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 Bryn T. Orik

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Bryn T. Stormblood
Bryn T. Stormblood

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PostSubject: Bryn T. Orik   Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:13 pm

Bryn T. Stormblood

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name:Stormblood, Bryn T.
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: January 12
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 240 lbs (2% Body Fat)

Specializations: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Lightning, Earth, Water

Rank: Yamakage
Village: Chikagakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Bryn has a rock-solid personality. He grew up through poverty, thrown into hating the Empire by being raised as a refugee child. His hatred and anger shaped him into a ruthless brute, but his long family lineage of Yamakage has also added a very strategic and well-trained mind. This mixing of characteristics has created a perfect blend of brutality combined with cunning and smarts. Where it is necessary, he rules with an iron fist. He treats his enemies harshly, and punishes criminals with no remorse. Behind all of this fierceness however, he does have a soft spot. Growing up as the future Yamakage of a civilization of hiding refugees, he developed a large pity for his people. He sympathizes greatly in any situation with the underdogs, and finds any reason to despise cruel hierarchy. This personality, combined with his might, has made him an exceptional Kage. He is sensible, stern, and strong all in the same package.
Likes: Bryn T. Stormblood admires his people. Not only does he sympathize with them, but he also looks up to them. His life, while full of worth and struggle, has still been much easier compared to his people. This is why he fights to protect them. And even greater, he fights to save them. He also likes fighting. He is a strong believer in honor and the strength needed to wield it. The only way to gain honor to him is through victory, through a strong heart, and through not leading his people astray.
Dislikes/Fears: Bryn's fears are fairly typical. He fears losing to the Empire in this Second Great War, and succumbing to their whim. He would sooner die then let his people be overcome by their cruel "overlords" that would like to harshly punish them for leaving a society that cared less about them than the dirt within their borders. He fears being rejected by his people. Although his leadership is excellent, he still constantly worries about what he is doing and if it is right for his citizens. He dislikes higher powers that don't care or support their people, which is why he so strongly opposes the Empire. He finds them corrupt, and tries his hardest to be a much better leader than any emperor. He also dislikes false prophets of honor. People that speak of being legends and and do not earn the title anger him.
Motivation: Bryn's motivation is his people and his people alone. His respect for their hardships are his cause for war and his drive to protect them. He works hard every day to ensure that they are as safe as possible, and he will eventually save them from the oppression of the Empire. He also strives to be the strongest ninja in the known world, simply as a selfish ambition. He certainly fits the role too, which can only be proved through dedication to training and victory in battle.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Thor's Blessing
Bloodline Ability: Stage One: The thunder of Thor is said to course through the veins of his people. All members of the Stormbloods can trigger this stage of their Kekkei Genkai. The eyes of the user begin to glow a shade of yellow, making them appear to look like small lightbulbs. Although, it is simply the electricity of their bodies being amplified and shown through their eyes. The electrons in each molecule and atom making the user begin to vibrate faster than normal, making electrical impulses sent from the brain to the muscles and nerves of the body faster. Thus, it increases reaction time and speed of the user by 20%.

Stage Two: Now the valence shells of electrons begin to over-react and overproduce electronic waves throughout the body of the user. All members of the Stormblood clan of Chuunin rank or higher can access this stage. The hair of the user stands on end because of static electricity, and the hair becomes a bright yellow color. The overproducing electrons in the outer shells of the atoms cause the atoms to split and multiply in the muscles, causing them to grow rapidly. Strength of the user is increased by 20%. In order to reach be able to access this stage, the user must train for mastery of it in a 500 word training topic.

Stage Three: The final stage of Thor's Blessing is a continuation of the first two stages, and is the full potential of power extenuation of the Stormblood people. The rapid movement of electrons, as well as overproducing of electronic waves by them, causes the strength and speed to both be raised by 40%. The user can now feel electrons of objects around them. Using this ability, they can read where the electrons are jumping to when an object or person moves, further increasing the user's ability to predict movements. In other words, their reaction time is increased by 40%. The user is also coated in a constant field of electricity, causing lightning shots to be seen shooting across the body of the user randomly. If someone were to touch a user in this stage, it would numb whatever was used to touch the user for a single post afterwards. This only applies to body parts however, because the electric current on the outside of the user is too weak to course through any inanimate object. In order to access this stage, the user must be of Special Jounin rank or higher, and must have completed an 800-word training topic to master it.
History of Clan: The Stormblood clan has been in Chikagakure since the village was founded. It has no proven founder, but it is said that Thor himself actually made the Stormblood clan, and that he himself was one. Thor is the god of thunder, and the people of the Stormbloods worship him as their hero and deity. In fact, the symbol of his hammer is also the clan symbol, and it tattooed on all of their necks. They strictly believe in the Norse religion, as well as all of the gods that come with it, but Thor is their primary god. They have always lived happily in the village of the storm, and today, they continue to flourish.
Location of Clan: Chikagakure

