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 Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari - Completed and in record time

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Hoshi Hikari
Hoshi Hikari

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PostSubject: Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari - Completed and in record time   Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:49 am

Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Hikari, Hoshi
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: April 21st
Height: 5'5ft
Weight: 70kg

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Hikari, Raiton, Suiton

Rank: Genin
Village: Fukamigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Hoshi is unlike most average teenage girls who solely base their life around boys or trying to get attention, in a way she despises girls who think themselves weak enough to follow this way of life. At times she feels sorry for the girls who act like complete fools and will often downgrade them in order to teach them a lesson. Hoshi is generally overbearing, if not blunt, toward those around her, rarely afraid to speak her mind. Hoshi has somewhat of a stubborn demeanor which tends to show when she tries to get her point across, always believe that she is right even when she is not. Although she may seem like a horrible person shes truly not, she enjoys the company of others and always has a huge soft spot for others especially those she creates a bond with. Being somewhat forth coming some find it hard to truly open up to Hoshi but she does love being sociable with people and only really allows her more nasty nature to show when she gets annoyed or pressured. Hoshi values peace and has a strong belief that War is just another obstacle that Shinobi must climb over to truly evolve. Hoshi is also an intelligent person.

Likes: Hoshi has a love for Kinjutsu and Weaponry. Since she was a young pup growing up under the wing of her Grandfather Hoshi has always had a great respect and love for The Samurai way of life. Believing that honor is the goal to strive for in life. Hoshi also enjoys being an apprentice to a Weapon-smith as she enjoys the craftsmen-ship of creating a weapon. Due to her love of the Samurai way Hoshi has always enjoyed hard training, meditation and honor. The last thing on her list is battle, although she dislikes war she loves the feeling of proving your strength and wit in battle, the adrenaline tends to fire her up and strive harder.

Dislikes/Fears: For known reasons Hoshi has a great fear of Fires, something that can often cause her to become paralyzed with fear. This one fear is something she has had since she was a child and she still hasn't mustered the courage to defeat it. As mentioned before Hoshi has a great dislike for prissy and foolish girls, often she can be found trying to 'change' them in her own way, though its not always the best way to go about it. The war is something Hosh hates though she does believe in freedom and takes the side of the rebellion she thinks the empire has valid points as well. She wishes that both sides would just grow up and try to incorporate both ways into the world.

Motivation: The main thing that motivates Hoshi is her want to become stronger as a Kunoichi, she believes the Shinobi world is too sexist toward Woman and wants to prove that woman are good for more then just sex, reproduction and being a maid. Atop of this Hoshi wants to become the strongest and best weapon user of the world, although her dream is extremely large she believes with time, training and determination she can achieve anything. Hoshi also one day wishes to travel to Aerogakure and train with the Samurai, she wants to learn their ways and live by their code of honor. Last but not least she wishes to become a great weapons-smith, creating blades that become world famous!.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Hikari no karada (Body of Light)
Bloodline Ability: They say when that when the world was created three forces struggled for power, darkness, light and the angles who joined both sides. These early wars are lost to the overwhelming decay of time until there is nothing more than whispered tales of legends half forgotten a millennium ago. Truth fades into obscurity, reality lost. Obscurity fades into history, the things we record, and take for fact. History fades into legend, and those who believe are ridiculed. Legend fades to dust, and so it is with the origins of the Hikari. There is a legend, and who is to say it is not the remnants of truth, that a millennium ago stars fell from the heavens in the creation of the world. These stars were pure, and made from light that made the sun seem dim, and dull. These lights fell over endless oceans and mountains, forests and plains. As these lights struck, they faded, dulled by the earth on which they found themselves. Over the many years, only one light remained bright, hidden deep in an ocean as deep as the stars are far. It was on a fateful evening when a lone sailor was struck by a storm, many say the storm was an omen of the many wars to come that would befall the land, but nevertheless, the storm sunk his ship to the bottom of the sea. As it sunk, he was trapped inside, kept alive by a tiny pocket of air in which he could stay. Darkness surrounded him as the boat sank further and further, until he was about to go made from the solitude and the cold. It was when he was at his lowest, that he saw a light right outside his window, he stared and was amazed, that in the pitch black depths of the ocean, something was glowing. Knowing that he was a dead man, the sailor swam from his boat towards the light, hoping to die in its warm embrace, but as he drew nearer the light pulled at him, and when he reached out to touch it the light rushed inside him, filling him to the very core of his being. He looked around to see millions of fish, each glowing with an inner light just like he was now. The fish surrounded him, and in a rush of water raced him to the surface.

