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 [Elderly Assistance][Mission]

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PostSubject: [Elderly Assistance][Mission]   Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:43 pm

Helping the Elderly

Background Info: With the passing days the elders of our village aren't getting younger and slowly but surely not capable of doing things themselves. With their families either busy at work or whatever the case they are in need of someone to help them out.

Description: My Ninja, your mission is to retrieve the elderly man or woman you've been assigned from their home and help them throughout the day with whatever needs they want no matter how ridiculous. Afterwards return them home safely, I repeat no harm what so ever should befall the elderly. Dismissed!

Rules: 4 post minimum, 100 words within each post, Or can all be done within one post with a total of 500 words within that post.

NPC (If any):

Difficulty: Easy

Reward: 2000 Ryo


Approval Sigs:
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[Elderly Assistance][Mission]
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