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 Anzai, Masuyo/ Character Application {Complete}

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Masuyo Anzai
Masuyo Anzai

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PostSubject: Anzai, Masuyo/ Character Application {Complete}   Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:42 pm

Masuyo Anzai

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Anzai, Masuyo
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: April 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 129

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Ijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Katon

Rank: Chunnin
Village: Chikagakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: There is one word that perfectly sums up Masuyo is every way, shape, and form: wild child. Masu is a woman who doesn't take anyones crap, she will beat you within an inch of your life if you back talk to her. Raised in the streets of Chika, she has learned to fend for herself and doesn't need nor want anyones help. Though she's by no means easy to get along with, if you show her respect (or beat her in battle) she will show you the same respect. Show her illrespect and don't get to stay anywhere near her for very long. Though she is power hugry, she does not use power unwisely. Even if her techniques revolve around the voltile element of fire, she seeks ways to gain the upper hand in very tactic ways. However, they don't always come through as her temper, much like her fire element, is blazing hot and one wrong move and you're lying face down in a gutter trying to remember your own name.
What Masu values most of all is loyalty, for it is the very first building block in any good society. She despises the Empire and their 'order', she feels it's idiotic, a pipe dream. Her motto is: "You don't talk to a dog after it's bitten you, you beat the living crap out of it!" Masu does have a very small soft side, that only includes children. They are the innocent of the world, and Masu feels that since her innocence was lost when her parents abandoned her, that she needs to protect theirs. She is a molitov cocktail of ruthlessness, fury, loyalty, and intellegence ready to blow.
Likes: Masu loves a good fight. Fighting was how she survived on the streets, and after a while she began to like it. Any form of conflict greatly pleases Masuyo, be it an argument or a fight. She also greatly enjoys solitude, it grew much more peaceful once she was on her own and that was definately a blessing. Meditation is one of her favorite past-times, for even fire can be controled with the appropriate techniques. There is one thing that Masuyo prides and admires over anything else: her home. Her pride in being a Chikagkure ninja is very strong, and she will die for her home any given day of the year. Her more simple pleasures include: the stars, cold days, and alchohol.
Dislikes/Fears: The list of Masuyo's dislike could go on for miles, but the biggest ones are very potent to her. Anyone speaking badly about her home is the biggest, the one that will send her on a rampage the second a word of discontent is said. human interaction is next, though she had begun to think that sooner or later, she will have to find atleast one friend before she dies. But this is where her fear comes into play, the dread of dying and leaving the ones she cares about to greive. The pain in her life has been intense, and deep in her heart she knows she simply doesn't want to bring that sort of pain into the lives of others. Sadly though she has tricked herself into believing that she doesn't need anyone but herself and this shadows her real motives. Smaller dislikes, more along the lines pet peeves include: warm days, being told what to do, being held back by others.
Motivation: Masuyo's motivation is to protect her home from the threat of the empire. She would rather face an army a thousand men strong then live under their flag, forced into a diplomatic way of thinking. Keeping Chikagakure under the proud rule of the rebels, that is what Masu lives for. It is her lifes mission, keeping the village and its people safe. Even if she is to die for that cause, she will be proud, for she will have died a hero. Even if her death means nothing to her home, she will be at peace knowing that someone will carry on her mission, and that her death will pave the way for another.

Section 3: Clan Information
Bloodline Ability:
History of Clan:
Location of Clan:

