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 Allora Doruido

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PostSubject: Allora Doruido   Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:35 am

Allora Doruido

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Doruido, Allora
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: June 3rd
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 90 lb

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Ijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Mokuton, Doton, Suiton

Rank: Genin
Village: Morigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Allora is quite different from most of the other youth near her age; she is highly intelligent but also very innocent. A kindhearted girl she can never leave injured animals alone and is often known to have several small creatures such as birds or mice trailing after her. Books are of a deep importance to her as she feels that they can help teach her things that might otherwise remain mysteries in life.
Likes: Allora really likes Takoda since he has always treated people kindly even after getting picked on as a child. Whenever he comes to the village it is sure she is not far behind him. When ever Takoda is away she can be found either in the archives pulling out piles of dusty texts to study or playing in the wilderness with the local animals and birds. Sweets would be her food of choice if not for the fact that the elders make sure she also eats her meals, although there has been more than a few times she has slipped a bit of carrot to one of her furry friends under the table.
Dislikes/Fears: Allora enjoys all things to do with the outdoors although she does not care very much for caves for some reason or other, possibly it is due to the feeling of being alone in a dark space. Fighting is not something she enjoys and if at all possible she will avoid combat for defensive or capture moves when facing opponents. The only time Allora will show her true prowess in battle is under extreme circumstances. Spicy foods are not something she cares much for since they always manage to make her sneeze. She enjoys all creatures except for poisonous ones as they could harm those she cares for.
Motivation: Allora is a very caring girl and would do anything for the clan that raised her. She has no selfish motives as her naivette does not allow for such behavior. One main influence on her is to please Takoda so that he will want to keep spending time with her. She hopes to one day see peace for all the nations since to her battle is a terrible sadness.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Elven Blood
Bloodline Ability: Members of the Doruido clan are blessed with the blood of elves and due to this have a deep connection to nature in its purest form. This allows members of the clan to combine both the doton and suiton elements to form Mokuton, otherwise known as wood release. (this means that the three elements of clan members are predetermined to be Mokuton, Doton and Suiton). In addition to this the Doruido all have pointed ears and sharp features like their elven ancestors. While their ears do allow them to hear the whispers of trees and flowers to literally communicate with nature, this does not grant them a bonus to basic hearing of things around them.
History of Clan: Finding their roots among the trees of the forest province long before it was called such the Doruido have been and still are people of nature. They are said to have descended from the mythical elves that lived among the trees in ages past before sailing to the west and carry their physical features the prove it, their pointed ears are the gateway to nature and it is due to this nature of their own that their fated allies also descended from the forest. These allies are known as the Lacerta, people of the scaled lands, and the Kuma, tribe of the fearsome bears of the southern edge. As time progressed both of these clans fell on hard times and the first great war did nothing but pick off their numbers until there was almost nothing left and their home territories were lost. With nowhere to call their home the Doruido called to them and gave them shelter and while the Lacerta were still a tad distant in their ways there was a powerful bond forged between these people that still endures to this day. Eventually the hidden villages came to be and when it came time to pick a plot for the hidden forest the strongest trees and most fertile soil were needed and once again the Doruido clan offered their home to others, from these lands the village was formed and the secrets of singing trees into existence in peaceful ways was passed on to by the first great elven kage to the people that came to serve with him. When the old elf came of death due to his old age a fight broke out concerning who would take power, the general consensus was that the next in line of the great elves would take his grandfather's place but the dragon clan known as Dovahkiin disagreed and claimed the druids were weak willed and would lead the the ruin of the village. The dragon clan were powerful warriors like the kind hearted elves but they had a passion for almost nothing but battle from their very blood and lusted for power at all times. The majority of the clans took the side of the Dovahkiin claiming that it was their pure might that would lead the village to great things while the Lacerta and Kuma backed the Druids and their love an compassion that kept the ruling class as advisers rather than warlords even though they themselves were war loving clans which caused a mess of its own. When it came to it the druids gave the seat to the dragons in good faith, agreeing that this would be acceptable so long as the kage seat changed hands from clan to clan each time. The deal was broken in no time as the second kage of the forest got himself killed in a battle against the country's local tribes in an attempt to steal their land for expansion. When this happened the Dovahkiin accused the Doruido of selling their battle plans to the tribes as they had always sympathized with the locals and favored leaving them to their customs over battle, due to this a bad reputation was given not only to the druids but their two allied clans who rose up in arms with them when the village turned on them. The battle was fierce and both sides shed much blood before everyone agreed to a truce that ended with a new deal that stated the kage seat would be passed on like a monarchy through the dragon clan. Due to the tainted roots of the Morigakure trio of clans they are often viewed with caution even today and while the druids themselves have come to forgive their accusers the Lacerta and Kuma are less so and still have a strong tension between their combined might and the dragons.
Location of Clan: Morigakure

Section 4: Background

Character History: Thirteen years ago the Druid clan found a one year old baby girl crawling around the forests of their territory, she had the features of an elf and was obviously of their blood but her parents were unknown. Other than her clothes made of leaves her only other possession was an amulet that was identified to be a relic from the druids of the first age even before the relations with the Kuma and Lacerta clan were formed. It was the head of the clan that took the girl into his home to be raised by him and his wife as their own as they were unable to have children of their own. She was raised a happy child that was always smiling even after she learned of her past with her unknown parents, in her mind the man and woman that had raised her were the only parents she would ever need and her adoptive family couldn't have been happier. When she entered the academy she was shy and seemed to prefer the company of the animals over the other kids but she always seemed to have her eye on a boy from the Kuma clan that was often picked on but was never able to really approach him. His name was Takoda and when he became good friends with the other boy named Rohim people seemed to stop messing with him and she was happy even if she was still too shy to talk to him herself. She graduated from the academy with above average marks though she seemed to not really have a taste for combat even though she was more than capable of performing it. A few months after graduation the grand festival of the empire was held in Jokigakure and it was there that she would finally be able to talk to the boy she had watched for years. She had been playing hide and seek with the local animals when he wasn't paying attention and tripped over her, he seemed a tad annoyed that she was out of place but was highly apologetic about what had happened and asked if he could do anything to make it up to her. That was when she got the idea for the two of them to hang out together at the festival, they became good friends over the course of the three day festival by playing games, riding rides and even just eating all the different foods from all across the empire. While no real romantic feeling between them blossomed from this the two became close. When Takoda and Rohim moved in together as roommates in the village of Elkwood nearly an hour outside the hidden forest village she became very sad until she realized that he still came to the village nearly a dozen times a week for lengthy amounts of time, whenever he is in town she makes sure to pester him a bit and grab some lunch.

RP Sample: She quietly opened the door so as not to wake Lag and looked at his sleeping face. Rou let out a quiet sigh, oh how she wished her precious son could be this way forever, never knowing the hardships of the world. "Such a sweet child" she thought to herself "Yet sadly in just a few years he shall be a young man
and the only time I will get to see such blissful innocence upon his face will be in his slumber." She walked over to Lag and lovingly kissed his forehead, "Time to wake up my busy bee." Lag mumbled and turned back over, feigning sleep. Rou sat down on the bed and began to gently tickle his side. Lag squirmed around and finally spoke "Ok! Ok! I'm awake now! Mom you can stop tickling me!" He sat up and yawning and stretching, "And another thing stop calling me busy bee I am twelve you know I need a grownup nickname." Rou tousled his hair, "But you will always be my busy little bee didn't you know?" she kissed his head. Lag made a face and climbed out of bed.

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You're a salty tortilla-style Americanized seasoned chip. Welcome to the family, Dorito.

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Allora Doruido
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