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 Roselia Sugara - Completed

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Roselia Sugara

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PostSubject: Roselia Sugara - Completed   Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:54 pm


Roselia Sugara

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Sugara, Roselia
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthday: December 11th
Height: 5'6
Weight: 70kg

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Ijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Haton, Suiton, Raiton

Rank: Jonin
Village: Fukamigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Rose is a timid and very polite individual, always addressing people with appropriate honorifics. She is also very kind and gentle and dislikes competing and fighting unless the time needs it. Rose is very hard working and will fight and work hard till her very last breath. She is also incredibly empathetic, and, because of her upbringing she can bond with almost anyone, especially children. Generally, Rose is the type of Woman to think before she acts, always thinking of the consequences or situations that could follow. Rose has somewhat of a Noble Demeanor about her which tends to show in the way she walks, talks and acts. Rose isn't stuck up about the wealth her family holds and leans more towards the fact that family and friends are really all that matters in life. Rose gets along well with those around her but finds it hard to bond with obnoxious or rude people, she will try her hardest to get through to the person but if all else fails she will try to remain positive.

Likes: Rose has a great passion for all things art, whether it be drawing, painting or her glass techniques it seems to relax her a lot and with the views of Fuka she always has something to use as her muse. Her favorite thing she loves to paint is the beautiful Coral Reefs that lay outside the Village, the beautiful fuse of colors always catch her eye. Rose enjoys her job in the Hospital, helping others is something that she enjoys doing, it makes her feel important and that she’s doing something worthwhile. Rose also enjoys meeting new people, which more than often happens due to the constant patience that she receives on a daily basis in her clinic. Rose enjoys conversation with people and likes to make them feel relaxed and happy, something that a person with her job needs to be. Along with this she also has a great fondness of Children, believing that the future rests with them and if they aren't treated or taught properly the future will be one fueled with more War.

Dislikes/Fears: Rose has a great dislike of The Sanbi, after the death of her Father she holds a grudge against the Tailed Beasts for his actions. She believes that he must atone for his actions and she will stop at nothing to do so. Ignorant people are at the top of her list, due to her time as a Noble Child Rose has learnt that money makes people greedy and rude, believing that they are better then anyone else. Poverty is something Rose wished didn't exist, as a child born into the graces of money she was always better off then most, seeing how others lived first hand has opened her eyes to this factor. Although she has a hate for the Sanbi, it is also one of her biggest fears, The Clan Leaders, her Ancestors have all be slain by the beasts powers and she fears that the tradition if falling by its hands are now inherited to her.

Motivation: The only Motivation Rose needs is that of her Village, normally in other affairs her clan would come first but overall her loyalty lies first and foremost to her beloved Village and people. Her dream is to never have to use her Ijutsu on shinobi whom have fought in wars again; something she wishes would come sooner than later. A world without war is something she strives for.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Glass Release (玻遁, "Haton")
Bloodline Ability: Haton or Glass Release is the rare ability that those of the Sugara Clan possess. Using Doton (Sand) and Katon elemental chakra the Sugara's Clan members are able to create and use Glass like techniques capable of both Offence and Defence. The glass is said to be so hard that its capable of withstand the pressures of the deep sea, proof of this are the giant glass domes that make up Fukamigakure.

Using Glass Release, the user can crystallize anything around them into glass, turning everything into a weapon. Its power to solidify targets can go down to a cellular level. The only apparent weakness of the Glass Release is that it cannot crystallize raw chakra, allowing a person with enough chakra control to resist being inwardly crystallized.

Clan members at a young age learn to use techniques that manipulate Glass and although unlike the higher ranking members who can produce glass easily, members at Chuunin and below struggle to create glass using their surroundings. At Genin users are only able to create small amounts using their techniques but with enough training their control and creation can rank as much as an Chuunin. Chuunin on the other hand have an easier time in creating glass but are very limited on how large or what they can create. At Jounin Rank users are able to mold the size and durability of the glass and are able to freely create glass using their surroundings.
History of Clan: The Sugara Clan has thrived in Fukamigakure since the time of the first Shinkage after the development of a special seal was placed upon the Village allowing Villagers to breath underwater. Alongside both The Hozuki and Hoshigaki Clans they all lived together in peace and harmony. The head and founder of the Sugara Clan ,Harashi Sugara fought for a place at the table of politics but due to the Hoshigaki's power within the Village he was denied and the Clan would remain as common people. Things would not remain this way for long as one day it was discovered the Village was placed in the territory of the Sanbi no Umihebi and it attacked wrecking havoc on their new found home. Members of The Sugara Clan were sent out to aid during the battle, many lost their lives with one in particular. Fighting at the Shinkage's side was Harashi Sugara the clan leader, he met his end at the hands of the beast but brought great honor to himself as well as the Clan.