Section 4: Background

Character History:
Chapter one: Life and Death
Chikagakure, April 17, 19 years ago
Rain sheeted down from the skies above the Anghor Mountain range, the full moon hidden behind the ash grey clouds. Far below the surface, in the village hidden underground, the balance of life and death tilted. On the south side of the village, a girl had just been born to a middle class family. While her fathers heart swelled with pride, it wouldn't be there for very long. For at the cost of his daughters life, he found his wife had given her own.
Masuyo's father grieved the rest of the night, and early into the next day, before his wife's body was removed from their home. Now with no mother, Masu had to rely on her father as her only parent. Somehow, her father managed to keep them alive, and even send Masu to school when the time came. Though life was hard, Masu tried to look at it the way her father had always said: if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. Though Masu grew up in a world where anything could set off another war, she simply didn't notice, and her mind only reached so far as to comprehend the walls that made up her home. To her, nothing else exsisted outside these walls. Though as time went on, she found herself dreaming of the outside world. She began to wonder what it could be like. Though her father told her it would simply be a waste of their time and money to go anywhere she still dreamed. Though the outside world posed great danger at that time, Masu didn't care in the least. She wanted to see with her own two eyes what the world was like, if the legends she'd been told in school were really true. Was there a great divide that seperated half of the ninja world? Was there really a village built from the trees themselves? One underwater? Was there really such a thing as this 'Great Divide' her teachers talked about? So many questions buzzed around the young girls head it was almost too much to handle.
All these things she was told facinated her, thrilled her deep in her heart to know that such wonderous places could exsist. In her wildest dreams she dreapmt of walking through the underwater village, scaling the sides of the great divide to find what was at the bottom...if their was one. But it would be simply ridiculous, not only could they not afford to go such places, but she woudl see more then her fill right here at home.
Chapter two: The Forge
Seven years later
Upon the seventh April 17th of Masu's life, her father brought her what he felt would be wonderful news. He had found another woman, and soon Masuyo would have a mother. Within the next two months, her father remarried to a woman who seemed kind enough. That was, until the fathers back was turned. Masuyo's step mother was as lazy and mean as they come. Masu had become a slave in her own home, and could only find solace at the academy. Her agression became more and more evident as she walked the line of her academy years. The step mother dispised the academy, saying that woman were not meant to be on the battle feild.
Masu simply pressed on, always thinking that this was just making her stronger. After years of training, Masu passed through the academy and began her life as a Shinobi. Hard times had fallen on the family, even with as many mission Masu would take. It was still glorious, she had the opportunity to see the outside world for the first time in her life. She went to the places she had dreamed of for so long, the underwater village, saw the great divide with her own two eyes. But even with Masu contributing to her family, there was still not enough money for her fathers comfort. It kept evaporating every month, large sums gone from their savings. One way or another, Masu found this as a way to become stronger too, only for her father this time. She began taking as many missions as she could possibly get her hands on, yet it still wasn't enough.
Masu had just turned twelve, when she found where their money had gone. As it turned out, that acursed step-mother was taking large sums of it everyday, to pay off a local crime syndicate. But she couldn't gather the next payment one month, and the syndicate didn't like that. Masu had jsut returned home from an abroad mission, to find everyone running which ever-way to escape some sort of fire that had been set. The twelve-year-old pushed down through the up-stream crowd, trying to find out what was happening exactly. She should have stayed behind. Her home had been set ablaze, both her parents inside, left to die.
The band of criminals had also heard of her, and had sent a single man to finish her off. Masu tried to run, she tried to get away using everything she remembered from her training in the academy. But he would laways find her, he would always managed to catch up. Masu faught with every inch she could get, and tried time and time and again to run. But she simply couldn't get away fast enough, the hitman drew his knife, and made the strike. Now she was mad. By some miracle, or more then likely the hitmans own knife jabbed into the his heart, Masu escaped, bleeding from the right side of her face. No turning back now, Masu was on her own.
Chapter three: Street Rat
Three years later
The young woman now relied on herself for everything, she went all over the village, seeing it as a whole for th first time in her life. Seclusion was her best friend, she didn't need anyone anymore. Masu went alone wherever she went, trouble always following close behind in the shadows. Fights, theft, attempted murderings on her, anything and everything seemed to go down hill for her. But she paid it no mind, the cold shoulder of the world made her fight harder, run faster, it was truely making her stronger.
Her mind began to see things different. All this time, she believed that she needed the strength of a family behind her. But in reality, all she needed was herself. She grew cold, turning her own cold shoudler to the world that was shunning her. Who needed people anyway? The months and years passed, and Masu grew wiser and even harder to catch. Her skills increased, but she soon discoverd that one thing hadn't changed about her: her conscience. Slowly it ate away at her, filling her with deep regret every night she closed her eyes. Soon it was too much to take, and she turned herself in. After serving her time, she was given another chance. A chance to be a functioning member of Chikagakure again, instead of one of it's lowly criminals. Masuyo accepted, and began her training once again. For the next four years, she worked off her crimes through intense training. Soon, the Chunnin exams were upon them, and Masu was entered. It was the hardest test of her life, and she came within inches of dying more then once, but some how she managed to pass and was given the rank of Chunnin. But it didn't end there, no, the end was nowhere near in sight just yet. For two more years, she went through a hell one couldn't even dream of. A veritable baptism by fire. Most of her instructors secretly wished she would fail, that she would falter and fall back into the old ways of a lowly criminal. But she wouldn't give them that satisfaction, she wouldn't let them see her fail.
If you don't die from it, it makes you stronger instead. She replayed her fathers words in her head time and time again, she wouldn't let them win. She wouldn't let anyone win but herself.
Chapter four: Redemption
Present day
Those four years of Masu's life were some of the hardest she'd been through yet. But in the end, she came out alive, and a proud Chunnin of Chika. Masu knew what it was like on the other side, what crime could do, and what it felt like. So, in these troubling times her home is facing, she has sworn to protect her home. Though she has come back to the light, her times in the grip of crime are not forgotten. She seeks true forgiveness, and wishes to find it on her own instead of simply accepting it from another.
Her pain still lingers, and her time alone has left her cold, violent, and solitary. The kunoichi has let the darkness take her once, and she will not let it take her, or anyone else ever again. Even if it means giving her life to protect what she loves most, Masu will find her forgiveness. It has become her ninja way, the comfort her quilty soul so desperately cries out for. For the wrong she has done, for the lives she has ruined, she will not rest until she is free from the hold her guilt has on her.
Now Masu roams the streets of her beloved home, day in and day out. Constantly on the prowl for ways to keep it safe, even if she hasn't been given any mission. This is her way to repent, and she hopes that soon enough she will find the redemption she so desperately seeks.

