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 Renga Tekuta

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PostSubject: Renga Tekuta   Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:31 pm

Renga Tekuta

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Tekuta, Renga
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: November 5
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 Lbs

Specializations: Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Shakuton, Katon, Fuuton

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Fukamigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Renga, unlike his brother Shizen, is a typical Tekuta at heart. He is an asshole to all degrees, not giving a damn about anybody but himself. He doesn't do anything for anybody else unless it would some how benefit him in the long run. Often times he gets into trouble because of this along with his cockiness. This cocky attitude has developed because of his large size, which gives him a belief that he could kick anybodies ass.

Despite his cocky and douchebag attitude, there is also a small soft spot in the heart of Renga. When he was younger, he met a girl named Alice. She was nice and treated him kindly, though something was wrong with her. Next he saw of her, she was in the Raksaka, so he decided he needed to help her.

Likes: Fighting - As cliche as it sounds for any shinobi, Renga loves to fight. His sized mixed with cocky attitude gets him into many troublesome situations that he has to fight his way out of. This love of fighting has also been known to get him thrown out of several important locations.

Fire - Over the years, Renga has discovered a love for fire. He's basically a pyromaniac. He sets fires as often as possible just to watch them burn. His love for fire has also resonated into his jutsu, making him more knowledgeable to Katon techniques.

Fuuinjutsu - A bizarre taste and hobby, but Renga has taken a liking to the art of fuuinjutsu. Using fuuinjutsu he placed a seal on his left that sealed away a large portion of his power, but this only allows him to release the power in an amplified state. He also enjoys creating new creative seals that benefit his other combat skills.

Dislikes/Fears: Goody-Two-Shoes - Renga has always had an extreme distaste for those who try to suck up or kiss ass by being a goody-two-shoes. If he meets a person like this, he would probably kick them in the dick and punch them in the face. He just doesn't like them, at all.

The Raksaka - Renga has a deep hatred for the Raksaka, not because of their malice intent, but because of them tainting the mind of the girl Alice White. She is the only reason he wishes to destroy the evil organization in hopes that he could help make a better life for Alice.

Motivation: Renga's motivation is redeem himself of his douchebag attitude by helping set Alice White free from the Raksaka. He is willing to do whatever it takes, only because she helped knock sense into him and make him realize that he has been a stuck up asshole his entire life.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
History of Clan: N/A
Location of Clan: N/A

Section 4: Background

Character History: Renga was born into the wealthy Tekuta family, owners and proprietors of the Tekuta farmstead. Renga spent almost his entire life on the farmstead, never leaving as a young child and was always near to his mother. He also highly admired his older brother, Shizen, from a young age and aspired to be a shinobi like him. Unlike his brother though, Renga began to develop the typical Tekuta attitude from a young age. He was spoiled from a young age and knew it, but loved it at the same time.

When Renga was six, he began training with the personal trainers of the Tekuta family. He soon sorted out what skills he was best in. It was very apparent that Renga had developed a strong skill in taijutsu and ninjutsu, just like his older brother. Unlike Shizen, Renga wasn't as skilled with a blade, but made up for it with his unique love for Fuuinjutsu. He was gifted with making seals. Along with this, Renga was gifted in his elemental affinities, being able to access the rare Shukaton element. His skill with fire was far above other shinobi his age.

Renga's life turned upside-down at the age of seven when his older brother left the family, fed up with how the family acted. To vent his frustrations, he practiced more and more with his Shukaton and Katon jutsu, but ended up horribly injuring himself when a jutsu backfired. His left arm was entirely fried, almost useless in fact. His family was willing to spend as much as they possibly could to fix it. They hired several doctors who designed a sleeve that acted as synthetic skin for the young child. Fascinated with his new arm, Renga created a seal that stored away a large portion of his power into his arm. He would train harder to make up for this sealed power, but also create new seals to manipulate the power he had stored away.

Over the years, Renga grew older and began to leave the homestead more often. On one trip, he met a girl his age named Alice White. She seemed nice but forced Renga to leave later when she began hearing voices in her head. He was disappointed because he wanted to help, so every month he made a trip to where they met to find and help her. About a year later, he found her again, only this time she was in the Raksaka, even worse, one of the heads of the organization. From then on, he vowed to help her break free of them.

