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PostSubject: Chikagakure   Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:26 pm


History: Chikagakure, the village hidden underground, was founded during the early years of the First Great War. The leader of the Eastern Army led his army of rebels into a crevice in the Anghor Mountains. With the Western Army at their backs, and the nine-tailed demon in the sky above them, they desperately sought for a solution. They used their swords, their axes, their jutsu, their very hands, and anything else they could find to bore a huge hole into the mountain in front of them. For seven days, the hundreds of troops carved into the rock, and for seven days they held up against the onslaught of their enemies. After those seven days, they had carved a massive hole in the mountain, big enough to fit their army of roughly 10,000 men and women. There they hid for about a year, carving further into the rock, but now sheltered from their enemies. After the war was over, some of the troops returned to their man-made rock crevice led by a man named Rohim Orik. His name translates to "Hero" in their ancient tongue, and he certainly lived up to his name being the man that had originally saved his army from the oncoming forces by traversing into a mountain. After helping his troops build houses, buildings, barracks, and carve deeper into the mountains, he gave his settlement the name of Chikagure, and became the First Yamakage of the new village. Since those days, three more kage have resided in the village hidden underground, ruling over the days of peace time. Their names were, in order, Kina Orik; Rokghi Orik; and Brokheim Orik, all reigning from the same bloodline. The Three Yamakage of peace time added elegant additions to the village, creating huge corridors lined with jewels carved into the stone, huge temples, intricate labyrinths of tunnels for rooms and factions underneath the village, statues resembling the gods of the people's religion, and ultimately made the village look a massive kingdom under the protection of a serenely gargantuan mountain range. But then, the world outside again fell into a time of chaos and bloody war. Upon entering this new era of bloodshed, a new kage was born with the name Bryn T. Orik. The new Yamakage led the Chikagakure into the war against the imperials as if it were a gallant javelin, using it to lead the other rebelling villages against their crumbling empire. Chikagakure became the headquarters for the Rebels during the Second Great War, and continues to be to this very day. Guarded by the protection of a mountain, guarded by the Jinchuuriki Yamakage named Bryn- the Village Hidden Underground will be the last fortress for the rebellion, and the last bastion of hope for the withering morale of its kinsmen.

Village Description: Chikagakure is hidden by a massive door, that looks simply like part of the mountain. Upon knocking and saying the correct passphrase, one can enter the village hidden underground. It is built to be a fortress. It is nigh impossible to break into, and security inside is extremely tight, meant to keep the citizens as safe as possible from threats by the Empire. Their are hundreds of tunnels, where some people can choose to live in. There are bars, living chambers, temples, armories, and other less-important buildings carved into the stone tunnels. These tunnels all lead to a central chamber, a massive circular chamber inside the hollowed-out highest peak of the mountain range. The diameter of the massive chamber is roughly 10 miles. Along the outside of the chamber, is a pathway that circles all the way around the outside of the mountain, where all the branching tunnels connect to. This chamber is called the Spire. It is simply a means of connecting all of the tunnels into one location. It is the inside of a hollowed mountain, with a pathway ridged into the wall. The Spire has a staircase in the center that leads to the top of the peak, but there is nothing else in this chamber. This ridged pathway leads to the opposite side of the chamber of all the branching tunnels, to the giant, golden door. After opening this massive door, the user climbs a path that leads to the main part of the village. the path is about a mile long, and after a mile, the user enters a valley right in the middle of the entire mountain range. With the blue sky above, and massive mountains surrounding every side, this was the ideal place to put the main village. In this valley are the biggest buildings of the village, as if they attempted to match the height of the mountains above them. Here is the Yamakage's castle, the shopping bazaar, the biggest temple in the village, scouting towers, a river, huge military outposts that can be compared to stone skyscrapers, and other massive buildings.

Kage Lineage:

The First Yamakage: Rohim Orik

The Second Yamakage: Kina Orik

The Third Yamakage: Rokghi Orik

The Fourth Yamakage: Brokheim Orik

The Fifth Yamakage: Bryn T. Orik

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