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 Houston, We Have Metal

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PostSubject: Houston, We Have Metal   Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:51 pm

Neo was now on his own for an entire week with all this extensive knowledge at his disposal, this was going to be a long week. The hard part about it all for Neo was the subject, he hadn't exactly prepared for this when he had the time to and now it was coming back to bite him. He traversed the maze of knowledge scanning the spines of the books as he looked for something suited to him, but so far he had nothing. Could this all have been avoided had he thought all this out like Shitai had, he seemed to know exactly where to go once they had arrived here, as had Takeru. Neo slammed his face into the nearest bookshelf, it was quite frustrating, here he was surrounded by all this knowledge but couldn't think of one subject to settle down on and research for an entire week. " Maybe I'll just wait at the exit for the whole week because I'm getting no where with this" as he began to back track something seemed to glimmer off to his side, caught by his peripheral vision. Following the small glimmer of light he found its source, not to his surprise it was another book, but this book had a metallic look to it which peaked Neo's interest seeing how none of the other books he had saw thus far looked like this. He would take a seat where he stood and open up the book. Flipping through the pages he noticed that all the pages had a metallic look too it, this could be an interesting read indeed. Returning to the cover he would read the title aloud "Space holds potential weapons from us" seemed interesting enough, if anything it seemed to be someone's personal notes taken from his/her experiences. He would begin to read the book maybe it would hold value in Neo's case. So far though the book or diary didn't seem to appealing, all it did was talk about how terrible his life was, having nothing to do with the title really, but he said he would give it a chance so Neo would continue on. About an hour or so into the diary Neo sighed all this seemed to be just a waste of his time, he still was gaining nothing from this and yet he felt compelled to read on, like something was urging him forward. As Neo read on it seemed now the interesting things began 'I creyould feel the ground move shutter from the collision of the giant rock from above, upon further investigation the rock didn't seem normal at all in fact this was no rock it was of a metallic substance and I should know being a Jiton user and what not'. ' Chapter 19 : Space Metal test, I've been researching this mysterious substance from space and I've concluded that i am the only one who has such a thing in his possession truly a rare find indeed. I've tested the strength of it and so far if I had to guess it would be as strong or stronger then chrome which is quite extraordinary.' The Diary continued on like that for several chapters explaining the processes he went through, the things he made with it etc etc but the tale was reaching it's end and through it Neo would learn of one of the most amazing discoveries this earth has seen 'Too whomever may be reading this listen up, I've found about 3 of these giant meteorites all over the world I've stored them within a hidden cavern on Mt Saint pride within the Sun Flare Province, that's right the strongest metal this earth has probably ever seen in all of it's years still exist and although I may be passing I'll leave it up to you to find and utilize the substance as you see fit young Metal user' ~ Sir Rayder. That was it Neo had found something valuable here, something he could use into the near future the only obstacle was the means to getting to the prize. Neo closed the book and returned it to its original resting place, he had absorbed all he needed from it, standing up he dusted himself off and stretched as surprising as it may have been it seemed about 3 days had passed since Neo's original starting off the diary and they had arrived here a day ago meaning 4 days had already passed by. Neo would sigh and began making his way back up the stairs he had what he wanted and now would wait for his companions back at the entrance this day revealed more then he thought initially


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Houston, We Have Metal
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