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 Akuto Uchiha

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Akuto Uchiha
Akuto Uchiha

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PostSubject: Akuto Uchiha   Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:11 pm

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Uchiha, Akuto
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Birthday: September 11th
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 173lbs

Specializations: Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Ijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Lightning, Wind

Rank: Jounin
Village: N/A

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Akuto Uchiha lives as a sick, twisted individual. He enjoys pain, using it to thrill his motives for battle and violence. The very thought of pain, or pain to others, excites him. He is a master of torture and a very threatening adversary simply because of his entertainment by combat. He is a very skilled Taijutsu user, able to use his fists alone to completely destroy another person's stature through a few swift movements. He is also very attached to the use of Genjutsu, being skilled at breaking down his opponent's psyche through mental torment. He loves the bird known as the raven, its darkness and mystery, as well as keen eye, almost as apparent as his own. He is a mostly quiet and reserved individual with a soft-spoken deep voice, but he has great menace when he wishes to.
Likes: As stated above, Akuto loves pain. He loves causing pain and being in pain, because it reminds him just how unforgiving the world actually is. He enjoys being enlightened to that fact, so as to not be let down by any person. He likes those he chooses to open up to, but good luck in trying to get him to open up to you.
Dislikes/Fears: As stated above, Akuto loves pain. He loves causing pain and being in pain, because it reminds him just how unforgiving the world actually is. He enjoys being enlightened to that fact, so as to not be let down by any person. He likes those he chooses to open up to, but good luck in trying to get him to open up to you. Akuto fears nothing except the light purging his soul. He has lived his entire brief life surrounded by darkness, and he fears a change to the opposite lifestyle, a lifestyle he has only dreamt about, but has never had the will to join it.

Motivation: Akuto's motivation is a dark one. He has an envisionment of a world of peace. This sounds great, happy even, but his peace is not the peace that you or I would think of. His peace is the world finally realizing how incompetent it is, and finally all sinking down to his mindset. He will enforce this upon anyone he wishes.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Sharingan
Bloodline Ability: The first of the Sharingan's powers is being able to see the flow of chakra. The Sharingan can tell if a person is under a genjutsu because the person's chakra flow would be irregular.

The Sharingan's second-most prominent ability grants the user an incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to easily recognize genjutsu and different forms of chakra, though not to the same extent as the Byakugan. This also allows the user to pick up on subtle details, enabling them to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movements. As the Sharingan evolves, gaining more tomoe seals, this ability extends to being able to track fast-moving objects before finally giving some amount of predictive capabilities to the user. However, even though the user may be able to see an attack or know it is coming, their body may not have time to react.

The Sharingan's third and most well-known ability is that it grants the user the ability to memorize any technique that he or she witnesses, apart from other kekkei genkai techniques. The user can memorize ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as their own, or even modify them to create their own new techniques. In order to reproduce a copied jutsu, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. In addition to physical skill and kekkei genkai techniques, the Sharingan cannot reproduce jutsu dependent on other factors, such as summons that the user has not signed a contract with.

The Sharingan's final commonly-used ability is capable of inducing a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent through genjutsu cast by simple eye contact. More advanced Sharingan users can take the hypnosis ability even further to the point where a powerful summons or even Bijuu’s may be controlled. When this was used against summons and the Bijuu’s their eyes took on the tomoe pattern of the users' Sharingan while under hypnotic influence.

The hypnotic ability coupled with the other aspects of the Sharingan, can make the user appear as if they can "see the future". First, the user must perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes and possibly their thoughts and words through careful observation. Then, they suggest an action to the opponent such as hand seals for a jutsu that the opponent and Sharingan user already know and copy that. With these things done, the user can complete the action even before the opponent does, possibly using the Sharingan's genjutsu to confuse or delay them. As with other genjutsu, genjutsu cast by the Sharingan are capable of putting an opponent to sleep, inducing paralysis, replaying memories to someone else, or creating various illusions to deceive someone. The potency of the Sharingan's illusion is dependent on the user's knowledge and skill with implementing genjutsu.

