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 Taking Down My Prey (Shitai, Takeru, Nibi)

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PostSubject: Re: Taking Down My Prey (Shitai, Takeru, Nibi)   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:22 pm

Takeru watched quietly as Shitai removed his coat and shirt, baring his shoulder where the seal would go. Rising Takeru readied himself for the technique. He had developed it after countless hours studying bijuu and their make-up, as well as seals used previously to seal away jinchuuriki. Beckoning Shitai to follow him he walked towards the Nibi, forming handseals as he walked. After finishing the required signs he placed one hand on Shitai's shoulder and gave him a hard look, "You best be ready for this, i don't know if i can fight this thing again if it breaks free" . He placed his other hand onto the bijuu's head and released his chakra. The beast's body began glowing brighter and brighter, until its entire shape was simply a mound of chakra. Slowly the massed energy moved through Takeru's palm and through his body, passing into Shitai through his shoulder. Once the last of the chakra was sealed Takeru let out a sigh and sat down once more, he felt drained.



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PostSubject: Re: Taking Down My Prey (Shitai, Takeru, Nibi)   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:33 pm

I felt my life beginning to fade as I closed my eyes. A hand pressed against my head and I felt a technique begin to activate. Surely they were finishing me off. I whimpered, but as I did so I felt myself being sealed. THOSE BASTARDS! When I opened my eyes I was trapped in a cage in a large open space. "Where the fuck am I?" I screamed. I then realized, I had been sealed within one of the two shinobi I had been fighting. I was now a disgrace to the bijuu. At least I was in one piece again.

-Nibi Sealed.

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Taking Down My Prey (Shitai, Takeru, Nibi)
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