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 Shinobu Miyamoto

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PostSubject: Shinobu Miyamoto   Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:01 am

Shinobu Miyamoto

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Miyamoto, Shinobu
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Birthday: June 9th
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 194 lb

Specializations: Kenjutsu - Fuuinjutsu - Juinjutsu - Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: - (no elements)

Rank: Kensei (A rank)
Village: Ronin (wandering samurai)

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Raised first as a samurai of high expectations and then as an orphan on the streets there are many sorts of mixed emotions constantly running through the heart of Shinobu but at his core he will always be a warrior of honor and pride. His younger years among his original clan made him into a man built upon the pillars of bushido, a man that would rather give to those in need even if it meant in the short term it was going to be bad for him as well as favoring truth and the value of honor over trickery and deceit in almost every case. His years on the streets however have taught him that some opponent's must be tricked if they are to be defeated, he accepts this knowledge but has also sworn a vow to never use these tactics unless absolutely necessary and even then only sparingly.
Likes: In his heart he is a gentle man, one that does not favor battle over many things but the rush he feels when in a heated match is something he does enjoy whenever the opportunity presents itself to him clearly. Like all samurai though there is more to him than simply his sword arm, his hands are often used for gardening and painting as these things are his true passion. In his years among the clan he was taught that fighting was only for the survival of things in the present time and was thus fleeting but the creation of true beauty was something that would transcend the ages to come.
Dislikes/Fears: Though his fears are limited they do indeed exist, as a man that has grown to full maturity there are few things left to fear as fear is the source of the unknown and while he is indeed in a new world he is strong of will and can deal with all but one thing very well. He fears what should happen to the souls of both him and his parents should he fail to restore the honor of the Miyamoto as well as if he should break his final promise to his father to only die on his own terms and no one else's. He does however dislike a great deal of things, he carries himself with honor and pride in his day to day life and thus acts of dishonorable intent annoy him to no end, often times being one of the only things that can make him lose his cool out of nowhere.
Motivation: Though it is the driving force in combat for all samurai, honor it that which is the motivation for Shinobu's continued existence. In everything he does he tries to make sure it is done honorably and with good intentions because his birth itself brought great shame upon his family name. It is his desire to restore his clan's name to the proper glory it deserves before he passes on to the next life in eternal slumber.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: n/a
Bloodline Ability: n/a
History of Clan: n/a
Location of Clan: n/a

Section 4: Background

Character History:

A Less than Favorable Birth

The tale of Miyamoto Shinobu is less than desirable for any living being, cast as an outsider from every world and accepted by none but his own mother. The land he calls his birthplace is known to outsiders as the 14th territory of the Dai Shukun Empire is a land seeped in mythology and tradition, to those who call this place their home it is called the land of fallen stars. After being conquered by the empire in the second century this land produced some of the finest warriors who were unable to wield chakra but instead became masters of the sword and bow, these warriors became known and feared across the globe as samurai and with their stance on political affairs outside the jurisdiction of the empire were accepted as a neutral faction in nearly every conflict until their masters told them otherwise. As the samurai developed into a structured system as all things do the country, like the empire, was divided into a caste system which separated commoners from the warriors and nobles and it is this harsh set of division that creased the hardships of Shinobu.

His father was called Miyamoto Musashi, a great champion of the great Miyamoto house and supreme disciple of the Mirumoto Bushi school of kenjutsu. In the midst of a great war fought on behalf of his beloved empire he came upon a small village of rice farmers with no name and among the peasants discovered his other half and eternal lover who would one day bear unto him a son despite this act of breeding between the castes being forbidden by the laws of the Miyamoto. It was said that this act could only bring into this world sons and daughters of the shadowlands possessed by oni to destroy men as naturally as breathing. Upon seeing his newborn son bearing the mark of the mountain demon with hair flowing as white as the snow that laid beyond where men could venture he cursed his mistake. In his anger at the great kami for allowing such a thing he gave the child a name suited to the fate he was destined, one seeped in the taint of shadows and deceit like the shinobi of the great nations; Shinobu. It would come to pass that this child was hidden from others to maintain public face, Musashi had already forged many documents to make it appear as though his wife were an obscure noble from a recently conquered land so he would not allow this cursed child to ruin all his hard work merely by existing. Thus began the web of lies...

The Web of Lies

And so it came to pass that Shinobu, was called Yama a name marked as a tribute to the spirits of the mountain that bestowed great power and skill in him upon his birth according to the official records of the house. While the boy slept dye was placed upon his head, giving him a distinct sense of normalcy in the court, this done even in secret to him which knew not any of the truth his birth and origin held. With this style of life he grew as a happy child in the warrior caste, training in the art of bushido with his father and learning art and the proper behavior to give unto others from his mother.

