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PostSubject: Jokigakure   Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:18 pm


Jokigakure was built in the top of a long dormant volcano in the island chain known as the Sun Flare Province. Since the time of written history, the province has had the presence of an clan known as the Hono who worship a deity known as "The Phoenix," who was believed to have helped form the province. These clan is also referred to as a cult because of their human sacrifices to the deity. They believed that the province was theirs to rule.

Several hundred years later, several nomads made their to the top of a volcano and settled down, beginning to form the village. This was a problem for the clan and thus started the turmoil between the village and clan. There were raids and a war between the two at one point, destroying part of the village, but it was rebuilt quickly. Soon more industry moved in and the village became less agricultural and more industrial. Thick smoke began to clog the sky and make it seem like the volcano was active once again, acting like a natural defense. The village quickly became a staple of the Empire.

Many years later, the Hono decided to strike again, this time at a festival. Taiya Raba and Tyrus Hono fought for what seemed like days. In a final ditch effort to take back the village, Tyrus activated a secret Hono technique that created a massive explosion, but killed him in the process. Taiya stretched his body to a breaking point to contain the blast and succeeded. In the process he sealed away technique for no other Hono to use. The damage was kept to a minimum, but there was still a decent amount. The rebuilding began under Taiya, but he died shortly after. Finally a Hono was placed in control to see if it would stop the fighting, and it did. He even erected a monument to Taiya in the Market Sector of the village.

He reigned for many years and kept relations good with other villages, even a rebellion broke away from the Empire. Very soon, he became ill and was unable to keep up his work. The kage position was seized by Haru Raba just after his death. Haru now rules the village, keeping up to date on things, including the relationship with the Hono, as well as building a new prison in Mount Saint Pride.

Village Description: The Village Hidden in the Steam is a rather large industrial city that resides in the top of an inactive volcano in the ring of volcanoes surrounding the Gulf of the Sun. In the very center of the village is a large palace dedicated to the Taiyoukage. The intricate palace is surrounded by about 100 feet of patio with a large, red overhang. This entire area is known as the "Royal Tome." The Kage and his family as cherished by the people as royal, and they are respected as if offspring from the gods themselves. The peoples' religion actually surrounds the Taiyoukage and his lineage. Immediately outside of the Royal Tome is the Inner Ring. In the Inner Ring, the upper class and upper-middle classes reside in their manors and large houses. These men and women are successful and very rich, being allowed to live close to the Royal Tome, and therefore the Kage. Being separated from the rest of the village by a huge circle of pavement and walls, this is the more exclusive part, being only accessible through a gate at the south end. Outside the wealthy area, however, is the Market Sector. In the Market Sector, shops and business centers make their living in their huge, modern buildings. The Market Sector is designed to separate the social classes of Jokigakure, being in between the Inner and Outer Rings. In Outer Ring, factories for manufacture make their home, as well as what little farmland this village has, and slums of the village. This is where the majority of the citizens of Jokigakure live, holding the lower-middle class and lower class of the village.

Kage Lineage:
1. Rorick Tarii
2. Baki Elrick
3. Taiya Raba
4. Kelapi Hono
5. Haru Raba

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