Although the Sharingan consumes the user's chakra while active, the chakra levels that the user must exert is so insignificant that they can keep it active constantly. However, when a Sharingan is transplanted to a non-Uchiha, the chakra drain is significant, leading them to cover it up when not in use, to stop the drain.

The Mangekyō Sharingan gives the user access to several powerful techniques, including the powerful fire jutsu Amaterasu and the almost unbreakable genjutsu Tsukuyomi. The Mangekyō Sharingan erodes the eyesight of its users, eventually causing blindness, which can be prevented by obtaining another pair of Mangekyō Sharingan from a sibling. The new Sharingan is dubbed the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

40 Posts to achieve Tomoe 1
1 Tomoe allows the user to see chakra and copy movements such as : Stances, lip movements and even eye movement.

80 Posts or Chuunin to achieve Tomoe 2
2 Tomoe allows the user to see chakra, copy movements, copy ninjutsu of the user's rank (once payed for and registered.) The reaction time and speed of the user is also raised by 20%

Special Jounin Rank to achieve Tomoe 3
3 Tomoe allows the user all of the previous abilities. Their reaction time and speed are increased by 40%. Movements of ranks lower than them seem to move at a slowed down pace, giving the user the illusion of being able to slow down time. If the user makes eye contact with their opponent, they can activate a genjutsu technique.

S Rank to achieve Mangekyou Sharingan

Mangekyo allows for Abilities such as Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu become usable, however if it used more than once a week the user becomes blind and loses their sharingan. Not everyones mangekyo will look the same. in fact everyones will be different.

SS Rank/Legendary ninja to achieve Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

User is still limited on uses of Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu per week, but they are now able to use it twice without any consequences.

History of Clan: The Uchiha clan descended from the elder of the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths. The elder brother inherited the Sage's "eyes", powerful chakra and spiritual abilities. When it came time for the Sage to choose a successor, he questioned the two on what course of action they would follow to bring order to the world. The elder believed that might was the way to bring peace, while the younger believed love was the way. The Sage favoured the ideal of the younger brother, and therefore designated the younger as his successor, causing the elder to be filled with jealousy and hatefulness. From the younger son descended the Senju clan who would be the eternal rivals of the Uchiha.

Before the founding of the ninja villages, the Uchiha were one of the many mercenary clans for hire. Because of their Sharingan, the Uchiha clan came to be known as one of the two strongest clans, the other being the Senju clan. As time passed the Uchiha grew stronger, conquering whatever clans they came upon, such that, whenever the Uchiha clan was hired for a job, the opposing side would hire the Senju, and vice versa.

The Senju clan, grew tired of the endless fighting, and approached the Uchiha clan with a peace treaty. The leader at that time feared that an alliance would lead the Uchiha to ruin, but his clan disagreed, and he was forced to accept. The two clans came together to form Kusamugakure, with the leader of the Senju Clan, being selected as kage. They turned their backs on those who opposed the overall decision, and they defected. Now the Uchiha clan slowly regained their influence in peacetime but what happens next will depend on the generations to come.
Location of Clan: Jokigakure

Section 4: Background

Character History: Prologue

The story of Akuto Uchiha begins in the desolate volcanic village of Huoshangakure, with the rest of his family in the Uchiha clan. This story is one of death, pain, anger, and the growing and nourishing of one of the most twisted minds the Ninja world will come to know. Becoming the silently cunning strategist that he is today, Akuto's roots were very humble, teaching him the harsh ways of the cold world surrounding him at every corner. The world he was born into was a world of deceit and treachery, of manipulators and liars. He studied the ways of people, and discovered and molded himself to be able to be the best of the best. He learned how to lie without even giving the slightest hint of lying, and he learned how to plan such intricate plans, that they very very scarcely went wrong.