With the Village in ruins and many of its inhabitants dead or fled it was left up to the Hozuki and Sugara Clans to rebuild. Shinto Sugara was the next heir to the Clan, the first born son of Harashi. Although the boy was young he still lead them into the next era. Caring more about the Clans health and safety he devised a plan with the Hozuki's to create the Village anew. Using their Huton Release the Sugara Clan created a giant dome around the Village that would act as a defense against the Sanbi. Creating an Oxygen System Shinto prepared the Village for the release of all the water inside the glass dome, this would allow for more immigrants and visitors to move and repopulate Fuka. With the water removed and the Water breathing seals gone the Village looked better then ever, things were looking and both the Clan and Village prospered. That was until the Village began to become over populated causing the Sanbi to once again attack. Once again The Sugara were ready to defend their home, this time they were stronger and prepared, they had been awaiting the attack and had been training and improving their Huton Release skill. A battle ensued between the Beast and the Village with the Shinobi being successful in driving away the beast. Once again lives had been lost, especially those of The Sugara Clan, much like his Father Shinto died at the hands of the beast bringing more honor and pride to the Clan.

Along the The Sugara Clan leader, majority of the Hozuki had been wiped out leaving The Sugara Clan as the Sole survivors. With the death of the previous Kage a new one was Elected, this time the man was much more pleasant and smarter then the others. The Sugara were given the job to expand the Village to allow more population into the Village. Three more domes were created and connected in order to allow free movement around the Village, atop of this the Kage created Factories and Farmland in order to create more jobs in the village. The next Clan leader elected for the Sugara was the Son of Shinto, Hatarou Sugara. His reign lasted for awhile and the Clan seemed to have increased in population and skill.

On the day of the recent Sanbi attack Hatarou was killed, his only heir was a girl named Roselia Sugara. Due to her Sex she wasn't allowed the right to be the next Clan leader but with proof of her skill she has become the next Leader of the Clan. The first Female Clan leader ever in the history of the Sugara Clan.
Location of Clan: Fukamigakure / Chikagakure

Section 4: Background

Character History:

Chapter One: Born into Nobility

The day before Rose's birth a festival was held within the clan celebrating the birth of the next heir. Her Mother Cacao and her Father Hatarou were told by the Medical corp that their baby would be born a boy. This made the clan and her Father happy as never before had a Woman sat as leader in the Sugara Clan, they believed that only the men could handle the struggles and hardship of running one of the founding clans and that woman were too weak and fragile to handle the burden. The next day Cacao was placed in the Village hospital with Hatarou at her side awaiting the arrival of their baby boy the time had come for her to give birth. Eleven hours later their child was born but wasn't a boy, the medical corp had gotten their evaluation wrong causing great stress to both Hatarou and the clan. It would soon be decided that the branching family's first born son would be placed as heir of the clan.

Since that day Rose's Father changed, he became grumpy, cold and jealous of those in the branch family. Never before had the branch family received the honor of having a member in their branch as leader of the entire clan. The main and head family always achieved superiority and always rained with a clan leader but with the birth of a daughter the side branch has placed forward as the clan to take over.

Chapter Two: As fragile as glass

Growing up was the most enjoyable time for Rose, her Mother and her would always spend their time down near the Coral Reefs a beautiful scenery, the coral glistening with beautiful rainbow colors with schools of fish of all sorts constantly swimming around it. This is where Rose had her very first lesson in the art of painting and although the picture wasn't the best it was still hung in her Fathers study. Her love of both art and Fuki started that day.

