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 [Easter Event] Let me light your way

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Hoshi Hikari

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PostSubject: [Easter Event] Let me light your way   Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:35 am

Hoshi had heard rumors about a Rabbit that who was popping up around the world looking for opponents to fight and battling them, she also heard that they who won would get to select a prize of their choosing, specifically a weapon. Why would Hoshi pass up an opportunity like this? She needed some leverage on her peers and this would be the best place to get it. From a large talking freak bunny. Hoshi made her way out of Chikagakure, if she wanted to fight King T'set she would need some space to do it, with the current crowding of refugees in the Village, room would be limited and she didn't want people getting hurt. So outside the gates in a large area was the best place.

Hoshi stood at a large open field, the sun beaming down on her as she took a slight breath ''King T'set I challenge you to a brawl'' she said proudly and confidently.

[Tier 3]

''Let my Heart light your way''

''For I am...''

''The Star Child of the Hikari Clan''
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[Easter Event] Let me light your way
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