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 Shizen Tekuta (Complete)

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Shizen Tekuta
Shizen Tekuta

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PostSubject: Shizen Tekuta (Complete)   Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:05 pm

Shizen Tekuta

Section 1: Basic Information

Last name, First name: Tekuta, Shizen
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: January 14
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 186 lbs

Specializations: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Suiton, Raiton, Ranton

Rank: Shinkage
Village: Fukamigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Shizen's personality matches the environment in which he leads, relaxed and calm, but if he is stirred up he can create enough force to destroy anything in his path. He has a modest personality, and he tends to avoid mentioning that he's a kage unless asked or forced to assert his power. Dealing with people, he has no problem greeting anyone; always doing so with a warm smile on his face and good intentions in his heart. However, If someone manages to anger him his personality completely changes and he becomes someone who some could believe crawled from the depths of hell. He treats his village like it's an ancient piece of art, he likes to show it off and allow others to enjoy the splendors it has to offer, but the instant someone does something to threaten its prosperity and peace he will not hesitate to retaliate with a force ten times stronger than that they originally attacked with. It is for this reason, along with his upbringing in the Tekuta family, that he has a strong disdain for the empire. He thinks that the Empire's view that strict control is needed to bring about peace is completely irrational. He believes stripping people of their freedom to force peace would only cause uprising and therefore only make more conflict. It is for this reason that he is assisting those of the Rebellion for he believes allowing the people freedom and opportunity will ultimately bring about peace.

Likes: Shizen is a man with very simple needs, it takes very little to keep him happy and he enjoys the little things in life. One of his favorite things to do to pass the time is play his guitar. He can play many different types of guitar but nothing makes him happier than the relaxing sounds of the acoustic. He also has a great love for the ocean and everything that lives in it. He often times just sits in his office and stares outward into the depths, admiring all the beauty it has to offer. Another thing he absolutely loves are social events which is the primary reason his village's secondary source of income is tourism. He holds a massive party in his village every year for all rebellion provinces and neutral individuals of the world to help apease this social side he has.

Dislikes/Fears: Shizen's dislikes are moderate and his fears are few, but the fears he does have are crippling to him and cause extreme psychological pain. Starting with his modest dislikes, he is not a fan of people who are stingy with their money or condescending towards others simply because they have more money than them. This dislike sprouted from the early behavior of his family and it was this very dislike that caused him to leave his home. He also isn't fond of those who don't respect the art of music and tends to try and sway their views with demonstrations of how music affects the lives of others through his own music even though he rarely succeeds in swaying them. He fears the destruction of his village, he believes it to be a marvel and would be absolutely devastated if all the beauty of Fukamigakure was forever buried under gallons of water. His worst fear out of everything he has seen is the Sanbi no Umihebi. He has had this fear since he fought one on one with the bijuu and nearly lost his life. At the mere mention of its name he begins to shake slightly but if he ever sees it, be it in a painting or in person he goes into a fear-induced rage and will not stop until whatever image of it is gone.

Motivation: Shizen is motivated by the evil in the world and by his need to protect the people he loves. The evil in the empire and the rest of the world is his motivation to constantly get stronger and it's because of this that he is constantly looking for new weapons or jutsu to strengthen his arsenal, you never know when something will rear its ugly head. He wants others to prosper, even if it adds extra stress onto him. It's for this reason that he took up the mantle of Shinkage for Fukamigakure, he wanted them to be able live fearless and prosperous even if he had to constantly be on edge looking for threats. Ultimately, this motivation is what caused him to join with the rebellion. He wants to preserve the freedom and right to prosper of his people, even if he has to take part in an all out war to defend it.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
History of Clan: N/A
Location of Clan: N/A

Section 4: Background

Character History:

Chapter One: The Seed Lands in Fertile Soil
It was a mild day in the province of the tundra in the middle of winter, which was very uncharacteristic of the climate that time of year. The master and mistress of the Tekuta Farmstead were in the medical complex on their land. The mistress of the farmstead, Hana Tekuta, had gone into labor the night before and was struggling to get through the birthing process. The master of the farmstead had gone to Korigakure to deliver the last of the fall harvest to the merchants of the city. He had just gotten the news of his wife entering labor and dropped everything he was doing and began to head back to the village, leaving the distribution of the crops to one of the other workers. She had been in labor for 10 hours before he had shown up. The master of the Tekuta Farmstead, Sakumotsu Tekuta.