Chapter 1: The Vice is Born

Kasha Uchiha was the matriarch of a small direct-family line of Uchiha. She ruled her family with an iron fist since her husband died during the Samurai-Shinobi War in the battle that decided the victors. She was around the age of 50, and was a very cunning woman. She slept around with many men, trying to climb her way through the diplomatic rankings of the village. Well, in an attempt to force marriage upon one of the diplomats of Huoshangakure, she seduced him and had sex with him, trying to get herself pregnant with his child, making it her 5th child in her family. Well it worked, and the child was born as Akuto Uchiha. In the first two years of his life, Akuto was raised by his older siblings alone, as he was neglected by his dishonest mother. At age two, the man whom was tricked by Kasha brutally murdered her and kidnapped his child, Akuto. So, at age 2, Akuto witnessed his mother being murdered and was kidnapped by his crazed father. He grew up to the age of 8 amongst the daily politics of the village, the ways of the best diplomats being imprinted on his mind as he grew up with patience. However, he yearned to fight. He did not wish for this world of lies and deceit, he yearned for chaos, conquering, and pain.

At age 8, he entered the Ninja Academy of the Hidden Volcano village. He excelled through the classes, putting to use his exceeding prodigal stratagem and natural prowess in battle experiences. Grant it, he was an 8-year-old, but compared to others his age, he did oddly well. Entering the Chuunin Exams at age 9, he was unknowingly walking into the beginning to his journey of a true Uchiha.

He began the Chuunin Exams against a young member of the Nara clan. This Nara had age, experience, and speed stacked against Akuto. He was at a loss, and without any amount of his Sharingan, all he could rely on was his one year of fighting experience. He was exceedingly well, but this Nara should not have even still been a Genin. In the start of the fight, the Nara immediately rushed at his opponent, Akuto. Akuto started wildly thinking up any possible way he could combat anything this Nara through at him before he even reached him. An idea struck him just as the Nara finally got to him. As the Nara lept for an attack, Akuto slid forward on his shins, underneath the Nara. On his way down, he grabbed both of the Nara's knees and tripped him over before springing back onto his feet. He then spun around with a wild look on his eye and drew a kunai, preparing his next attack. As he went in for a stab into the child on the ground, the Nara shot a shadow out at Akuto's ankle and snapped it, breaking his ankle. Akuto hit the ground with a scream of pain, clutching his lower leg. He become crazy with anger, embarrassed and annoyed that he had fallen for that move. He gimped towards the now standing-up Nara shinobi, trying with every last attempt to attack him. The Nara pinned the weakened Akuto down with 4 tentacles of shadow on each limb. Akuto was filled with rage, unable to move, only able to grimace and scream. As the Nara raised a large tentacle of shadow to pierce Akuto's heart, Akuto's eyes flashed red. The first Tomoe of the sharingan appeared along with Akuto's near-death experience. This new jolt of power was all Akuto needed. In a quick, fell move, Akuto gained the upper hand by spinning around on the ground and spinning up onto his haunches into a pouncing position. He lept and tackled the Nara down, gripping her head, ready to snap his neck. A proctor leaped in and kicked Akuto off of the Nara, forcing the victory to Akuto and ending the battle. Akuto laid on the ground with a grin stretched across his weary face. Such a short battle, but never in the Academy before that had he come so close to dying. He felt alive with the Sharingan now swirling through his eye, feeling an empowerment he had been looking forward to since he had researched the Sharingan through his studies in the Academy. He stood up gradually, supporting his weight with his unbroken leg, and hobbled home. The next round of the Chuunin Exams would be delayed until the healing of the leg of this Akuto, and it would prove to be fairly easier than the first had been.

Akuto laid in his hospital bed, resting his hurt leg in an attempt to heal completely before the semifinals of the Chuunin Exams. It was wrapped up in a bandage, being held in place so the bone could grow back properly. Akuto was angry that he had let the Nara confuse him so much by simply rushing at him so he couldn't react. Akuto was disappointed in himself.. he needed to better learn how to combat that. Most kids his age that he had fought all waited for him to attack first in battle, and he was not used to that change in pace. He immediately started trying to strategize a plan to fight back against it. He would be ready if it happened again.

