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PostSubject: Neru    Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:12 pm

Hikari, Neru

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Hikari, Neru
Birthday:May 4th
Height: 175 cm (5'9)
Weight: 58kg

Specializations: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Light, Wind, Lightning


Section 2: Personality

He is sort of Sadistic.

Neru is a very unusual person. He doesn't like too be social but he does like to experiment on people's feelings. He wants to know what makes them tick and how they react to his actions. He sort of likes to toy with them.

Neru doesn't really go along well with people and he doesn't mind that. They usually think he is annoying or too nosy. He has a cool yet awkward presence in a group. The only time Neru talks is if it concerns of his career, job or life. He won't do petty chit chat, and doesn't have what you may call a "best" friend, just many people he knows.

He also enjoys going on missions and doesn't really care for the reward unless it's something interesting to him. He doesn't really care for ryo but keeps it for necessities such as food, clothes etc.

Likes: Humans, Emotions of Humans, Apples, Strawberries
Dislikes/Fears: Sushi, Fish eyes, Sweets
Motivation: To see all types of humans in the world.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline:Hikari no karada (Body of Light)
Bloodline Ability:
The Hikari have the ability to use light in their jutsu as they would other elements. Unlike other advanced elements the Hikari's light release is not a combination of two basic elements, but a stand alone primary elements. Hikari may have two other elements like all other Shinobi, but Light must be their primary element. As part of the bloodline the Hikari have phosphorescent lines running beneath their skin, which they can cause to glow a pale blue light. These lines are the paths along which chakra flow, and the special chakra the Hikari possess can shine and give off light at will. This glow can light up a 20 ft area, and the light provided is enough that anyone can see easily within that radius. The Hikari are able to make specific parts of these lines glow, and can isolate the glow to specific parts of their body.

When a person is hit by any light element jutsu, they are 'marked' for one post, the area where they were struck glowing slightly. If hit by another light jutsu before the mark fades they are drained of 10 chakra. A target can only hold one mark at a time, and a jutsu that detonates a mark does not proc another, unless stated. A single jutsu cannot both mark and detonate unless otherwise stated.

History of Clan:They say when that when the world was created three forces struggled for power, darkness, light and the angles who joined both sides. These early wars are lost to the overwhelming decay of time until there is nothing more than whispered tales of legends half forgotten a millennium ago. Truth fades into obscurity, reality lost. Obscurity fades into history, the things we record, and take for fact. History fades into legend, and those who believe are ridiculed. Legend fades to dust, and so it is with the origins of the Hikari. There is a legend, and who is to say it is not the remnants of truth, that a millennium ago stars fell from the heavens in the creation of the world. These stars were pure, and made from light that made the sun seem dim, and dull. These lights fell over endless oceans and mountains, forests and plains. As these lights struck, they faded, dulled by the earth on which they found themselves. Over the many years, only one light remained bright, hidden deep in an ocean as deep as the stars are far. It was on a fateful evening when a lone sailor was struck by a storm, many say the storm was an omen of the many wars to come that would befall the land, but nevertheless, the storm sunk his ship to the bottom of the sea. As it sunk, he was trapped inside, kept alive by a tiny pocket of air in which he could stay. Darkness surrounded him as the boat sank further and further, until he was about to go made from the solitude and the cold. It was when he was at his lowest, that he saw a light right outside his window, he stared and was amazed, that in the pitch black depths of the ocean, something was glowing. Knowing that he was a dead man, the sailor swam from his boat towards the light, hoping to die in its warm embrace, but as he drew nearer the light pulled at him, and when he reached out to touch it the light rushed inside him, filling him to the very core of his being. He looked around to see millions of fish, each glowing with an inner light just like he was now. The fish surrounded him, and in a rush of water raced him to the surface.

Many years later he married, and he and his wife bore child. Like his father, the boy possessed an affinity for light, and glowing lines appeared under his skin to comfort him in the dark. Time passed and the family stretched into generations, each possessing the same abilities bestowed by the light unto their ancestor. Years later the family, now having taken the name Hikari, meaning light, moved into the village that now resided in the very ocean their great ancestor had found his salvation in the light. To this day they still reside there, grateful for the mercy that light bestowed upon their ancestor, and now bestows upon them. They are a light in the dark ocean floor, and are well revered by their other villagers. In the most secret meetings of their clan's they speak whispered words of a truth that they have kept hidden for generations, they are the descendants of the men who fought in that first war as angels and demons for both sides in the struggle for dominion in the world's creation. The Hikari know the origins of the ancient light which gave them their powers, it was the corpse of an ancient Seinaru fallen from the heavens and preserved for millenia on the ocean floor. The Hikari possess a fraction of the immense power of the Seinaru and have a secret name given to them long ago by the Guardians and the Seinaru themselves. Angels. To this day they watch and wait, fearing the time their clan will be called upon to defend the source of their power if the war of dominions begins again.