Shortly after Sakumotsu's arrival their child was born. Hana, however, had serious heart problems during the birthing of her child and she would have died had it not been for the collective Ijutsu knowledge of the nurses present and Sakumotsu himself. The child was healthy and slept in the arms of his grandmother completely oblivious to the ordeal around him. After the boy's mother had recovered from her health complications she was finally allowed to hold her son for the first time. She held him in her arms with Sakumotsu by her side, and it was there that he was given his name Shizen Tekuta.

Shizen was lucky to be born into the wealthiest family in the entire tundra province so his upbringing as an infant was much more lavish than most people of the world. He slept in a crib made of the finest wood from Morigakure and ate only the first choice of the crop from the farmstead. He was spoiled to say the least, but unlike the rest of the Tekuta family he didn't let the lavish lifestyle change him into a greedy monster. At the age of 6 he began training to become a shinobi as was custom for the men of his clan, they did have a vast fortune to protect after all. His family refused to allow anyone from their clan to undergo the "bare minimum training," as they called it, of the academies in any of the villages so they invested in hiring private teachers in every style of combat to teach their young from the comfort of their home. Along with that they hired teachers of the arts, primarily music, to enrich the minds of the next generation of Tekuta. The Tekuta family may seem generous but only to those related by blood, any other person who makes a plea or request for money is instantly and harshly shut down.
The way the Tekuta family instructed the hired sensei to teach their family was a method that they intended to keep secret from others. They believed heavily in the enriching of the mind before the strengthening of the body and would require the teachers to make their ninja read scroll after scroll on the type of jutsu they were being taught. After they were sure the individual had the jutsu or technique’s form drilled into their head they would allow them to execute it during a practice session, which would usually take no time at all after focusing so hard on the form of the technique.

Shizen began training underneath these hired teachers at the age of six and it was shortly after that his special chakra affinity was discovered. Shizen was an ambitious little boy and even though he was told time and time again not to begin execution of the jutsu until specifically instructed to do so by the teacher he often times would try them in secret. At the age of eight, in the summer, he travelled out to the edge of the Tekuta property to practice a scroll he had acquired from his ninjutsu sensei. The southern edge of the property consisted of dense forests and rocky cliff sides that were primarily secluded from the rest of the farmstead, so Shizen knew he wouldn’t get caught there. He was currently being taught all about elemental affinity and how it could be applied to jutsu. At this point in his training there was nothing more he wanted to know then what elements he possessed. This would open a variety of different ideas for jutsu for him to mix his affinity into, and at his age imagination and creation was his favorite thing about his mind. The scroll he had taken was a simple D-rank technique that consisted of a ball of chakra, lacking any element, which would be thrown forward towards the target. Shizen was going to try this jutsu but not only that, he was going to try and weave his element into it as well. He performed the proper handseals and focused chakra into his hands and began trying to add his elemental affiliation into it as well. After charging for a while he noticed the color change from the normal light blue to a deep blue color with the consistency of water, so he had Suiton as his element then? This thought was dismissed when seconds after he noticed something forming in the center of the orb. There was a collection of jagged yellow lines pulsating and constantly changing position in the orb, as if they were dancing. He recognized this as lightning but had no idea how he managed to put lightning inside of water, he was completely oblivious that this was a single element not a combination jutsu. He would go on thinking he was just gifted in combination jutsu until he actually was instructed to begin jutsu application.