A few days after he was had been in the hospital, he was brought to the second round of the Chuunin Exams. He turned in the arena to face his opponent, a small girl by the name of Kiera. She rushed at him, and he activated his Sharingan. As his perception increased significantly, he rolled out of the way of the charging girl. After a few solid minutes of attacks and dodges, Akuto gained the upper hand. Using a kunai, he pinned her hand to the ground, severing the nerves in her hand and making her scream out in pain. He walked around to her front and grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her head back to look him in the face. "Look into my eyes," he said in his deep, demonic voice. He activated a genjutsu, locking her into mental torture for a few minutes. When she fell out of the genjutsu, she began shaking, and curled up into a ball on the ground, petrified in fear. The proctor declared the match over, and Akuto advanced onto the finals.

This time, Akuto only needed to limber up for the final fight. For the next couple days he stretched every 15 minutes and did his own personal workout regimen. His birthday had passed through this small period of time as well, he had turned to the age of 10. He had no time for celebration however, he needed to train. He trained through push-ups on the top of a volcano, feeling the hot rock beneath his hands burn through his skin and into his soul, empowering his fire chakra, his favorite element. Each day he did 4 sets of 300 push-ups with an hour break in between each. During his grueling training, he developed the second Tomoe of the Sharingan through his new fighting prowess and overall mental and physical strength. He was exceedingly good at the shinobi arts for someone as young as he, being years and years younger than the 16-18 year-old entering the Chuunin Exams around him, and he was winning. Nothing, however, could prepare him for his next match.

Akuto walked into the huge coliseum-like structure where the finals of the Chuunin Exams were being held. It was huge, a circular arena surrounded by stands filled with cheering crowds that were stories high. It was astounding. The arena itself was flat, the ground being made of dirt. On the opposite end of the arena stood a red-haired boy, eyes flashing yellow. In turn, Akuto activated his now second-stage Sharingan, and the match would begin. The Uzumaki took off in a blinding speed for a Genin, and Akuto saw his every move, matching his speed and towering above in perceptive skills. The Uzumaki seemed able to predict Akuto's, and Akuto seemed able to predict the Uzumaki's. The match was too even.

After hours of what seemed like absolutely no progress for either party, they both collapsed. The Uzumaki passed out, and Akuto stared blankly at the sky, feeling his eye change yet again. This fight had been too much for him, but it also trained him more than he could have ever dreamed. The third tomoe appeared in his eyes as the pupils spun in circles, and Akuto drifted off into a slumber.

The next 6 years of his life were definitely the most eventful, heart-jarring years of his young life thus far. It all began with being invited to join the ANBU of Jokigakure after leaving the hospital. He joined the Assassination branch of the ANBU of Huoshangakure, invited personally by the Third kage. In his time there, he trained his knowledge of Taijutsu. Learning how to perfectly utilize his martial arts. While in the ANBU, he also befriended another assassin, who would eventually come to be Akuto's only friend.

After going on countless missions together, Akuto and Tomi became a force to be reckoned with. Tomi was a Lava-release ninja, utilizing to full use the volcanic surroundings of the village. He was an excellent addition to Akuto's battle-style. While he would immediately begin to keep an opponent at bay with his extensive lava, Akuto would activate his Sharingan, devise a plan, and then join the fight with a flurry of strikes with his blade. Over time, Akuto easily surpassed Tomi and became the captain of the ANBU after being promoted to Jounin. After watching Akuto for months afterwards excel at his new station beyong himself, Tomi began to get very angry. He was filled with jealousy, and developed a hatred for Akuto. One day, in an attempt to take the Keyblade from Akuto, Akuto killed him using the very sword he tried to steal. Thus activating Akuto's Mangekyou Sharingan.

Over the years, Akuto has perfected the styles of Taijutsu, and he has begun devising a plan of his own to accomplish his own long-term goals. No one will know exactly what is running through the mind of this deranged Uchiha. Only time will tell what his purpose is, but you can be sure that it will not be what you expected.

Akuto Uchiha is now a missing ninja of Jokigakure, and a full-fledged operative of the Raksaka. His ideals for world domination, starting with controlling the Bijuu to end the war, are perfectly accommodated by the evil organization. His partner for field work is the second Uchiha of the group, Johnny Uchiha, and together they have been recruiting and manipulating for years. His only concern is that the Raksaka make their return, the the known world of men bow to their commands.

To be continued.

This character has already been approved in the staff section, so he's being moved to the approved characters.
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Akuto Uchiha
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