When Rose turned four she was placed into a class with other small girls her age, all of them noble children of highly successful parents ranging from businesses to highly ranked clans. Each child seemed more spoiled then the last, throwing tantrums and crying. The girls daily routines consisted of learning how to be a noble child. they had to learn how to behave, speak, write, eat and even sleep like a nobleman's child. The classes went on for three years before Rose graduated, her personality changed.

As a child Rose shared an incredibly close bond with her Mother, the two spent most of their time together when Rose wan't busy with her studies. Daily picnics down at the Coral Fields as well as Painting practices. Rose's Mother was always very kind and people often say that she is much like her Mother. Roses Father one the other hand was still a different man, his anger and shame had grown thicker with time and although he never meant to blame Rose he still came off that way. A void had been created between Rose and her father, an upsetting factor in her life due to her not understanding why her father acted like he hated her so much. His duties as a Clan Leader seemed to slip more and more as time passed till finally it was agreed he would step down. Her Fathers life spiraled to a crash and things seemed to just get worse for him.

At the age of Five Rose began her training in the Huton Style, her ability manifesting itself on her fifth birthday. It was a happy day for both Rose and her Father, it gave her Father hope for the Main Branch's future and gave Rose the attention she sought from her Father. Rose's Father became her teacher, his lessons long and hard but would go on to pay off. They finally had something they could bond over and although Rose didn't know it at the time her Father thought she really had the potential to become a strong Kunoichi, perhaps even strong enough to one day Lead the Clan.

Chapter Three: The Noble Child in the Academy

After a childhood of neglect from her Father Rose's life seemed to be looking up, the training she had done with him made them closer and even made her stronger as a person. At the age of Seven Rose was enrolled into the Academy by her Father, he believed it was her time to go up through the ranks of a Kunoichi. At first Rose felt it hard to adjust within the Academy, being used to everything being done for her she struggled for her first few months. Often she was teased for the way she acted and would often remain quiet while on the playground or even in class only speaking when spoken to like she was taught. Rose's time at the Academy seemed to slow day by day as she never really enjoyed it, she excelled in her studies and passed her subjects with flying colors but she often felt lonely. That was until a new Student was enrolled into the Academy a young girl named Saito. This new girl was Rose's complete opposite and at first they both didn't seem to get along, they actually hated each other.

This changed when one day Saito was being bullied by older Rookie Genin who thought they were better then her, they began beating her to a pulp, three of them hitting her constantly. Rose showed up to protect Saito from the others which drew their attention toward her but just as they were about to attack her a glass shield appeared causing one of the Genin to break their hand. Momentarily all three were distracted, Rose chose this opportunity to strike, using her skills she had learnt from her Father Rose beat each Genin to a pulp. From that day onward Saito and Rose became close friends, even to the point of Rose becoming less shy and more confident with herself. As the Academy days went on Rose and Saito's bond grew fonder and fonder, they each pushed each other and encouraged one another to excel in their training.

Rose's Academy's seemed to fly by faster then before, she excelled in her studies, her training and even became more confident with others, due to her slight change in personality she got the chance to enjoy her time as a child and finally got along with the other children in the Academy. Rose and Saito both competed for top of the class in the Academy and eventually when the day came for the Academy Exams they both passed with equal scores, they had both scored top of the class with every subject. They both seemed annoyed but also happy about it but they would still strive to best one another. After a few years within the Academy Rose graduated along side most of her peers and moved on to become a Genin. A celebration was held within the Sugara Clan as she had passed along side the lower branch's boy, the boy who was inline to receive leadership of the Clan. The party wasn't necessarily for Rose but Hatarou made sure his Daughter was praised just as much as the young boy named Kuro.

Chapter Five: The Top-Glass Genin

After graduating the Academy Rose was placed into a squad with two other graduates, surprisingly one of them was her best friend Saito while the other was a young man name Ito. Their Sensei Marashi, was a strange Character to say the least and considered himself a Hermit. The squad seemed like a circus but they all matched well enough. Rose excelled in her Glass Release while Saito was Taijutsu specialist and Ito was good at Kenjutsu and was a Blacksmiths son so he was a good craftsman. The Squad went on many D Rank Missions at first like catching fish or picking up litter around the Village which were easy enough and ended up boring them all to death, even their crazy Hermit Sensei.