Section 4: Background

Character History:

Chapter 1

Bryn T. Stormblood was born in year 31 on January 12th of the Third Era. He was born into a world plunged into chaos by a brutal civil war, a war that marked the beginning of the Era. Chikagakure, a Village Hidden Underground, the great Mountain Village, finally came out of hiding. Their location still unknown, they began to spark rebellion in neighboring villages by reaching out and spreading propaganda. They had been hiding for about 1,500 years from the clutches of the Empire, and no one has found their location. In fact, no one still has. The Empire constantly searching for the Mountain Village, the village began to live in constant fear and low morale. Pitying them, a couple neighboring villages seceded from the Empire to send their aid, accusing the Empire of cruelty. The war started with the remaining Provinces still loyal to their Empire against the on-the-rise Chikagakure and their allies of the Depths and the Tundra. This is the world Bryn was born into. He was born into a family line of the Yamakage of Underground, being immediately thrown into a life of pressure and turmoil. His mother was never known to him because of her death at his childbirth. He was raised solely by his father, which explains his brutal nature. Brokheim Stormblood, his father and the Fourth Yamakage, taught him honor and respect like any father of war would, shaping his child into his dream-son, a son bred for fighting that also treated the folk around him with respect and integrity. Without a mother however, there was only one other thing that could teach him the apathy that would balance out his bluntly harsh brutality, and that was the people around him. The people that he would rule one day were the people that taught him kindness. He saw their struggles from an early age, and he took pity on them. His father entered him into the Shinobi Academy at age 3, trying to ready him for the world of combat as fast as possible. The Academy was divided into three sections, or classes. Each class was worked on one at a time by the student until each was mastered, and then the graduation test would take place.

First of these was the combat test. Bryn excelled mainly in this course. From an early age, his family had bred him for war, and it was all he knew. He fought through the clones of several teachers with ease, brushing aside punches and kicks, and eventually graduating to further forms of combat such as weapons and jutsu-counters. At age 4, a year after being admitted, he passed the first class, and moved onto the next. The next class was very different. It was the strategy test. This class, for the most part, involved very little combat, and mostly dealt with applying combat knowledge to advanced military and 1-on-1 fighting with a paper and pen. It also involved chess, as the instructors believed that chess was simply one of the best basic ways to hone strategy, and that many principles found in the game could be used in real-life combat scenarios. This was Bryn's favorite class, simply because his dream and destiny would eventually lead him to the title of Yamakage. This meant that he would one day be a leader, and that was all he had ever wanted. If he was going to be a good leader, he would have to try to perfect his strategizing in order to make sure his people wouldn't lose. A simple errand it would seem, although it would take the longest for Bryn out of all three classes. He was offered to graduate this class on several occasions, but he stayed in this class for 3 years, until age 7, only because he personally did not think he was ready to move on. He obsessed his time with perfecting this art, and this is the reason for his military genius in his older years of life. After graduating the strategy class, he moved on to the most monotonous of the classes, the history of the known world. This class moved quickly, as Bryn seemed to know everything before the teachers taught the material. He himself was born into history, his lineage was the history itself, and his father preached this knowledge to him far before school had started. Bryn finished this class in six months, and swiftly began preparing for the final exams still at age 7.

