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 Zenshi Kenko

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Zenshi Kenko
Zenshi Kenko

Male Character Age : 18
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PostSubject: Zenshi Kenko    Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:30 pm

Zenshi Kenko

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Kenko, Zenshi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: October 20th

Specializations: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Suiton, Katon, Futton

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Morigakure

Section 2: Personality
(Entire Section must be in Paragraph Format)

Personality: Zenshi is a very relaxed person and doesn't try to hide it, if you try to get him to do something he doesn't want to do he'll deny it without a second thought. He is also a womanizer at heart, always giving women special treatment whether it's in his family's restaurant or out on the street. He will also hesitate when fighting one and will defend them with his life if they're endangered. He also handles pressure very well, being a chef in a popular kitchen during the dinner rush has honed his ability to handle stressful situations.

Likes: Zenshi loves to cook, coming from a line of chef's has really morphed him into quite a food genius and aside from honing his abilities he will try to get new recipes and develop his own at any chance he gets. He also enjoys the company of women as previously stated, always putting them above members of his own gender. Lastly, he loves his family and his village, he had grown up there and with them his entire life and even though they constantly bash each other he would always be there to protect them at the drop of a hat. This upbringing of his family constantly sarcastically joking with each other has bled off on Zenshi's humor as well, meaning he always jokes with people.

Dislikes/Fears: Zenshi dislikes anyone that messes with his family, or more importantly, his family's cooking. Their recipes have been passed down through the generations and he takes extreme offense to them being insulted. He also hates anyone that disrespects women in any way, harming them bodily if they do. Being the person who would kick out rowdy customers at his family's restaurant due to his better combat efficiency than the rest of them has caused him to gain a hate for people who try to start trouble or make themselves the center of attention and will politely ask them to stop at first but will react physically if they continue. His major fear is the destruction of his family's reputation or restaurant, as well as them being harmed bodily. Another one of the fears he has is the loss of his hands, because without his hands a chef is useless and can no longer be efficient.

Motivation: His motivation is to protect his family's reputation, restaurant, and their bodies. He has also decided to give the ninja thing a shot so he wants to also make it high up in the ninja world and be the top ninja and chef in his village. Another one of his motivations is to develop a variety of his own secret recipes to make his family's restaurant even more renowned.

Character Flaws: Zenshi has a highly...unusual quirk. He has an insatiable urge to try weird cooking concoctions, even to the extent that ANYTHING he kills he will cut a piece off of and use somehow as an ingredient.

Section 3

Face Claim: Sanji, One Piece
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 160 lbs

Section 4

Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
History of Clan: N/A
Location of Clan: N/A

Section 5

Character History:
Zenshi was born on a crisp autumn night into the prestigious family of chefs in Morigakure, the Kenkos. He was brought up by his entire family as they all worked together at the family's restaurant Castile de Kenko so he quickly gained a strong sense of family, knowing all of them even his distant relatives. When he hit the age of 6 his father decided to admit him into the ninja academy to see if they could manage to get someone in their family who could get a high ranking position. While in the academy Zenshi discovered the unique ability he had that no one else in the family he knew possessed, that ability was being able to access the Futton release chakra. He got in trouble many times in the academy for giving his sparring partners severe burns while in basic jutsu training without even meaning to. He also showed in the academy that he had a very high prowess with small weapons like kunai and knives, this was probably accredited to the fact that he grew up around chefs, who use those daily. He was amazing at ninjutsu and was top of his class in that section, as well as being pretty good in hand to hand combat. He also showed some ability to focus chakra precisely so had decent ability in Ijutsu as well. In the middle of winter when he was 12 he graduated from the academy, his entire family attended the ceremony and they were all proud as they could've been when the Tsurikage brought him his headband and handed it to him, to which he was supposed to put it on his head but all he did was smile and put it in his pocket before telling the kage that he appreciated the honor, but he didn't want to be a ninja at this time. The kage was shocked by this but allowed him to keep the headband in-case he wished to return.

For the next 6 years of his life Zenshi was a cook in his family's kitchen. The ability to use the boil release and being able to access it proved very helpful in the kitchen as it cut his time in half because he could make his own boiling water instead of having to wait for it on his own. He slowly rose through the ranks in the kitchen until he was second below the head chef, and the only reason he wasn't the head chef was because the current one was his father. They constantly had family-esque arguments about whose cooking was better and even at some points would hold massive festivals in the village where Zenshi and his father would cook for hundreds and take a vote on whose was better, but every time they ended in a perfect tie. All in all Zenshi and his father worked well together, always being able to handle the rushes and critics that tried desperately to find something wrong with the restaurants hygiene or cooking, but always failed. Zenshi's training in the academy assisted in him being able to throw out any rowdy citizen that tried to start trouble in the restaurant and they even put a sign outside saying that they weren't liable for any bodily damage done to the patrons of the restaurant but most people thought of it as nothing more than a mere joke.

