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 The Scourge of the Sea [WIP]

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Shizen Tekuta
Shizen Tekuta

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PostSubject: The Scourge of the Sea [WIP]   Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:55 am

Ah so you're interested in some work are you? Here's what I have

Background Information: I'm not going to lie to you...If you take this mission there is an immensely high chance that you won't be coming back home. This monster has to be put down though. For the longest time, nearly as long as the villages exsistence, there has been a monster living down here in the ocean with us. To give you an idea of this monsters strength, it has lived in the same area as the Sanbi for all of history...and put up enough of a fight to remain here. It mostly stays to itself but if something ventures too close it destroys them mercilessly. We have been running into this issue with our hunters that go out to get fish, we've lost 5 teams of 20 in the last month. I refuse to allow this any longer, I need you to go down to the Agricultural District, ask the farmers where the teams they sent were attacked and go out to find it. The ANBU will supply you with the water breathing and pressurization seal needed before you leave. I can realize if you don't want to do this alone, so I will allow you to bring one partner if needed but no more, I don't want to risk many of my ninja's lives. If you succeed not only will you be rewarded handsomely but you will be immortalized as the person or people who killed the beast only second to the Sanbi.


NPC (If required):



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The Scourge of the Sea [WIP]
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