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 Battle Guide

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PostSubject: Battle Guide    Battle Guide  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 3:00 am

Battle Guide 

This is a guide to how several core systems work on Province and how they apply to battle topics. While there is a lot of text please take the time to have a look over it and read the FAQ for extra understanding. If you still have questions feel free to ask other members or the staff.


Chakra is the energy inside a ninja that allows them to perform all of their techniques and is the primary resource of ninja on Province. In the world of Naruto and Province of Legends every character uses chakra to power their techniques, as well as thier 'HP'. At the start of a battle you receive a pool of chakra which you are able to use represented by a number, which is dependent on the rank of your character. The amount of chakra your character possesses, depending on your rank, is shown below. 

Genin- 100 Chakra
Chuunin- 150 Chakra
Special Jounin- 200 Chakra
Jounin- 250 Chakra
S Rank- 350 Chakra

These numbers are the base which you start at. They will change according to your clan, your Traits as well as anything else that modifies the Chakra attribute. As a battle unfolds you will undoubtedly use techniques to try obtain victory and these techniques use chakra which will be taken from your total chakra pool. Each rank of jutsu has its own separate cost shown below. 

E Rank- 5 Chakra
D Rank- 10 Chakra
C Rank- 20 Chakra
B Rank- 30 Chakra
A Rank- 40 Chakra
S Rank- 50 Chakra

At the bottom of each post in a battle that a technique is used you should in a separate line at the bottom show the deducted chakra amount. For example if a Chuunin uses a B-Rank jutsu, at the bottom of the post that the technique was used they would write 120/150 to show that 30 chakra has been used and removed from the overall total, of course if multiple techniques were used you would subtract the added amount of each from the total. 


Most techniques do some sort of damage, which is represented by a number. This is so that everything is fair during the battle and you don't have what should be a very injured ninja still fighting long after they were supposed to have been defeated. Every technique will have a category on it that will tell you how much damage it will do. These numbers are all based on the following damage values for each rank...

E Rank- 5 Chakra
D Rank- 10 Chakra
C Rank- 20 Chakra
B Rank- 30 Chakra
A Rank- 50 Chakra
S Rank- 80 Chakra

The actual damage of a technique will most likely vary from these base numbers depending on how fast the technique is, what extra effects it has and if there are certain conditions involved with the technique. These numbers will be decided at moderation of the technique. When you are hit by a technique you follow the same procedure as if you used a technique, namely you reduce your total chakra by the amount of damage taken and put the new total at the bottom of your post. Be sure to remember to calculate any damage reductions you have and take them into account.


You are probably wondering by now how you work out whether you were able to dodge a technique or not. The Speed system on province is very simple, though it places a lot of trust in you to be honest with yourself and your fellow players. Speed is represented by your rank, so for example a Jonin would have a base speed of A rank. Variations in speed at any given rank are represented by the symbols (+) and (-). For example within any given rank there is...

C++ ,B--, B-, B, B+, B++, A--

These Speeds are general guides so that you can gauge how fast you are moving rather than having to worry about definite speeds measured in m/ph. This does not mean that if you are a Jonin you can never be hit by techniques with a D+ speed or that as a Genin you are automatically hit by C rank techniques. You will have to consider how far you are from them and how able you are to dodge. We trust you to be smart about this. Your base speed can be altered by a variety of things such as techniques, Traits, clan attributes etc.


Q: What happens when I hit 0 Chakra?
A: When you fall to 0 Chakra you are unable to move and 'pass out', leaving you at the mercy of your opponent. While in this state you are unable to defend yourself at all and are at their mercy. This means that they CAN kill you if they wish. If they do not your character is assumed to have regained consciousness after the topic ends and find their way to safety.

Q: Is there anything faster than S++?
A:  Yes. Speeds above S++ simple start again with an extra S in front of the speed, like so, SD--. Really though, anything above S++ is extremely fast and will take a lot of effort to achieve. If you ever reach SS speed, you are insane!

Q: So do techniques have a max distance then?
A: Yes they do, and more importantly they help you understand the relative speed of a technique! After all if a technique only has a max range of 10ft but moves at S rank speed, you are going to have a lot less time to react than if it had 100 ft to travel. Max distance is indicated on the technique.

Q: The Mods made my technique too weak!  
A: Well, that's not a question but a very valid concern! One of the great advantages of this system is we are able to make things that are a bit weak stronger and on the flip side, make anything too strong a bit more balanced! If you feel like one of these two things is happening feel free to mention it to one of the staff members and we'll do our best to address the issue.

Q: Will these base numbers change?
A: Maybe, as time goes on there maybe be issues that arise which mean we will have to adjust some of these numbers to make things a bit more balanced. If that ever happens we will make sure to let everyone know through an announcement and will do our best to address any issues that come up from doing this.

Battle Guide  Takeru10
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Battle Guide
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