RP Sample: Chikagakure, the village hidden underground. An impregnable fortress right beneath the feet of the world above. How glorious, how peaceful, how.... easily boredom sets in underground. While most were perfectly happy here, there was no doubt that at least some of them wished there was more things to enjoy in the midst of all this rock and dirt. Near the south side of the village, one said villager was imagining just that. As Masuyo walked, she ran a hand through her short black hair, careful not to upset the headband on her forehead. With a disgruntled huff she kicked an innocent can down the alley before she kept walking.
"Where's the excitement? I hate being this stagnant, at least give me something to punch without breaking my fist!"
She shouted angrily to the sky as she tapped her fist against a stone wall beside her. There they were again, those damned thoughts of nonviolent human interaction. They came more and more often now, but they also brought with them that fear. That fear that upon her death she would leave someone to grieve, someone broken hearted. Masu scoffed, continuing to walk down the alleyway, hunched over in thought. Maybe it is time for me to to someone, she thought silently.
"Yeah, but who would talk to me?"
She was right, who would talk to her? Masuyo had become quite infamous on these streets. Starting fights, nearly killing people who made her mad, no one wanted to be around someone like that.
"It doesn't matter...I'm better off alone anyway."
The lie slipped through her teeth again, the lie she had forced herself into believing all of these years. The solitude was peace; it was a great gift after having lived in that horrid home environment for most of her childhood. Yet...she hurt, deep down where she couldn't even feel it she was hurting. Even if the pain consumed her, Masuyo would never admit that she needed someone. It had just been her, all alone for so very long. And given her personality, it was better that way. Masuyo refused to put another through the pain she had gone through.

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Shizen Tekuta
Shizen Tekuta

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PostSubject: Re: Anzai, Masuyo/ Character Application {Complete}   Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:36 pm

The app is fine, but there's one thing I'm worried about. I know you said you want to try to be more involved in the ninja community, which I'm assuming means combat and everything. Right now I'm not sure if your battle rp is up to the prowess to be given A-rank simply because...I've never seen it before. So I think a drop in rank may be best.

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Shizen Tekuta
Shizen Tekuta

Male Character Age : 29
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PostSubject: Re: Anzai, Masuyo/ Character Application {Complete}   Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:58 pm

Alrighty, chuunin is fine, and by my right as administrator I decree...

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PostSubject: Re: Anzai, Masuyo/ Character Application {Complete}   

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Anzai, Masuyo/ Character Application {Complete}
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