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 Metamorphosis [solo training]

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Metamorphosis [solo training] Empty
PostSubject: Metamorphosis [solo training]   Metamorphosis [solo training] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 3:54 am

The demon within me was growing to have more power over me, my affinity for insects was growing into a level of obsession even among my clan that hosts a colony within their own flesh. It made me realize that there was something else out there to connect me to the insect kingdom. I had blacked out at the end of my shift at the lab and ended up in a low hanging part of the woods, a scrolls laid out before me with pictures of massive winged insects that detailed a process known as summoning. I felt compelled to read and follow the instruction on the scroll so I began performing some handseals as shown in diagrams unsure of what the results would be.


Metamorphosis [solo training] Shitai_sig_4
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Metamorphosis [solo training]
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