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PostSubject: Fukamigakure   Wed May 02, 2012 4:56 pm


Back in the before times a group of shinobi wandered the above ground. They called themselves the Hoshigaki. They were a clan of humanoids that also possessed aspects of sharks. Because of the fact that they looked different than average humans they were ridiculed by the landwalkers and this drove them to move somewhere that only they would be capable of prospering, at the bottom of the ocean. So that's where the went, lead by their leader, the first Shinkage, Same Hoshigaki they settled half a mile under the ocean. To start with the village had no barriers separating them from the underwater environment and it was in all ways a village underwater. It was a village of all Hoshigaki for the longest time but one of the kages advisers brought forth the fact that tourism and commerce was a necessary part of the villages economy, so something had to be developed to allow access to the village by outsiders. So their fuuinjutsu specialists developed a seal that could be placed on the roof of the mouth and allow underwater breathing and adjustment to the pressure of the ocean. With this new discovery they began trade with other villages and began to get visitors. With this enhancement the village had also been made home to two more clans, The Hozuki clan and The Sugara clan. Although other clans had adapted, the Hoshigaki had maintained strict control of the government, usually only allowing members of their clan high ranking positions and governmental jobs. They were fine with other people settling but refused to allow any other clan control of the village. They lived in harmony together until they discovered that they had unknowingly settled in the territory of the Sanbi no Umihebi. The bijuu had discovered the forming of the village and because of its vast hatred of human beings it didn't hesitate in attempting to wipe the entire village from the map. The battle was fierce and the losses were immense but the kage and shinobi of the village were able to drive off the monster and defend the village. During the battle, because of the mass amount of Hoshigaki in the shinobi army of their village, the kage had died along with his aligned successors and most of the other Hoshigaki in the village.

The remnants fled back to the surface in fear of the bijuus return leaving the reconstruction and recovering of the village in the hands of the Hozuki and Sugara clans. A Hozuki by the name of Ekitai Hozuki took on the mantle of second Shinkage and began to help the people prosper again. The resident Sugara clan, fearing another return by the Sanbi, grouped together to try and formulate some form of defense for the village. They all gathered around the perimeter of the village and sprouted a giant dome made out of their glass release and drained it of all water along with adding their oxygen systems to make it seem more homey for visitors from other villages or for immigrants. Like the Hoshigaki before them the Hozuki were picky about who they gave high ranking positions to so again the government was primarily conquered by their clan. After the completion of the dome and filtration system they required the removal of all the water breathing seals and they were reserved only for the shinobi who had missions to be done out in the ocean The time of the Hozuki was a time or prosperity and development and because of this massive expansion their village was reaching over population. Before this problem could be dealt with the Sanbi no Umihebi realized he had failed in his previous attempt to wipe his domain of human kind, so he again attacked the village. The villagers had pride for their homeland and fought valiantly to defend it and again managed to drive the Sanbi away. Just like the first attack this one too came with consequences, this time being the death of most of the Hozuki clan along with the kage. The remnants of the clan stayed in the village but a council was formed to elect a new kage to break away from the old ways of hereditary discrimination.

The councils meeting resulted in the election of Sorehodo Jūyōdenai as the third Shinkage of Fukamigakure. As a kage this man did his job very well, he combated the rise in population by petitioning the Sugara clan to form 3 more domes and connecting pathways between them all to allow not only more living space, but to create a factory to create more jobs and a farm so they could begin to rely less on outside trade for their food and cut down transportation costs. He is called the "Shadow of Expansion." because of all he did in the short time he was in power. The village had another short period of prosperity before the Sanbi returned for a third time to wreak havoc on the village. The kage and his men successfully pushed off the Umihebis attack, but it again came at the cost of the kage's life. Another council was held and they decided to elect Shizen Tekuta, a close friend of the third Shinkage and one of the most valuable assets in the villages protection from the bijuu. So far he has focused primarily on the increase in communication between rebellion provinces and has shifted military efforts toward fighting the empire.

Village Description:
Fukamigakure is a one of the marvels of the world made up of 4 fiber glass domes spaced 400 meters apart submerged a half mile under the ocean, capable of withstanding the pressure. Each of the domes are connected by large tunnels made of the same material. The glass is transparent and provides a constant view through to the outside beauty and also allows for danger to be spotted from far away through the crystal clear water. In the day time they use no external lighting to signify the villages location as the sun and crystal clear water makes it easy to see, although at night they use large spotlights to brigten the surrounding water around them. The layout of the village is as follows, in the center is the largest of the domes and contains the Royal District of Fukamigakure. The royal district contains the kage building, the ninja academy, the embassy lane, and any building that deals with storage of sensitive information or activities of the villages ninja. The dome to the north is the Industrial District of Fukamigakure, it is here where all forms of business and industry takes place. To the south is the Agricultural District of Fukamigakure which is the home to all fishing and farming in the village, their primary form of income. Then to the east is the Residential District of Fukamigakure which is where all the hotels, housing complexes, and tourist attractions of the village are located. Because of the reduced amount of sunlight they get for being at the bottom of the ocean the people there have a fair complexion, usually having lighter hair and brighter eye colors. Each sector of the village is assigned a lesser "governor" who controls buisness in that area to try and lessen the workload on the kage. The village also has an impeccable defense system in case of a breach in its fiber glass casing. Each governor has in their office and emergency console that reacts only to their chakra, and if a breach were to occur they would focus chakra into that console and that would cause that particular sector to cut off its connection to the others and a large ballistic sac inflates under the foundation of the village and using the bouyancy it floats to the top to prevent the inhabitants from drowing in that sector and to allow the other sectors to remain unharmed.
Kage Lineage:
First Shinkage: Same Hoshigaki

Second Shinkage: Ekitai Hozuki

Third Shinkage: Sorehodo Jūyōdenai

Fourth Shinkage: Shizen Tekuta

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