Complaining to their Sensei they were finally given their first C Ranked mission. This C Rank mission was to guard a man from highway thugs while he traveled to Chikagakure. Accompanying him on his journey was the longest and hardest thing the group had ever done and the Mission was successful but it wasn't all sunshine's and rainbows. During their mission Saito was killed by Ninja from a group of Uchiha who were out on a mission of their own, both missions collided as the man they were guarding secretly carried knowledge on a spy who was within Chikagakure, this fatal secret cost the life of a their team mate who could of been saved with simple Ijutsu. The group fought off the Uchiha and found the chance to escape and after four days trip they found themselves at the walls of Chikagakure, the man safely in their care. On their return trip the squad stopped by the grave of Saito, a heartbroken Rose in tears over the loss of her best friend. When they returned to the Village Saito was placed into a Plaque of heroes and a funeral was held.

It took time for Rose to move on and swore that she would become the best Medical Ninja so no one would die while on her squad, a reminder of this is the Blue Flower she holds in her hair, using Haton Release Rose enclosed it inside thin glass and a seal was placed on it so it would never wither away and die.

Chapter Six: A plan in motion

After many years of Chuunin-hood Rose went on to train under the Medical Ninja of Fukamigakure, her skill with chakra control meant her studies excelled quickly which eventually lead her to becoming the head Medic within the Village, Rose went onto creating Ijutsu techniques of her own and even incorporated her Haton Release into a few. Alongside this Rose developed the use of her Haton so that she could make her Father proud by becoming the Leader of the Sugara Clan. At Jonin Rank Rose only had one thing on her mind, becoming Leader of the Sugara Clan and beating Kuro Sugara her cousin from the lower Branch. First Rose came before the Clan Elders, including her Father to place herself forward into the test. At first they fought over the decision of deny her as she was a female but after a few words from her Father they all agreed that if she passed the tests along side Kuro they would need to battle in order to pick the next in line. Rose easily passed all seven tests that lasted over a Month, each one was harder then the last. It was now time for Kuro and Rose to battle.

Chapter Seven: A Clan Head is selected

The day had come for the two to battle it out, Rose had spent years training for this very chance and she would refuse giving up easily. The battle lasted many hours till finally only one remained, Rose. Kuro was an incredibly tough opponent but exerted his Chakra depletion down to nothing making Rose the winner. Rose was cut up and worn out but still had enough Chakra to heal Kuro causing her to black out. The next morning she awoke in hospital, the entire Sugara clan all cramped into one room cheering over her awakening.

From that day forth Rose had earnt the respect of her Clan and the Title of Clan Leader. Rose went on to change a few rules, first was there would no longer be a lower or higher branch and all were equal. The second was she turned the Sugara Base into a giant Mansion which also housed many Spa's and a Medical Clinic for those who could not afford to come. At first this caused some tension within the Clan but after awhile the Clan enjoyed helping others.

Chapter Eight: The Clan Curse

The most recent event in Rose's life has been her most traumatic, on the day of the recent Sanbi attack Rose's Father was killed trying to protect their Village, yet again the Sanbi had taken the life of a Clan leader but another loved one had been ripped from Rose's life. After these events Rose has moved the remaining clan to Chikagakure alongside their Shinkage. There Rose has been using her Ijutsu to take care of the wounded.

RP Sample: All of Ayame's posts

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Roselia Sugara

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PostSubject: Re: Roselia Sugara - Completed   Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:26 am

LOOOOL Shes finished... OMFG <----- Look Brad Hahahahah...

Just waiting on Clan then this bitches done! WOOP!

History Word Count: 2095 <---- Thats how much I wanted her done

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Approved. Just don't be trying to use her clan abilities before the clan is finished, and when it is, make sure you edit the clan details in.


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Roselia Sugara

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PostSubject: Re: Roselia Sugara - Completed   Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:34 pm

Clan stuffs already in there... Its just Clan jutsu to be done. Also can I get someone to change my Name to Roselia Sugara? PLEAAASE :)

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Name changed

Technique List
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PostSubject: Re: Roselia Sugara - Completed   

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Roselia Sugara - Completed
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