Chapter 2: The Gale of Rebellion Carries the Bud
By the age of 13 he had hit the point in his training where he had read all there was to read on the subjects, all he needed to do was apply them. Under the watchful eyes of his instructors he began first with taijutsu application. He was average in this area and was able to pull off manuevers and techniques that an average kid his age could do, that is if they had the knowledge of it that he did. Next was Ijutsu, out of all the jutsu he could perform this was his weakest area. He was capable of healing minor and average wounds but anything above that required more chakra focus than he was able to do. He was then tested on Fuuinjutsu, Kyojutsu, and Genjutsu; these were the areas that disappointed his teachers the most. He was incapable of crafting even the most basic seal, any seal he did make was useless and looked like a smiling face so he was instantly dubbed a failure in that section. He also had no skill in Kyojutsu at all as he was barely able to even draw a bow and even if he managed to do so it took him an excessive amount of time to prepare it and even after all the preparation he couldn't even hit a stationary target. He was quickly failed in that area as well. Genjutsu was probably among the worst for him, he was unable to even focus the chakra precisely enough to get one started so his training there ended as swiftly as it began. He wasn't a complete failure though, not at all, he made up for his lack in these areas with amazing prowess with swords and ninjutsu. During his Kenjutsu examination he used a simple dagger to disarm and pin one of his older cousins who was using a katana. He passed that portion quite impressively but he astounded even more in the style of ninjutsu. It was then that he was told officially what his chakra release was. Advanced elements were usually they taught at request of the family, but they seemed to find it trivial since not many people in the world had them. They were completely shocked to find that they had one in their family. They told Shizen that he had Ranton release, a complex chakra mixture of Raiton and Suiton. He was the first in the entire history of the Tekuta family to have an advanced element so they came to the conclusion that he had some form of genetic mutation that gave it to him. The Tekuta were ecstatic that he had an advanced element, he was member of the richest family in the tundra province and also had an advanced element, and the family would use that to raise prestige.

He had finished the family’s training regimen. He may not have passed it with flying colors like they hoped, but he did it nonetheless. He began to perform the duties all the members had to such as learning their trade and how to handle their money so they put out minimal funds compared to the massive amount they were taking in. Shizen objected to this frugal way of business but they took no mind to his opinion, it was their lifestyle and it wasn't going to change soon. Shizen had grown tired of the way his family was acting, but there was no where he could go even if he wanted to leave. That was until a rebellion messenger appeared on their doorstep. The messenger had been sent by the leader of the rebellion to find a source of funding, and because his family was in rebellion territory and extremely wealthy they seemed to be the best bet. He met with the master, mistress, and oldest son of the Tekuta family (Who happened to be Shizen) in the meeting hall of their estate. He presented the rebellions case but without even considering it, Shizen's father and mother denied the request. Shizen was infuriated by the selfish behavior of his family and pleaded with them to accept the request but they would not be moved to see things his way. So he exploded in a fit of rage and told his family that he didn't care what they did, but that he was going to help the rebellion even if he had to do it himself. So he left, he went with the messenger to one of the rebellion camps and became an advocate against the Empire, never looking back.