Location of Clan:Fukamigakure

Section 4: Background

Character History:
Neru was born in the Hikari clan and was named by his parents Neru. His father’s name was Phoga and his mother’s name was Alice. They thought their child would be a nice, handsome boy who would grow up and do their name proud for the Hikari Clan. So they thought. Neru did turn out to be a “handsome” man but he didn’t want to belong in the clan. As a boy (age 6), Neru was very different from the other children. He was home schooled by his parents and was kept away from other kids of his age. Whenever he tried to sneak outside he would be caught by his parent’s bodyguards. Neru would feel upset and would stay in his room for days without talking to anyone. His servants used to give him food on a tray through a compartment on his door.

When he reached the age of 9, his parents decided to send him to school. Neru hearing this news was very happy. He decided to forgive his parents for what they didn’t give him for the past 4 years. On his first day to the Academy, he thought he would make friends quickly, but he was mistaken. No child would talk to him, let alone be near him. Neru had no idea why no one would befriend him. Neru didn’t realize his parents had set him up and made a rumour about him to make sure he didn’t make any friends.
His teacher would act cold towards him and humiliate him infront of the class.
On the same day as he was leaving school and heading towards home, a group of bullies pushed him around. His servant was watching from a distance making sure the bullies didn’t do anything regrettable. They finally gave up and pushed him on the ground and said to never come back to the school. As they were leaving with their backs turned, Neru stood up and smiled. “Want to see a trick?” he proclaimed and suddenly he started shining a white glow from his feet to his eyes and head. The bullies turned around and were horrified. “You’re a freak!” they cried out. As they ran, Neru stood their smiling and feeling satisfied. The servant was surprised as he never saw Neru actually learn the clan’s Kekkai Genkkai. This was news he had to report.

Neru returned to feeling happy at this new profound feeling. He had never felt this before. Neru felt like a new person, even though he was only 9. The servant returned to the mansion and told the news of Neru’s awakening. His parents were in hysterics. They never knew their son would be able to awaken his Kekkai Genkkai at a young age, especially by will. The plan had worked well, so they thought, with Neru hating his school, he would be able to train home by a private teacher.

After a week, his parents took him out from school. Neru wasn’t happy about it, but he didn’t mind.

12 years later, at the age of 21, Fukamigakure was attacked by the 3 tails, Neru had escaped 2 days early prior to the attack. He doesn’t know whether his parents had made it or not. He travelled to where the refugees were heading, Chikagakure.

RP Sample:

Neru was derping down the street and noticed Herp Herspon hitting on some fine ladies. He ran upto him and kicked him right in his backside and shouted “Im Trolzaya fears meeh”, and ran off. “That bastard” Herpson exclaimed. “Come back here you stupid troll!”. Herp ran after him, with the ladies giggling. “Hehe” Neru laughed as he switched to the alley with Herp right behind him. “You ass! What was that for?” Herp asked Neru frantically. “I don’t know, was just bored” Neru replied with a smile on his face. Herp’s face lit up. “I’m going to f**king kill you!” yelled Herp as he rushed towards Neru with a fist. “Missed me” Neru proclaimed as he dodged a very weak, straightforward punch and slapped Herp’s back to make him off-balance. “You can never kill me, let alone punch me, Herp. You’re too weak, hahaha”, Neru announced as he skedaddled off towards the crowd of people. “I am the god of Trolling, muhahaha”. Herp was furious and wanted to smash Neru’s throat into pieces.

He decided to let it go and started to dust himself off when suddenly salty water started dripping from the rooftops. Herp swiped his hand on his head and smelled the liquid. “Do you enjoy smelling other people’s piss?” Neru announced from the rooftop with a mischievous smile on his face. Herp looked up and saw Neru trying to aim at his own head. Herp couldn’t stand it anymore. “YOU’RE DEAD” Herp roared with Neru laughing at him even more.
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PostSubject: Re: Neru    Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:46 am

Kudos for including the events that have happened so far in your history (ie the 3 tails attacking Fuka).

Aprroved for Genin.

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