Over the next few years, Renga began to perfect his art of fuuinjutsu but at the great expense to his family. Often times his cocky attitude got him into fights which would end in high medical bills (for the other guy, not Renga) and extreme property damage. After a while his parents got sick of it. At the age of seventeen, he was forced to move to the village of Fukamigakure, the village where his older brother was in charge. He moved out immediately and made the treacherous journey by himself. To some this would be an overwhelming feat, but it wasn't as difficult for Renga, though it was still pretty difficult. Over a course of two months, this difficult journey was traversed until Renga finally found the elevator that would take him into his new home.

During the next three years, Renga has trained and done missions out the ass to get himself to the rank of chuunin. It wasn't easy, especially since his brother was in charge. He began to vaguely remember why his brother left in the first place. His douchebag attitude didn't fly well with Shizen. He began to work on suppressing this attitude just to avoid getting his ass kicked.

In his time off from missions, Renga can be found by himself, often training his fuuinjutsu art along with his tai and kenjutsu. He is vigilant on training himself to the best he possibly can, that way if he ever encounters Alice or any Raksaka again, he can end their miserable existences. He is bound and determined to make that organization pay for corrupting the mind of an innocent girl. If possible, he will hunt down the organization by himself, but he wouldn't mind joining a group of hunters either. So long as he gets his pay back.

Renga is soon looking to acheive the rank of special jounin and is inching closer every day to achieving the perfect form of his power release fuuinjutsu. As his power increases, so will the power inside of his seal. He is also developing plans to hunt down on of the seven swords of the divide to claim form himself. Soon enough, he will know whether they are fact or fiction.

RP Sample:
Hayoa stood ankle deep in blood and rain saturated mud, surveying the battle field. In this bloody civil war, he was one of the only remaining commanders of the Oozaru army. Now they had to make their last stand on this dreadful day and the odds didn’t look good for his forces. Highly outnumbered and greatly fatigued, they stood little chance in this skirmish. He looked back at his men and nodded. Soon. The Kii surged through his body and hair grew rapidly, along with muscle, size, and height. Game on. It as one on one hundred, and there would be no failure to an Oozaru tribal leader. A swarm of sayians charged toward the thirty foot gorilla that moved toward them, cocking his fist back for his first devastating punch. Just as the first sayian was in range, the fist extended, crushing the ribs, sending several of them out of the back of the man into men behind him. With a right hook, he grabbed three of the men in his hand. He opened his mouth, clenching down on the men as he tossed them in. He grabbed their legs, ripping them from his mouth, leaving pieces of sayian held together by intestine and muscle. The blood stained his massive teeth as he growled at the men, throwing the pieces back at them.
The men began to try a full on attack at Hayoa and his compound. Protecting his people was the primary goal. The civil war would be over soon, but not as it stood, Hayoa wasn't going to let the sayian bastards win without a fight. His claws were sharp as hell now, slashing at the little flies in the air was nothing. He stabbed one straight through the head of one, causing it to explode and the body plummeting to the ground, brains and blood splattering onto the mud. The onslaught continued, with each wave, came more bodies piling onto the ground. Many torn in half, limbless or crippled. As Hayoa caught on of them he looked at the man, whose body was no bigger than the eye that looked at him, he laughed. He began to squeeze, harder and harder, watching the life fade from the eyes of the man, as internal organs spilled from his mouth. The man’s eyes popped out of his head next, he began to beg for death. Hayoa wanting him to suffer, threw him to the ground, he body cracking, but he wouldn't die. His inaudible moans could be heard from thirty feet above as a large foot came down upon him, burying him in the mud, forcing him to suffocate on his own blood and organs. With only a few of the sayian enemy left, Hayoa grew hungry, so he picked up the pile of dead corpses and held them in his hands. He began to shovel them into his mouth, enjoying his dinner, scaring the other sayians shitless.
The remaining sayians all attacked at once, Hayoa charging straight back at them. He charged kii through his hands, readying a kii blast to end them all. As he closed in, he released the blast, disintegrating all in its path. Now there was just one on one. Hayoa reached out quickly, grabbing the man. In his booming voice, Hayoa said, “Time to play little man.” Hayoa wanted to have some fun so he pinched the man’s arm, slowly pulling, ripping the arm from its socket and off the body itself. He did to the other arm. After the man was defenseless, Hayoa extended his palm, flicking the man, sending him flying almost a mile away. No more threat about. He set out for his next target, the sayian castle. With that he began to charge kii to transmit himself there.
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Shizen Tekuta
Shizen Tekuta

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Renga Tekuta
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