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 Preparations for War: Returning Home

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Shizen Tekuta

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PostSubject: Preparations for War: Returning Home   Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:55 pm

I was sitting in one of the many workshops we had at my family's farmstead. I was sitting at one of the work benches while wearing a white beater and jeans while a cigarette hanged from my move. I had a few reasons that I had returned them, none of them being to get closer with my family members. Sure I loved them, but I still haven't forgiven them for their "Roll over and die" attitude towards the empire, and that was actually one of the reasons I was here. Primarily though it was the scenery that I missed, I knew that the final battle of the war was approaching rapidly and I wanted to prepare myself not only physically, but mentally, and I felt that coming here would help clear my mind and prepare myself. I sat at the table with one dim lamp sitting on it and laid down twenty kunai in a straight line. I planned on tagging them all with the jutsu I created but even I wouldn't be capable of using that much chakra in one sitting, so only some of them would get it today and the rest would come later.

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PostSubject: Re: Preparations for War: Returning Home   Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:13 pm

I was asleep in the quest room in my parents house for a while. I'd just jostled the slumber a few minutes ago and just stared at the darkness that surrounded me. I didn't like what this war had come to, especially since I had to move home after Shizen's village was destroyed. The final battle had to be soon, but I didn't care. I just wanted the empire to burn.

After a few minutes I got up and worked my way to the basement where I'd been doing research for some new seals. To my astonishment, there was already a dim light on and the stench of week old cigarette smoke. Shizen must've been home. I made my way to the room, not looking the part to address a kage in nothing but some black shorts, but fuck it, he was my brother.

I jumped into the room, trying to make as much noise as possible to startle my brother.

"Wow, looks like you've been preparing for a serial killing spree here. What've you got to say for yourself, bro?"



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Preparations for War: Returning Home
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