Many years later he married, and he and his wife bore child. Like his father, the boy possessed an affinity for light, and glowing lines appeared under his skin to comfort him in the dark. Time passed and the family stretched into generations, each possessing the same abilities bestowed by the light unto their ancestor. Years later the family, now having taken the name Hikari, meaning light, moved into the village that now resided in the very ocean their great ancestor had found his salvation in the light. To this day they still reside there, grateful for the mercy that light bestowed upon their ancestor, and now bestows upon them. They are a light in the dark ocean floor, and are well revered by their other villagers. In the most secret meetings of their clan's they speak whispered words of a truth that they have kept hidden for generations, they are the descendants of the men who fought in that first war as angels and demons for both sides in the struggle for dominion in the world's creation. The Hikari know the origins of the ancient light which gave them their powers, it was the corpse of an ancient Seinaru fallen from the heavens and preserved for millenia on the ocean floor. The Hikari possess a fraction of the immense power of the Seinaru and have a secret name given to them long ago by the Guardians and the Seinaru themselves. Angels. To this day they watch and wait, fearing the time their clan will be called upon to defend the source of their power if the war of dominions begins again.

Location of Clan: Fukamigakure / Chikagakure

Section 4: Background

Character History: Hoshi was born in Fukamigakure into the great Hikari Clan. Her Mother Manashi was a great Hikari user and Kunoichi and often was away on various missions for the Village, specifically she went on missions that put her light abilities to work. Hoshi's Father ??? on the other hand she never got to meet. One day Manashi was away on a mission near Aerogakure, there she met a young and handsome Samurai boy. The two fell in love quickly and spent most of their free time together. Their love was forbidden due to one being a ninja and the other a samurai they were supposed to be enemies but they tried their hardest to keep it a secret. One night while the two had snuck out they were followed, her Father by a group of Samurai and her Mother by the squad of shinobi she was out on a mission with. The two were threatened with death if they didn't stop seeing each other but they refused. After sometime they finally budged and so they agreed, they both loved each other too much to allow each other to die. The stars would always be their reminded of the two's love. Manashi travelled back to Fukamigakure though her thoughts and love never left the young Samurai. Nine months later Manashi had a child, a young girl with snowy white hair and blue eyes. She decided that the young baby girls name would be Hoshi Ko - Child of the Stars, a name that fit perfectly for the child and a name that was sentimental to her parents.

Seven Years later Hoshi enrolled into the academy, she was a little different to the other girls and often got shunned out by them for being too Tom Boy. It never really bothered her though as she enjoyed being rough and getting dirty, she enjoyed hanging with the boys and actually doing something active instead of worrying about her hair or face. Hoshi began a great love for fighting while in the academy, whenever the girls picked on her she would often get herself into trouble for beating them up, they were often too wussy to stand up for themselves so Hoshi would always win. Hoshi's time within the Academy was a hard one, she excelled in the physical tasks but she could never fully wrap her head around the written aspects, she often found it hard to concentrate and always wanted to just be outside. She failed the Exams three times before she finally passed.

During this time Hoshi discovered a new hobbie, Black-smithing. Her favorite aspect was the Weapon Making. One day on the way home from her second failed exam she was spotted by an elder blacksmith. The man could tell she was down as he had seen Hoshi walk by on several occasions looking happy and confident, he had also noticed that on the days of the Academy Exams she was also the only one that looked mopey. So he began to teach her the way of Blacksmithing, which was something that went onto helping Hoshi passing the Academy Exams. Teaching her concentration, attention to detail and even listening was just a few of the skills Hoshi picked up from the man, in reality it was him that helped her become a Ninja.

On the day of her Academy Exam Hoshi had finally passed, she ran home excitedly but was sure to stop by the old Blacksmith man to thank him for helping her pass. As she made it through the door instead of being greeted by her Mother she was greeted by an elderly old man. The old mans name was Hiyoro Saruna and he was her Grandfather. He traveled all the way from Aerogakure to meet his dead sons child, yes DEAD son. Hoshi's Father had died defending the honor of his choices he had made falling in love with Manashi. He decided he would leave for Aerogakure for Fukamigakure to meet his child and be with his Family, this decision costed him his life. The news brought Hoshi to tears her heart had been broken, alongside her Manashi.

A few months went by and Hoshi's pain faded, putting all her emotion into her training but she wasn't training alot. After months of pleading and tests Hiyoro, Hoshi's grandfather decided to stay and teach his granddaughter the way of the blade. Teaching her all he knew about the art and training her mind and body as one. Although her taught her, he refused to teach her the Samurai way, he told her that if she wished to learn it that she would need to travel to Aerogakure and learn from the Samurai themselves though it would be no easy task.

Now a Genin Hoshi spends her time training for the Chuunin Exams, developing her Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. She still visits her old friend the Blacksmith on a daily occasion to learn what she can but this is only the beginning of her story, in time her story will progress and end with death. BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY....

RP Sample: All Ayame's posts yall :P
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Ayame Uchiha
Ayame Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari - Completed and in record time   Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:37 am

853 Word count bitches and shes only Genin, my muse for this one is just overbearing HEHEHEH

So yeah Approve meh <3

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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari - Completed and in record time   Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:29 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari - Completed and in record time   

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Hoshi 'Ko' Hikari - Completed and in record time
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