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PostSubject: Sakyugakure   Wed May 02, 2012 4:55 pm


The Village hidden in the Dune's history spans back way into the past where before the 1st great war the founder, Tobaka, broke off from his wandering tribe of nomads and began to lay roots into the agricutral and desert areas of the Sandstorm province. He and a handful of nomads that decided to join him began building and farming on the land on which they claimed, soon discovering that this area was practicially ment for farming. The nomads farming went on for years, undisturbed. The females of the group began to bare children and the next generation to take over the farming steid once they were to pass but that would be awhile. Years passed and the farming community had expanded quite alot going from only a few huts to now full fledge houses all over the area. Other people outside of the Sandstorm Province began to take notice of the farming village's expansion and began to move there to start new lives. In Tobaka's old age he knew his time had come and had trusted Leon and his grandchildren to keep the village alive, intact, and prosperus. The village, now under Leon's guidence soon rose up to become a full fledge nation not only agricutrally but Shinobi wise as well. In the beginning Leon only focused on the well being of the village and it's people but somewhere along the line he snapped and began trying to turn the village into a powerhouse nation and from this the village reign under the Empire's allegience. The first great war soon broke out and with discussion from the council, they thought it best to build some form of defensive barrier around the village and so the great wall was built. Leon began to see that becoming a Powerhouse Nation wasn't such a good thing and began to back down, retreating behind the walls of his village and letting the war by pass them all together. Leon, soon after, was stuck with a virus and died soon after, leaving his only son Cylus to become the next Sabakukage. Cylus was one of the more laid back Kage's and so the village lived on peacefully all through Cylus' life cycle. His time passed but he bore no children but this little fact did not stop him from passing on the reigns, choosing a young shinobi whom had saved his life. Cylus would pass soon, ushering in Neo Magunetto as the new Sabakukage.

Village Description: The Village Hidden in the Dunes, Sakyugakure, resides in the Province of the Sandstorm. It is a mostly agricultural village, being made up of a very strong farming community that spans in a huge circular territory of about 20 miles. From a skyline view, you can actually see the village itself being divided into hundreds of fairly large symmetrical chunks of land reserved for farming. Inside the village, the climate is much much different than the desert surrounding the village. The Village Hidden in the Dunes was actually built on top of a gargantuan oasis. This is why the ground in this area is so fertile. The founder of the village created a single large farm, and from that just expanded and expanded until he had a massive farming village. The huge wall (200ft. high/ 100ft. thick) was not built around the village until much later, in fact. It was designed to protect the peaceful village from the First War, and it indefinitely put a permanent boundary on the village, because it has not expanded past its walls since that time.

Kage Lineage:
Tobaka Hellsing - Founder and First Sabakukage
Leon Hellsing - Son of Tobaka and Second Sabakukage
Cylus Hellsing - Son of Leon and Third Sabakukage
Neo Magunetto - Savior of Cylus and Fourth Sabakukage (Current)

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