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 [Easter Event] A chance at redemption

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PostSubject: [Easter Event] A chance at redemption    [Easter Event] A chance at redemption  Icon_minitimeThu Apr 04, 2013 5:58 am

Neo had traveled far out into the wilderness this day after hearing multiple rumors of the arrival of the infamous King T'set. Although Neo was not from here he knew all too well of the name and the demigod whom it belonged to, Neo had seen the demigod in action before, against his mother when he was a child. The "King" constantly made sexual innuendos at his mother, and harassed her all throughout the battle, and all though his mother was not phased by the rabbit's nature Neo himself was rather enraged at the thought. Now here Neo was years later, prepared to challenge the young king to a dual to test his own might as it were, although there might be a hint of redemption in the mind of the young Magunetto. Neo would have dawned his usual attire this day, showing of his titles and progress sense his first seeing of the demigod, he was a boy then but now he was of kage stature. "King T'set, I know you can hear me! Reveal yourself!" Neo would scream aloud before placing his kage hat on his back and awaiting the pending arrival of the ever so swift King T'set.

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[Easter Event] A chance at redemption
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