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 [Wrath of the Trolls][Mission]

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PostSubject: [Wrath of the Trolls][Mission]   Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:51 pm

Hey a new mission came in, you look like you could handle it!

Wrath of the trolls

Info: There are some dangerous Frost Trolls that have been nesting too close to the village. They are extremely dangerous and have been causing trouble for the villages, I need you to wipe out their nesting grounds.

Description: The nesting grounds are located just outside the village, which is dangerously close, please exterminate them before they start killing our people.

Npc (If any):

Rules: Make the topic in the Tekuta Farmstead, name it [Wrath of the Trolls][Mission]. There are 3 Jonin level trolls, kill them then post here about your success and with a link to your mission. Must be a minimum of 6 posts at least 250 words each post

Difficulty: A

Reward: 8000 Ryo

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[Wrath of the Trolls][Mission]
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