Chapter 3: The Bud Takes Root on the Ocean Floor
So there he was, a solider in the rebellion army at the age of 26. He had given up everything he had to come fight for what he thought was right, his money, his family, everything. He was in a battalion under the control of the rebellion leader Bryn T. Orik. Over his years of in the service he and Bryn developed a friendship and Shizen even developed a slight love of combat because of his time in that battalion. He served in many tours of duty under the rebellion and quickly rose through the ranks becoming second in command of the entire rebellion. He was 31 by this point and was strong enough to take on almost anyone who made the mistake of challenging him. He needed some time to relax now and asked Bryn for permission to spend some time off for himself, which he graciously allowed. Shizen then began to wander the world, looking for somewhere interesting to settle down. He loved every one of the rebellion villages, but none of them had the feeling of home he was looking for. That was, until he visited Fukamigakure. He instantly fell in love with the village when he visited there, its marvels and scenic view made it a work of art that he wanted to become a part of it. For the next two years he stayed in the village as one of their ANBU, befriending the kage and learning everything there was to know about the villages history. Before long it was like he was a natural born citizen of the village and he even created the annual talent festival for all rebellion villages. When he was 32 though his life and the lives of the villagers would change forever. The Three-tailed bijuu returned once again and tried to destroy the village. It had almost buried the entire village in water but Shizen, having been made governor of the Residential District, used the emergency button to cause the district to rise from the ocean floor so that he would be able to fight the Sanbi on equal footing. He fought with the bijuu for almost 3 days, being at a slight disadvantage the entire fight. He had to use the last of his chakra to unleash an experimental Ranton release jutsu he had been working on to try and drive it off. He used the jutsu and broke off a scale of the Sanbi before causing it to retreat in fear. Before Shizen passed out he heard it make a promise to him "I will return you pathetic human." Upon awaking he was told of the kage's death during the attack of the Sanbi and that the village was in mass chaos. Shizen convened with the rest of the governors of the village to try and appoint a new Shinkage and after almost a day of discussion they decided that Shizen was the best bet for the job. So it's now the present day, Shizen is the 33 year old Shinkage of Fukamigakure. He has begun rebuilding efforts from the Sanbi's attack and most of the big fixes have already been completed, although some small things are still needed. He continues to side the rebellion and there ideals and will do anything to protect the freedom of his new home, Fukamigakure.

RP Sample:
I entered my office, the office of the Honokage. It had been about a week since the attack on the village and we've had an adequate amount of time to recover. The old Honokage had fled and blown up the office portion of his tower, which I had to spend the entire weeks time rebuilding. It took a lot of energy and chakra but I succeeded in rebuilding the office complete out of ice. It was the only option, I needed my office rebuilt the fastest way possible so I could begin working. I entered my office and sat down in my icy throne after dawning my kage robe and my modified mask with the symbol of Huoshangakure on the forehead and began to think.

I had to tell the other kage of the situation here, to alert them of the change in management. I pulled out 5 pieces of legal tender and laid them out, titling them for their respective kage Tsurukage, Hebikage, Shiokage, Shimokage, and Akazunakage. After labeling them I began to write the body of the first letter...

Venerable Hebikage,

I am writing to inform you of the situation here in Huoshangakure. There was recently and assault on the village by 3 unknown shinobi, their power was immense and rivaled my own but it seemed they weren't here to destroy my village for if they were I fear that they may have succeeded, they were here for something else I'm not sure what but soon after the old Honokage destroyed a portion of his tower and fled the attackers left as well, I was unable to pursue them but wished to inform you that there are indeed wandering ninja out there that are worth keeping an eye on in the future. Now, I'm sure you're curious as to who I am, Since the old Honokage abandoned his village I have taken it upon myself to lead the village. I am not ruling like a dictator the people are fine with me being kage, they just wanted someone to lead them and I wished to protect them, simple as that. In closing, I wish to someday meet with you in person so that we may begin diplomatic relations. I hope to hear from you soon.

The Fourth Honokage

After finishing with the first letter I rewrote the same thing 4 different times, each addressed to a different kage. I then called for 5 messenger ninja up to my office and after putting each letter in an envelope with the seal of the Honokage I gave one to each of them, with the name of their respective kage on the front. I stood up from my desk and after walking to the front leaned against it with my arms crossed, I then spoke to the ninja "These letters are of great importance, I don't care how you do it but you are to get them to your assigned kage in no more than 4 days. Do I make myself clear?" They all saluted and responded with a simultaneous "Sir!" I then waved my hand to dismiss them and they disappeared into a puff of smoke each, off to notify the kage. I then returned to my desk and continued my bureaucratic work, it would be a few days before I would get a response from any of the kage.


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Shizen Tekuta
Shizen Tekuta

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At long last my app is finished, bump

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Shizen Tekuta (Complete)
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