At age eight the child was brought before the court for the traditional ceremony that would mark his passage into the start of his training as a samurai. As the monk prepared the blade to shave the hair from his head to mark this new beginning odd things began to occur throughout the entire court. From random spurs of chilling wind blowing through the halls to odd noises being heard coming from distant reaches of the keep when all know residents were present for the celebration. When the blade was placed to his head and the first attempted cut was made though things began to truly fall apart for the Miyamoto clan. In an instant the purified steel of the tanto shattered and scattered to form a circle around the cursed one, all in an instant his hair that had been dyed black shown its true white for the first time since his birth and everyone in the room gasped looking between him and his parents. Without much effort on the part of the entire hold Shinobu as he was at long last being called and his parents were captured and thrown into prison. They wouldn't remain long though as this trip was just on the way to an executioner's block.

His father and mother were kept separate from each other by thick walls you were unable to hear through but out of cruelty they decided to place father and son across the hall from one another so that they may witness what would soon happen to each other. Before the executioner arrived, Musashi spoke to his son. Apologizing for what he had done and that his actions taken even before the child was born would result in the harshest kind of life possible but that he must also never give up and above all not die before he and the kami were both at peace. Soon after both were beaten while watching the other and taken into the yard to find the mangled body of his mother lifeless in a tree hanging by a rope around her neck. As the two were placed next to each other face down with their hands bound Musashi said one last thing. "Remember all I have taught you my son, and forgive me for one last dishonorable act..." When he said this the katan blade was already on its way down towards the back of his neck and he pulled back out of the way. Rolling about he kicked his son so that he was also spared and slammed his head into the crown of an executioner so that he dropped his sword and he became further enraged. The clan had decided to use the Miyamoto clan's sacred sword to remove his own head and that was the last straw. He used the blade to cut his bindings and then did the same for Shinobu, sheathing the blade he tossed it to his son and yelled at him to run and never look back. Scared and unsure what was going on he followed his father's instructions and ran as fast as he could, hearing footsteps behind him but then hearing only screams as his father found another blade and cut a path out of the crowd until at long last his child was free and would have to defend himself. Disobeying his father one last time Shinobu looked back to see that with the sword he had just used to betray his people one last time he committed seppuku and he for the first time in his life felt truly alone.

Innocence Lost

He just kept running for months until at long last it seemed that his clan had stopped chasing him and he found himself outside the realms of the empire as a whole in a village like nothing he had ever seen. It was full of those that he had been taught as a member of the samurai caste were trash but as he would find out these people were much better people at heart than the so called nobles of his homeland could ever hope to be. He was without funds so he was homeless but that wasnt such a bad thing in the long run. The streets were a cold place to grow from boy to man but it was there that Shinobu gained his respect for others of the lower classes and his drive to fight for what he wanted. He knew nothing would ever come easily to him in his life so at an early age he first learned that strength was the ultimate form of respect and then later that there was strength in numbers. He found other street toughs over the years and slowly brought them together, calling themselves the Kyōdai ai (brotherhood) they would charge into conflicts like miniature turf wars and other things that the adults would just shake their heads at. This was all fun for a good long while even after other gangs formed, in fact it sort of added a flavor the experience or being an orphan with nothing to do. Some of these gangs became very successful and the members lived good lives despite their poverty.

The Kyōdai ai, however, were not so fortunate. Almost every battle fought would end up with them losing and every time they lost it was due to Shinobu not only refusing to use the sword of his former family but also jumping in front of one of his teammates before they got punched and was then himself knocked out on his back. Being the leader, whenever he was out his brothers tended to give up and drag him back to their tiny base camp. As years went by and they all became teenagers everybody took the next step in making the once a member always a member rule standard throughout the city. Everyone seemed to find their own designs and with a few months almost every kid on the streets was marked all over with intricate tattoos like branded cattle showing who they belonged to. Shinobu however still had a bit of samurai clinging to him and tattoos were dishonorable but his brothers were understanding and found a solution. He was indeed their chosen leader and thus he would be the model for their marking, his unholy birth had resulted in the kanji for mountain being branded as a birthmark on his left shoulder blade and it was this mark that all his brothers took to identify themselves.

Soon though everything hit the fan, the city watch who had once chuckled and encouraged the kids to get stronger and grow up to be tough men were forced to act against them when many gangs started performing criminal acts against normal citizens. Everything from stealing food and money to attempts at murder when vendors tried to stop them. Through all of this Shinobu not once even considered committing criminal act as he would rather live an honest and poor life instead of a crooked comfortable one. The same however could not be said of his brothers, they to started stealing and assaulting citizens and every time he heard or saw it happen the boy was banished from the brotherhood until eventually there was no one left but him.