Chapter 2

The Shinobi Academy of Chikagakure was extremely tedious, meticulous, and the judgment was brutal. It was strictly pass or fail, no matter the age. There was no pity, no special treatment, and if you failed, you had to start all over again with class number one. This would not have been an issue if not for the finals. The classes were far easier than the final challenge, and the challenge was only 5 minutes in length. Each student on the brink of becoming genin were put through this test. Each one is pitted against the Dean of the Academy in a 1-on-1 fight. The student's job then would be to land a single attack on the Dean, whether it be a punch, kick, jutsu, or anything else, they simply had to hit the Dean with an attack successfully. This sounds easy, but the Dean was an S-ranked veteran from the Chikagakure shinobi army. After mastering the arts of military tactics, Bryn knew that this could not be accomplished with head-on attacks. If he were to charge the Dean, no victory would come at all let alone a single punch. How would he defeat this esteemed warrior? The fight began when Bryn opened the door to the battle pit to enter the arena. The Dean opened up with a flurry of attacks, all of which Bryn dodged successfully. He was obviously just sizing Bryn up, as the punches would not have caused much real damage if they had hit anyway. As soon as the teacher backed off to assess what he had learned, Bryn developed a plan. He would surely come at him with stronger attacks after figuring out Bryn’s maneuverability talents, which would inevitably mean Bryn would be getting hurt soon. No matter how promising a student he was, there was no way his current status could stand against an S-rank. His plan would simply be to outlast the hits. He was confident in his stamina, even against as powerful as the hits were that would follow. After withstanding these attacks, Bryn would enact the second stage of his plan. He would force his attacker to underestimate him by taking several hits. First came a left hook to the face, which made Bryn aware of just how painful this plan of his was going to be. His eye socket began to trickle blood and the eye it contained began to bruise and swell. A grunt came from the young child as he collected himself and braced for the next attack. He really had to sell this, so he began to hobble. He threw a poorly aimed uppercut at the man, which was then thwarted by the dean grabbing his extended arm and throwing him across the room. He landed on his face and rolled several feet before hoisting himself back onto his feet. Blood was now running down from the corner of his mouth. This admittance procedure was surely one of the harshest in the world, especially for the age of the children involved. But when warriors for a desperate army are being bred, harshness is more than necessary. Bryn then pretended to try to block the roundhouse kick aimed for his leg, but purposefully failed. The kick hit him in the knee, which emitted a large cracking noise and sent Bryn to his knees screaming. It was time to make his move. The Dean was not holding back, not restraining his movements, and because of this he had become sloppy. He began to laugh and walked slowly over to Bryn. In an attempt to kick Bryn in the forehead and incapacitate him, Bryn suddenly snapped to attention in spite of the severe pain swirling across his nerves. He grabbed the oncoming foot, and bent backwards, pulling the foot to the ground behind him. He then sent an uppercut into the testicular region of the Dean. The punch landed, and the teacher howled in pain. He had been bested by a 7-year-old, and more importantly, outsmarted. Bryn T. Stormblood was now officially a Genin.

Chapter 3

In his early years as an official shinobi of Chikagakure, Bryn T. Stormblood was paired up with another boy of his talent-level to carry out missions for the Yamakage. This boy's name was Luther Gramor, and he was four years older than Bryn (11 years old). Together, for the next 6 years, they performed a wide variety of missions for the Kage. They were assigned D-rank missions as often as they were S-rank missions. This was normal for the time being simply because the older, higher-ranked Shinobi were out fighting in the war, leaving only the children to perform all of the village missions. How it worked was that the children shinobi would handle everything short of actually fighting in the war. This means that they would help the citizens throughout the village, and also aid in the war although they weren't permitted to actually fight in it. They would spread propaganda, spy on enemies, stage murders, and steal. Basically, they were forced to step up to unofficially be the ANBU because of the actual ANBU fighting in the war. Throughout this time, Bryn and his partner Luther were promoted to Jounin by the Yamakage at ages 13 (Bryn) and 17 (Luther). They became the most capable children in the Underground, but that time would soon pass. Luther was almost to the age in which he would be required to join the military, and Bryn would become solo in his missions. In that last year, Bryn and Luther completed 63 missions, eleven of which were S-rank. When it came time to leave for Luther, when he was 18, Bryn pleaded with his father to let him stay. They had become close friends, and Bryn refused to work with any other shinobi as his partner. His father rejected Bryn's pleading, and sent Luther to a military camp near the Village Hidden in the Dunes to aid however necessary. The army stationed there would soon try to defeat and capture the Village Hidden in the Steam along with the help of the Underground's allies of the Dunes. The Yamakage believed that if they aided the Dunes enough, they could actually overtake the volcanic fortress that was the Village Hidden in the Steam. So in the infamous Battle for Mount St. Pride, a crushing loss was delivered by the Steam to the Dunes and the Underground, as well as the death of Luther Gramor. In a rage, Bryn demanded to his father that he let him join the military. Life as a regular shinobi was meaningless to him now, he would now be a fully functioning military footsoldier at age 14.

