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 Flak Jackets WIP

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PostSubject: Flak Jackets WIP   Flak Jackets WIP Icon_minitimeFri Mar 29, 2013 3:10 am

Flak Jackets WIP Blackcopy3

Name of Your Equipment Here

Type of Equipment: Armor (Vest)
Description: A simple vest tailored to fit the shinobi that purchases it, it is basic cloth, this layer has all the pockets on the chest area that are large enough to hold simple things like vials, scrolls and weapons the size of kunai and below. Beneath this layer of cloth is a solid layer of lead a half inch thick. This lead layer is enough to block weapons with a metal grade of steel and lower but is destroyed by anything higher.
Ability (or Abilities): -
Durability: Can protect from any D Rank taijutsu and up to D Rank Kenjutsu. The only things that can cut through this armor, are weapons that can cut through lead or higher. In addition the vest increase the max capacity of basic inventory by five. So instead of ten, you can now have 15 of every basic item. The vest, if destroyed or highly damaged enough to no longer be effective it can be reapired (repairing it cost 1/2 as much as the original price). This does nothing to stop ninjutsu/genjutsu.
History of Item: Blades and fists are such annoying things, to nerf these painful encounters ancient shinobi developed armor similar to this and it has been modified over the years to be perfect in battle for durability and mobility.

Color Chart
ChikagakureFlak Jackets WIP Darui_zps8158a7ec
FukamigakureFlak Jackets WIP Kurotsuchi_zpse6f3f4a4
SakyugakureFlak Jackets WIP Gaara_zpsf47a6cb2
MorigakureFlak Jackets WIP Leafjacket_zps5e6285ef

Flak Jackets WIP Kamasiggy_zps31181fe7
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Flak Jackets WIP
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