After he had been betrayed by all of the men he had grown up with as brothers Shinobu could of course no longer stay in the village he had raised himself in, at first he loathed the thought of ever returning but now he from time to time wonders if those who betrayed him are still okay despite the evil they leaked into their hearts. He wandered straight ahead for years without turning back, not wanting to face what was behind him and so long as he locked his vision forward the memories couldn't catch up to him. But the tattoo markings he placed on his body in his younger days serve as a reminder every time he glances down or looks into clear water, many times he longed to go back but the pain was to much and he eventually found a place where he could rest his mind.

The eastern temple of the dragon monks, a place where the dragon clan made their home and studied the ancient arts of chi and enlightenment. It was here that he first discovered that he even had the ability to use his chi to create sealing techniques thanks to a masterful guru helping him in loosening his chakras and letting them flow freely. While there was no master there for him to learn from a finite amount of information concerning the arts bare basics was hidden away in the monks libraries. When he turned eighteen they passed these sacred scrolls on to him and he at long last was able to go from locking doors to temporarily paralyzing people for the duration of a fight.

Years later, he packed up his things and left the temple, he would remain and friend to all who lived there but his life's quest was calling. He knew that he was destined for greatness and if he was going to achieve feats of legend he would have to go seek them out. So far he has had forty-seven possible opportunities to become famous and gain that glory but every time he winds up using his good nature to help another person and forgets about his own desires. He has not lost faith though, he knows that his greatness is just around the corner and that he shall never give up until he restored the honor of his family name.

Fate Smiles Upon the Demon

As he was walking the road now a fully grown man of thirty-seven he was met with a bright light followed by a vision of the queen mother of all kami in this realm. He lowered his head thinking that this was it and his time had finally come and it was time for him to give up his life to the deity but instead he was asked to raise his eyes and look upon her as she had a task that only he would be able to accomplish. There was a great war raging in another world parallel to this one where rather than the might of samurai ruling the world it was the strength of shinobi. This peaked his curiosity and as she went on he knew that he had no choice in this matter and would only have the option of helping them though it wasn't a bad decision as he wanted to see this new world and so upon agreeing to this task he bowed his head once more and closed his eyes. Upon opening them once more he knew he was no longer where he had been, the room was dark and the floor cold like stone but he was here and would rise up to any challenge presented to him in the name of freedom. With that he took his first step towards that goal.

RP Sample: The kid's plan was a bit generic in the shinobi world but regardless, there was something within Takeshi that pushed him forward to train him whether it be nostalgia or pure guilt from his actions in the past. He tried to stay as professional as possible about the kid's theory on the master student relationship, in his heart he knew the kid might be correct but based on how things are done in this village for so many centuries it was more a dream than anything, this might have shown a bit in a cringe that had slipped out on accident as this part was said but nothing else as far as body language. "You know that means that the odds are against you and you will probably remain weak forever based on what you're saying right? You claim you want power to protect that which you love but you tell me not five seconds earlier that you have nothing to go back to but wandering in the darkness so either you are telling me lies or there is more to you than you want to reveal for now. Personally I also don't care about the things I don't know about you, I however won't make the assumption that I understand it as many people might take that as a bit offensive as they have been through some things no one could understand without it happening to them personally." He took a moment to take another long drag on his cig until it was depleted and spoke once more as he got out another and started to light it. "There are many things you don't understand about the rain, even if it reminds you of home it's quite obvious this is not where you are from. In this land we do not embrace this new age crap where master and pupil bond like family, in this land you are my pupil and nothing more while we train. I train my own son in this way as though he were just as much a stranger to me as you are so expect nothing else in the walls of this training hall. Outside them might be a different story but as I have many things to do you'll have to stand out from the crowd quite a bit, might not seem totally fair right now but imagine what is going through the minds of the more talented people from the hidden storm that know I'm training you right now rather than spending time on them and I am quite confident you won't need to consider the fairness of these ways any longer." He put the lit roll in between his lips and lightly puffed on it as he stood up to see a shirtless Omega that was apparently ready for anything that could be thrown at him, he just shook his head and walked over to a switch on the wall and laid his hand on it but didn't flip it yet, things needed to be in place first. "Stand over there, you're next test is to find a way out of the situation without using anything but defense. I see a single offensive move in this exercise and you fail. I'll start when you get into position." He was pointing to the center of the room, the specific point would be marked by a circular pattern that looked something like a summoning circle and if Omega paid attention he would notice that several other smaller circles like this were scattered about the room so whatever was about to happen would be rather large scale.
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I'll be the first one to try this out then:


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Shinobu Miyamoto
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