes out time, it wastes yours and ultimately your time is the most important thing. 

5. Delayed Detail is frowned on on this site and is something you should try to avoid. Delayed detail is a form of god modding where you create a detail in the topic which benefits you or gives your opponent an unfair disadvantage. A good example of delayed detail is this. In the first post the creator of the topic specifies the battle happens in a park and in a later post uses a technique to fly, the other participant then says in their post that there happens to be a tree directly next to the flying combatant that they then use to silently scale and launch an attack that would have otherwise been impossible. While this may be a plausible situation the created tree directly benefits one person over another and capitalizes on a the fact the opponent didn't explicitly state there WASNT a tree there. This kind of thing is generally dickish and not fair on the person it happens to, whether that's you or the person you do it to. Try to avoid it and keep things fair. 

Battle Rules  Takeru10
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Battle Rules
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