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 List of Elements and Specializations

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List of Elements and Specializations Empty
PostSubject: List of Elements and Specializations   List of Elements and Specializations Icon_minitimeThu Apr 19, 2012 1:06 am


Doton (Earth)

Raiton (Lightning)

Fuuton (Wind)

Katon (Fire)

Suiton (Water)

Advanced Elements:

Enton (Blaze: Fire + Lightning)

Ranton (Storm: Lightning + Water)

Futton (Boil: Fire + Water)

Mokuton (Wood: Water + Earth)

Hyōton (Ice: Water + Wind)

Jinton (Dust: Earth + Wind)

Shōton (Crystal: Earth + Lightning)

Yōton (Lava: Earth + Fire)


Ijutsu (Medical Ninjutsu)

Taijutsu (Hand-to-hand Combat, as well as knowledge of how to control and move the body)

Kenjutsu (The art of swordsmanship, also applies to all other melee weapons. IE: Clubs, daggers, hammers, axes, etc..)

Ninjutsu (The art of controlling chakra)

Kyujutsu (Long-range weaponry)

Fuuinjutsu (Sealing Ninjutsu)

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List of Elements and Specializations
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