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 [Dog Walking][Repeatable Mission]

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PostSubject: [Dog Walking][Repeatable Mission]   Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:05 pm

Hey a new mission came in, you look like you could handle it!

Dog Walking

Info: Day to day large amounts of pet owners get too caught up in their own lives and don't have time for their pets, because of this many pet owners have turned in missions for ninja to walk their dogs.

Description: In this mission I'm gonna need you to go to 4 different villagers houses and pick up their dogs and then take these dogs on a walk. The owners have informed us taht all the dogs already have leashes and they just need to be picked up at the house.

Npc (If any): none

Rules: Make the topic in Korigakure. Must be AT LEAST 4 dogs. Ryo is increased by 250 for each extra dog beyond the first 4. Can't take more then 10 dogs. Must post at least 5 times, 100 words a post minimum.

Difficulty: C

Reward: 2500 - 4000 ryo

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[Dog Walking][Repeatable Mission]
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