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 Hebi Lacerta (Complete)

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Hebi Lacerta
Hebi Lacerta

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PostSubject: Hebi Lacerta (Complete)   Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:45 am

Hebi Lacerta

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Lacerta, Hebi
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birthday: June 25
Height: 4'11''
Weight: 98

Specializations: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Katon, Doton, Fuuton

Rank: Genin
Village: Morigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Hebi is a very quite child, he tends to stay to himself and rarely talks to anyone at all, and if he is confronted by someone he will reply very shortly and begin to act awkward. He is slow to open up to people out of fear of rejection. Because he is considered weak among his clan he is hesitant to train with others he feels could be stronger than him. When he is angry however he will no hesitate to attack them with the innate furiousity bestowed onto him from his clan.
Likes: He likes to talk to his lizard companion, he feels as though it's the only real being to understand him in this world. He also enjoys to utilize his enhanced taste buds by sampling many different kinds of food, he likes to learn what makes up separate food items. Finally he likes to look at different kinds of reptiles and observe them, through growing up in his clan he has developed an attraction to them.
Dislikes/Fears: He dislikes being put in overly social situations, such as being forced to speak publicly to a crowd. He also dislikes people who insult his reptilian friend, if people persist to do so it isn't uncommon for him to lose his temper and attack them, he is very protective of him. Lastly, he dislikes predatory birds they creep him out and cause him to cringe when he sees them.
Motivation: His motivation is simple, he wants to prove to himself that he can be strong to his other clanmates, he wants to become one of the figure heads of his clan, one that the other members will look up to.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Lanx Bestia

Bloodline Ability: Those who veins allow them to be called Lacerta are a monstrous lot, differing from normal humans in more ways than they are similar. The blood in them allows for changes made to their anatomy as they go throughout their toilsome life, these changes are as follows;

Members of this clan have a tail that resembles that of an over sized lizard. This tail can be extended and retracted into the body at will though it will always extend out when a clan member becomes angry. This tail acts as a third arm unable to perform hand seals but otherwise having great dexterity as well as being a medium for some of the clan's secret techniques.

Every member of the Lacerta have a natural affinity for the sense of taste, this is estimated to be at least one hundred times as potent as a normal human. Uses of this enhanced taste can vary from person to person but one of the most common one is the ability to track by tasting the air. Using this method a member of the clan is able to track someone by their taste for a quarter mile at genin rank, this length increases going up each rank so a chunin could track for a half mile, special jounin for three quarters of a mile, jounin for a full mile and S ranks can track for two miles.

In addition to these changes each member is allowed a single animal companion as part of the clan, this companion is a direct descendant of the ancient dinosaurs, a special breed of lizards similar to iguanas bred by the clan. This companion is exactly as old as the clan member (when the human is born their egg hatches) and will die when it's master dies. The difference between normal lizards and the partners of this clan is that they age much slower, instead of the natural rate they grow at the same pace as a human, maturing into full adults between the ages of 16-18. In addition to sharing age the pet shares it's master's rank in power so a genin has a D rank pet, a chunin a C rank, so on and so forth. The clan member has hidden knowledge stored in their minds that allow them to speak to dinosaurs and other members using a series of grunt, snorts and roars that is considered the dinosaurs' prehistoric language. To an outsider of the clan this language is viewed as a primal brain lapse where it seems the shinobi performing it has gone completely insane and lost their human side, that is until however they realize that the information that obtained only by the scaled beast is now able to be retrieved by his partner. One final thing is changed about the clan member, his eyes are reptilian and twin to the eyes of his partner in all aspects like color and iris shape.

History of Clan: The Lacerta are among the oldest clans in recorded, and unrecorded, history. Dating back to before writing was invented the first signs of them as an organized unit dates back tens of thousands of years in cave paintings found throughout the world, depicting them as great warriors who were able to tame the great beings known as dinosaurs and even use them as pets. Time went on and it seemed that taming the beasts was no longer necessary as they all seemed to have an affinity for one another like magnets and with the work taken out of getting their 'weapons' the Lacerta were able to form into a more organized society and grow armies. These people became the world's power until after centuries of harsh rule it all came to an end. This end has many versions told around the globe but the one most sacred is told in the Land of Woods where they now reside as a peaceful people.

