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 Chakra Enhanced Strength - Special Case Jutsu

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PostSubject: Chakra Enhanced Strength - Special Case Jutsu   Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:09 am

Chakra Enhanced Strength

Rank of Jutsu: A

Element Affinity: N/A

Type: Ijutsu

Distance: Self

Description: This is a technique where the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet using precise chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing right upon impact, which greatly enhances their strength.

While some may see it as merely superhuman strength, this technique is actually an application of Ijutsu that demands excellent concentration and chakra control.

The user must focus chakra into their hands or feet and release it at the exact moment of impact. The pinpoint releasing of chakra can be used to send the opponent flying back depending on the rank of the Chakra Enhanced Strength used.

Chakra Enhanced Strength merely sends the victim careening backwards upon impact depending on rank. This is done by releasing the chakra immediately before the hand/foot hits the victim. When used in battle, this means the user has to specify that they are releasing the chakra right before impact of the blow (within two inches of contact). The concentrated chakra being released directly upon the outside of the body from such a close range explodes on the victim. The chakra itself does not damage the user at all, but it does send them flying back a significant distance. The knock-back distance is what would initially cause any harm to the victim upon the impact of the landing. The victim would be sent flying back in whatever angle the blow was landed. Meaning, if someone was hit with an uppercut, they would fly almost straight into the air the specified distance. If they were punched in the stomach straight on, they would be most likely be sent straight backwards, skipping across the ground. If someone was hit from an aerial angle in the head, they would be sent down into the ground. If someone were indeed hit into the ground however, they would not sink into the ground. They would simply hit the ground with enough force that would have been able to send them flying in the specified distance. Here are the specifications for each rank of CES:

Used On People:

It hits the victim with enough force to knock them off of their feet and send them 50 feet in the specified direction 12 meters per second.

It hits the victim with enough force to knock them off of their feet and send them 50 yards (150 ft.) in the specified direction at a speed of 16 meters per second.

It hits the victim with enough force to knock them off of their feet and send them 100 yards (300 ft.) in the specified direction at a speed of 24 meters per second.

It hits the victim with enough force to knock them off of their feet and send them 150 yards (450 ft.) in the specified direction at a speed of 32 meters per second.

It hits the victim with enough force to knock them off of their feet and send them 300 yards (A lot of feet. 900 to be specific.) in the specified direction at a speed of 40 meters per second. Making it nigh impossible to be able to regain a proper landing.

Chakra Enhanced Strength (CES) can also be used to create massive craters in the ground. This use of CES makes use of the same principal as before. Precise control of the chakra, and pinpoint release of it just before impact. By releasing the chakra just above the ground (within two inches), the massive amounts of pure chakra go into every microscopic hole, crevice, or crack. Once the chakra is underground, it expands and explodes instantaneously, causing the ground to erupt into a crater. All of this happens within the second the user releases the chakra on the ground, so it appears the user is simply punching the ground really hard and making a crater. Specifications go as such:

Used on the Ground:

D-Rank: If used on the ground, it has the ability to create a crater approximately 3 ft. deep and 8 ft. in diameter.

C-Rank: Ability to create a crater approximately 4 ft. deep and 10 ft. in diameter.

B-Rank: Ability to create a crater approximately 5 ft. deep and 12 ft. in diameter.

A-Rank: Ability to create a crater approximately 6 ft. deep and 14 ft. in diameter.

S-Rank: Ability to create a crater approximately 7 ft. deep and 16 ft. in diameter.

Chakra Enhanced Strength is basically a really powerful force used to move things with pure, nonelemental chakra. It does have limitations to what it can propel though. If something exceeds the maximum weight that a use of Chakra Enhanced Strength can send careening away, the Chakra Enhanced Strength won't affect it at all. Here are those limitations:

D-Rank: 300 lbs

C-Rank: 800 lbs

B-Rank: 1000 lbs (1/2 ton)

A-Rank: 1500 lbs

S-Rank: 2000 lbs (1 ton)

For all strength variations of Chakra Enhanced Strength, chakra charge time is the same as jutsu at each rank. As far as chakra usage goes, the use is a bit less than standard jutsu because of it being simply melee attacks being individually affected (except for the S-rank). Chakra usage for each rank goes as such:

D-Rank: 5 Chakra

C-Rank: 15 Chakra

B-Rank: 20 Chakra

A-Rank: 35 Chakra

S-Rank: 50 Chakra

There is no cooldown for each use up through B-rank. However, there are still limitations:

D-Rank: Unlimited Uses; No cooldown

C-Rank: 4 Uses: 1 Post Cooldown

B-Rank: 3 Uses: 1 Post Cooldown

A-Rank: 2 Uses; 3 Post Cooldown

S-Rank: 1 Use; No CES may be used in the same topic after this has been used.

During each cooldown time period, no CES is allowed to be used at all. Also, in Casual RP, there are no cooldowns or post restrictions, but Chakra must always be expended.

There are three slots open for this Special Case Jutsu, and each applicant MUST have Ijutsu in one of their first three specializations. It is strongly recommended that each applicant reads this guide through thoroughly in order to understand the entire system. It can be overwhelmingly confusing in battle unless the user actually knows what he/she is doing. Any person wishing to purchase this jutsu must be of Chuunin rank or higher, due to a Genin not knowing how to focus chakra this precisely.

Price for this Jutsu: 25,000 Ryo


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Chakra Enhanced Strength - Special Case Jutsu
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