When Zenshi was 18 a group of competing restaurants assembled and decided to hire a bunch of bandits to take out Castile de Kenko because they said it was messing with their business. A small group of 5 bandits at about chuunin level were sent to the restaurant and began to cause trouble by smashing tables and chairs and assaulting costumers, one of which was even killed. Zenshi burst out of the kitchen and met the 5 of them and fought with the greatest of his abilities, having only the tools in the kitchen, his chakra, and his body at his disposal. He was able to kill 3 of the bandits and the last two out of fear for their lives ran away from the restaurant. Zenshi passed out from blood loss in the fight and awoke in the hospital surrounded by his family. He told them there what he was going to do now, he was going to put on the headband he earned 6 years ago and actually become a ninja of this village. He felt he needed to become stronger to be able to protect his family's lives and reputation from the attempts of radically jealous competitors. He also went on to win the chuunin exams. He is now an active chuunin in the village hidden in the forest and continues to work to build strength to protect his family's health and fortune.

RP Sample: I sighed and leaned forward closing my eyes and putting my hands up to my mouth. I never in my life expected Bryn to talk to me in a manner such as this, but I was able to keep my composure. I stood up and said in a short stern burst "I will give my answer first." I put my arms in front of me on the table and leaned forward before beginning to speak, looking at Bryn first. "First I would like to clear things up Yamakage sir, it is true that I have been focusing my time trying to rid the world of the beast, but I have done so completely for the purpose of protecting my people. In the history of my village the Sanbi has attacked FOUR times, I would've been a complete idiot to just rebuild again and pray it doesn't come back because all it would do is cause the death of many more of my citizens in the long run, I was only doing what the Shinkage before me did not, take initiative." I would then pause for a few seconds before standing straight up and nodding at Bryn before continuing

"That was the plan anyway, but you were correct in a sense. The Sanbi had to be dealt with at one point or another before the villages complete reconstruction, but I chose to put it first and foremost on the list because I felt like it had attacked me personally and I allowed that to blind me into completely blowing off my villagers and focusing all of my efforts to putting it out of commission. In doing so I not only failed you as an ally, but I failed you as a friend. I'm sorry for putting the stress of taking care of my villagers on you, I should've at least repaired Fukamigakure on the surface and set up temporary lodgings until the Sanbi was dealt with. So from the bottom of my heart I apologize Bryn."

I then turned to the other two kage in attendance and began to address them.

"Now, to begin what I have to say to you two. First and foremost if you plan on an all out flaming of the Yamakage calling this entire war his fault, please skip it. I am equally as guilty. Ever since my early twenties I was behind him in the fight against the two of you and at any point I could've told him to make peace, but I kept silent out of my own desire to harm the both of you.

I then looked to the creepily masked men and then said to the group as a whole.

"Through the words of the Yamakage and of these two young Uchiha my decision has been set in stone, the fighting should stop! We must focus on the more pressing matters at hand like they were mentioned. The Bijuu have caused so much suffering and strife in the world, and the damage they have caused is immeasurable, the only way we will be able to truly restore the world to the way it was would be to work together in doing so, just as what little is left of the Uchiha clan did."

I then returned to my seat and looked out to them all to give my closing statement before sitting.

"The floor now belongs to you two, if none of this gets to you and you wish to continue the fighting I will not object, but I will say this. If you try to kill me now, you'll have to kill an unarmed man, I won't fight back and you will probably succeed. Just know this, if the people of the world hear that you killed someone who was asking for peace and didn't even bother to fight back when assaulted your empire will eventually fall. The people will realize the true evil in your hearts and the rebellion will gain many soldiers wishing to dethrone you and in time, your troops would be dropped to mere hundreds instead of thousands. So if you wish to kill me here and now go ahead, but all you will be doing is signing your death certificate." I would then sit down and wait for someone else to begin speaking.

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Zenshi Kenko
Zenshi Kenko

Male Character Age : 18
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I approve this sexy mofo
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Zenshi Kenko
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