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 Special Case Jutsu Rules & Variations

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PostSubject: Special Case Jutsu Rules & Variations   Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:21 pm

What Are Special Case Jutsu?

Special Case Jutsu are rare and powerful jutsu of many different jutsu types. There are many categories of Special Cases here on Province, ranging from Ijutsu, to Ninjutsu, and even to more specific fields like Nintaijutsu. These rare jutsu are only able to be owned by a limited amount of members here on the site, usually ranging from 2-3 members, depending on the jutsu's strength. We have taken the more powerful jutsu from the canon, including things like the Rasengan or the Chidori (as a couple examples), and made them Special Case Jutsu for the intent of making sure they remain exclusive, special, and powerful.

(Note: Keep in mind that only 2 Special Cases can be owned on this site per person, and yes they can be stacked on one character.)

Special Case Variations

What are Special Case Variations? Well, they are individualized, personalized, and strengthened versions of the original Special Case jutsu. From the canon, prime examples of variations would include the Chidori Blade or the Rasen-Shuriken. Of course, these jutsu are extremely powerful alterations of the original jutsu, and that is exactly what they are intended to be on Province. How do you obtain these special case variations you may ask? Well, there are certain prerequisites that must be met by anyone that wishes to buy one. There are also limits that must be respected by all who buy them. For instance, you are only permitted one variation of each special case you own, and since you're allowed only two special case jutsu, this means you're only allowed two variations as well.

The first step is in owning the original Special Case jutsu. In order to be able to make a variation of a special case, your character needs to have obtained the original, and they must know how to use it to a certain extent. This means that they would have used the original twice in separate combat situations beforehand (this includes training topics). Once this has been completed, a 750 word training topic must be completed by the character, involving applying the alteration to the original to create the newer, stronger version.

All variations MUST be S-rank in power. They can have elements added to them, they can be made bigger, more powerful, faster, really anything, but they must be S-rank in power. This creates the perfect way to make an already powerful jutsu reach its potential without breaking out of the site's boundaries. After the training topic, the member simply posts a new jutsu application along with the copy/pasted version of the original underneath, and a moderator will go over it and eventually approve it. After approved, you pay the exact same price that you bought the original jutsu at once more for the new jutsu, and you can then use the Variation effectively in combat.

All canon-based variations are forbidden on this site. This includes the Rasen Shuriken, Liger Bomb, Chidori Blade, Chidori Running Stream, and basically every other alteration to any Special Case that we have here that was used in the show. If you want a Variation, you must make it yourself, and it must be completely original.


The rules for obtaining these powerful Special Case Variations are simple, but they all need to be followed to the letter. They are:

- 2 Variations per Special Case

- 4 Variations per Person

- If the special case being altered already has an element, that element MUST be held when making the variation (No changing or adding elements) (EXCEPT for Lightning Release Armor. Release armors of other elements will be categorized as Variations of Raiton no Yoroi)

- All Variations must be original and unique (No canon variations like Rasen Shuriken or Twin Lightning Shiver) to each character that registers one, except for Dual Variations

- 1 Dual Variation per character that owns the original special case, and does not count towards the regular Variations count limit. Dual Variations are variations made to coincide with someone else that also owns the same special case jutsu and purchases the same Dual Variation jutsu that you do. (This is exactly like a combination jutsu with two people using normal jutsu, only using two people with the same special case). Two different Special Cases cannot be combined to make a Dual Variation. Dual Variations can be made more powerful than a regular Variation, and they can consist of combining two different elements should the special case wielders choose to do so.


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Special Case Jutsu Rules & Variations
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