According to legends known throughout the Land of Woods there was a great stone slung from the sky that collided with the earth thousands of years ago and wiped out the great threat of the scaled ones and their masters all in one day. Heating the world at first and then cooling down, killing off the more powerful and hungry beasts and thus removing the power the Lacerta held over people. When this happened they were forced to try and find an ally, one clan in particular known as Kuma or the great bear people wanted their blood for the harsh treatment they had received for generations. After being picked off the face of the planet for the most part the few remaining members found a safe haven in the home of the druids of the south where their smaller lizard underlings could survive with the limited heat it could produce. The druids, later known as the Doruido, met head on with the Kuma as they were already rivals and were more than glad to kill off some of their stronger members and cripple them just as much as the reptile masters were. When all was said and done the three clans were all very weak and had to bind together for many years in order to fend off other hostile clans that would see them gone for good. After hundreds of years of war and strife they formed together with other clans to form the hidden forest village, peace between the Lacerta and the Kuma is still unstable but after a random attack most of the bear people fled the village anyway and things could proceed forward as those still left were willing to be reasonable and let go of the past. (need to rework history)

Location of Clan: Morigakure

Section 4: Background

Character History:
Hebi was born to two very powerful Lacerta ninja in Morigakure. They were a pair of the higher up ninja in the clan and were ecstatic when they discovered that they were going to have a son as they wanted someone who they could morph to be aggressive, and boys had a tendency to be just that. After his birth, he was raised with extreme care up until about his 4th birthday, and from that point on the clan began to raise him to be the next big thing, the next head of the clan. At that age he would barely fight at all, they had to deprive him of most of the things he wanted in an attempt to anger him into fighting back, all it would cause him to do is cry and beg for them to stop. They had no plans on sending him to an academy, they wanted to train him up from scratch in the comfort of their own clan. Things soon began to go against what they expected though. He had no drive to fight, he would train but he had no competitive edge and no drive to push himself harder. At one point in a training session they drove him to near death, breaking multiple bones in his body, just trying to get him to fight back with some rage in his attacks, but all he did was fall to the ground yelling out in pain. The clan became increasingly frustrated with him but didn't give up on him just yet, they thought maybe with time his aggression would increase making him a force to be reckoned with. This was again proving wrong, the continued to try up until the age of 8 and he still didn't become the solider they wanted. They had given up on him, they decided to try and find a different member of his clan to raise to leadership. They weren't complete brutes so they allowed him to live with them still, but they simply threw him into the ninja academy of Morigakure to allow him a lesser education to theres. He graduated the academy at the age of 13 and is now officially a ninja of Morigakure, but he feels as though he has disappointed his family, so even against his personality he strives to be a better ninja and to return to his clan one day, as someone capable of being at the top as a leader.

RP Sample: Something had been bothering me for some time now. The Underruins in my province have been one of the biggest mysterious that has been eluding me for some time now. What secrets did the ruins hold? Did it contain a sleeping beast waiting for someone to disturb it so it can begin its onslaught? Or maybe it contained a power that could rival anything in the world. I didn't care what's in it, I just needed to know whether to leave it alone, dig deeper into it, or wipe it from the face of the earth completely.

I was wearing my kage robe facing the part of the dome right behind me desk. I reached down to the floor and there was a single nail slightly sticking out of the wooden floor. I stepped down on the nail which caused a panel to open up with a seal on it that was placed there by one of my ANBU. It was designed to react only to me or one of my ANBUs chakra signatures and after I allowed my chakra to react with it I teleported into the Radice delle Tenebre, the ANBU headquarters and confidential library of Fukamigakure.

I approached the woman at the front desk of the library. She had long black hair and kept a stern look on her face and when she looked at me said in a professional tone of voice "Good evening Shinkage sir, what may I help you with." I put my hands down on her desk and replied in a tone as serious as she delivered her question "I need any and all information pertaining to the Underruins of the Deep Sea province, think you can help me out? I would keep my face serious locking eyes with her. She would simply nod to me and start walking down the hall expecting me to follow.

I would follow her down the expansive halls of the headquarters. There were books on every wall going all the way up to the ceiling. I had only been down here once before when I was put into the office of kage and that was only for a brief explanation, I had never seen this part of the area. The amount of knowledge my village contained was remarkable, years of knowledge spanning back to the very first settlers of the village were stored in these chambers. Eventually the woman took me to a secluded room with a seal on the door which signified extra security. As she began to remove the seal she said to me "The Underruins are a sensitive topic for the ANBU, because we don't exactly know what's in them we don't want to risk any chance of the public finding out of its existence, that's why its under such tight security." She would unseal the door and open it revealing a room about 50x50 feet with every wall covered in book cases filled to the top row with letters, books, and journals. There was a small wooden desk in the center with a single chair next to it. There was also a stone fireplace burning in the northern wall, providing the only light source for the entire room. I began to enter gazing at the walls wondering where to start, before leaving me to my research the woman said one more thing to me "This is all the information we have ever gathered be it from myth or factual data dealing with the Underruins, I hope you find what you're looking for Shinkage sir." I looked back to her, smiled, and nodded before saying "Thank you very much, you've been a great help." The woman smiled slightly at me before closing the door behind me, I had a lot of research to do.
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Hebi Lacerta
Hebi Lacerta

Male Character Age : 14
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PostSubject: Re: Hebi Lacerta (Complete)   Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:09 pm

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Hebi Lacerta (Complete)
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