Chapter 4

Bryn began his term as a member of the Chikagakure military outstandingly, earning a spot at officer only after a short amount of time. He served as a common footsoldier until he was 16, but it was only a matter of time before the namesake granted to him through his lineage would provide to him an easy road of success. In battle he proved to be unshakable as well as irreplaceable. Other commanders would often fight over who would be able to use him in their regimes, and he quickly became well known throughout the Rebellion forces. As unmatched in his combat prowess as he was, he was promoted to the rank of Global Commander. This meant that he had the right to lead and command any battalion of soldiers he wanted in any of the rebellion provinces, not just of the Mountain Province. He chose to command a group of soldiers stationed out of the Village Hidden in the Depths. He became close with the 50 men on his regime, and lead them to many victories. Among the men in this group of soldiers was the man known as Shizen Tekuta, the current Shinkage of the Depths. The tour of duty that he lead with this regime became the most well-known in the history of the Second Great War, as he pushed through the lines and conquered the area surrounding the Great Divide from the forces of Morigakue by driving them all the way back to the coast. This event came to be known as the Homefront Push. several years after the area was conquered, Morigakure, with aid from Jokigakure, pushed a final assault on the Great Divide to take back their land. In this great battle, the Fourth Yamakage, Brokheim Orik, was killed by an arrow to the forehead. After mourning the loss of his father, Bryn T. Orik left his position of commander of the 2nd Regime of the Rebellion, and stepped into his father's shoes as the Fifth Yamakage of the Mountain Province.

Chapter 5

The fifth chapter of Bryn T. Stormblood's life is the current chapter. In the time of his early rule, Bryn has taken lead of the entire Rebellion, and has set up his village as the base. During this time, he also sought out the 4-Tailed Ram, and sealed it inside of himself. He believed that if anyone could conquer one of the demons, it would be him. He wishes to use its might to crush his enemies, and perhaps even befriend the demon to not lust for destruction, and to tame it into being civil. Rugged, but civil. He has mastered the Demon's power to the third tail, and is currently striving to fully master it.

This chapter is not over, and will be added to as Bryn's life continues.

RP Sample:

I stopped in my tracks as Sentouki began charging back to me. A pain shot through my upper body, an immense burning sensation. I had sent Sentouki to help Zenshi.. he was on his way back to me, and now this pain.. I knew what had happened. Zenshi had been killed. Just as I made this revelation, I was snapped back to my original body.


Zenshi flew back out of the pool of water, and my hand went with him. Because I had been connected to these visions via his mind, I had experienced the pain of his death as well. I had to go back in though.. I had to figure out what happened to my village. Immediately I would dunk my face into the water, entering the exact moment in time where I had left.


I stood up off of the ground, gripping my knees. I was on my own now, no longer linked to my student. His training was complete. I would then have to question him as to what he had learned in this training to figure out if he was ready to continue or not. But, that would have to wait. I had unfinished business. I hopped onto Sentouki's back, leading him crashing through leagues of soldiers, crushing them under the legs of the massive beast. I would then hop off after several kills, and begin my own fight. Countless helpless soldiers fell to my hands, as my claws ripped and gnashed at the throats of my victims. They were severely under-ranked compared to their Dovahkiin opponent. I then took a breath and stood up from killing a particular soldier. I looked around, the world had frozen in place. A let out a deep breath.. there were hundreds of them. The dead stained the ground with their blood, and the air smelled of rotting flesh. Death was everywhere. I grew anxious for what was to come. What would cause the ruin of the predecessor to my village? When would it come?

As if on queue, something from the sky caught my eyes. A... dragon? What was a dragon doing here? A green flash appeared, and in the blink of an eye, there was a man on the back of the dragon. I recognized him instantly. The Shiokage. I had heard of him through my intelligence, the dragon sage of the Hurricane. The Green Flash. I knew that Shogun had randomly decided to attack the land of the Tides, and no doubt it had angered the Kage. What I hadn't put together, however, was who would have been in power in the Hurricane. Dominic Edrick.. would be the cause of the Oak's ruin. I felt my stomach drop as I realized that I was correct. He couldn't had been here for any other purpose. I began to prepare my body for the pain that was to come. I would also withdraw Sentouki, for he did not need to go through this pain, even if he was an illusion in this world.

"And so it ends.."

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Bryn T. Stormblood
Bryn T. Stormblood

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Done. Can I get a staff member in here to moderate this?


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From my Perspective, Everything seems in shape.


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Bryn T. Orik
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