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 Araima - [Ayame free D-Rank]

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Ayame Uchiha
Ayame Uchiha

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PostSubject: Araima - [Ayame free D-Rank]   Araima - [Ayame free D-Rank] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 1:09 am

Rank of Summon: D
Element Affinity: Katon
Family: Hawk
Personality: Araina refers to herself as a majestic winged beast and as such believes herself a noble bird. She is incredibly loyal to Ayame, and at times believes they both share the bond of best friends. Araina is very polite and will speak and talk with the utmost mannerisms even during battle
Size: 2'11" (height) 3'8" (wingspan)
Description: A large Majestic creature that much resembles a phoenix though is a mere red Hawk. Beautiful feathers as red as flames cover her body. Black as night eyes and a beak that could lock a hold on any victim. Talons as shard as can be that can tear through flesh.



Base Speed: Araina is able to walk along at a speed of 15 mph, that of most genin. In turn when she flies her speed increases to 25 mph.

Speech: Like most Summons Araina speaks as any NOBLE woman would.

Phoenix Body: After building up Katon Chakra throughout her body Araina is able to turn her body into fire, during this time if Araina comes into contact with her victims they will suffer second degree burns that will blister and peel their skin. During this jutsu Araina's Fire Jutsu are increased by 5% in strength. Due to her physical body being covered in flames if she is hit by a Suiton based attack she is more prone to harm. After the jutsu's effect wares off her body returns to normal and the flames extinguish out.. 3 Post Duration, 5 Post Cooldown.

Rain of Flames: After charging Katon Chakra into her wings, the feathers begin to heat up, slowly they get hotter and hotter by each passing second. Araina will get high enough above her victims, with the flick of her two wings outward a volley of 20 flaming feathers (Iron) shoot down at her victims at 15mph. The damage caused can be cuts as well as second degree burning. 4 Post Cool Down.

Tech 3:

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Araima - [Ayame free D-Rank]
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