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 [Trash Duty][Mission]

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PostSubject: [Trash Duty][Mission]   Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:56 pm

Trash Duty

Background Info: With all these new things that Sabakugakure is getting the village is slowly but surely becoming a dump. Multiple people have been spotted littering all over the place and I refuse to sit back and let this village be destroyed by these selfish fools.

Description: That's where you come in, I need you to travel around the village and collect and clean up the trash throughout our village. If you spot anyone littering while you are collecting this trash deal with them accordingly. I'm counting on you to make the village look real good, think you can handle that?

Rules: Post within Sakyugakure, Naming the topic [Trash Duty][Mission] and either [Solo] or [Co-op].
Topic must be done within (at the least) 3 posts with a 200 word count per post. If done with a partner must be done within 6 posts with a 400 word count per post.

NPC (If any):

Difficulty: Easy

Reward: 2100 Ryo


Approval Sigs:
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[Trash Duty][Mission]
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