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 Uchiha, Yuu

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PostSubject: Uchiha, Yuu   Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:46 pm


Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Uchiha, Yuu
Gender: Male
Age: Nineteen
Birthday: December 1st
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 lbs.

Specializations: Taijutsu, Ijutsu, Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Katon, Raiton, Enton

Rank: Special Jōnin
Village: Jokigakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: Beyond knowing the truth behind the death of his family, Mujin wandered Jokigakure as an outcast and was struck as being a very mysterious and aloof person, not taking an interest to many things and many people in the world as of right now. He has been known to be a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his enemies, and even his comrades if should they ever get in his way. He refers to anyone that he does not find interesting or boring, "trash" and treats them as expandable; meaning, "You are nothing more then trash and therefore will be taken out permanently..." Despite his devil-like personality, he is not particularly violent and will only fight when provoked or ordered to by the Tsuchikage.

As a child growing up, Mujin was respectable and therefore a loving child. He did what he was supposed to do and followed every direction. He was very helpful and cheerful toward other individuals and a lot of people respected him because of his personality and the way he was very helpful toward his parents. He was very proud for being the son of well-respected parents and siblings of that manner. But when the Great Ninja War took away his hopes, dreams, friends and family, everything changed. His personality and ideological thinking process switched to those of the emotion of evil, his heart blacker then the midnight sky. Now, he cares for no one but of himself, and disrespects anyone that comes in his way.

His cold demeanor and aloof personality allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easily surprised and off-guard. However, he does not seem to compensate and comprehend the Human trait of fighting against all odds or the very concept of the so-called Human heart; during his battle with an enemy in his chunnin years, he completely overwhelms the shinobi after he releases his Kekkai Genkai, yet the shinobi continues to fight on regardless of that manner. Because of this, he sighs to himself, looks at his opponents and immediately tells him that "to continue this constant fighting is utterly disappointing."

Mujin is also highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical. During his first visit to Konohagakure as a jounin, he makes several surprisingly accurate remarks on the ninja that confronts him, but keeps it to himself. During battles with his opponents, he uses the concept of manipulation to throw his enemies off-guard and toy with them, putting vigorous and revolting insults in their head in order for them to attack first so he can analyze their movements and make strategies to have a flawless victory or a victory with a few marks on his body. Nonetheless, he analyzes his surroundings to get a better feel of the environment and "make himself feel at home."

Likes: Oooh; a fight. Can I join? I need some practice dummies nowadays." Yuu also enjoys fighting, shown when he sometimes doesn't fight at his full potential so he can toy with his opponent or make a fight last longer. In most situations when he is fighting a group, Yuu gets bored with fighting weak opponents and finds entertainment in fighting strong opponents who will give him a challenge. Yuu's enjoyment of fighting was reflected in his dialogue with Misumi during which he asked her if she agreed with him that a fight every now and then makes life more interesting.

"My sister is my life. I will never forget that." Yuu values family and friends very highly. He cared deeply for his mother and, despite their differences, he also cared for Nataku. Even after all the fighting the two did over the course of their childhood and growing up to the age they are right now, Yuu still tries to save Nataku from fighting people that are superior to her in strength, and goes so far as to cry over losing her.

o__o; "Need food... need ramen... need dumplings!" Yuu has a fondness for ramen and dumplings, and while he complains about dumplings at times, he always ends up with them as a side dish along with his ramen. His liking for ramen and dumplings was known even in the restaurants, because he simply stated that they are the "best food in the world". In some situations confined with his hunger, he is also shown to favor vanilla sundaes as well as ramen and dumplings with it being pointed out on several occasions that those three foods are all he eats.

"I like getting drunk. It passes the time." He has a habit of getting roaring drunk; in the first day where sake was given to him by Yaksho, he mentions getting so drunk that he proposed to a mop.

Dislikes/Fears: (Thinking to Himself) "I hate everything, and everyone..." The one thing that Mujin dislikes in the entire world is the sudden fact of people reminding him of his past. Ever since the death of his mother and father, Mujin gave up everything and secluded himself into the lifestyle of darkness. He visits Iwagakure often, but even looking at the village reminds him of his gruesome past of when he was a kid and that he was so helpful and etc. That was before his parents died from the ambush, from the ninja that took their lives and nothing will ever change his mindset, not even the people who adored him when he was younger. His past was the sole reason why he went down the road of hatred, why he lost his family and that he could not do anything to bring them back now.

"For someone who thinks so highly of themselves, you surely don't seem like the strong type." Cocky people. Yuu doesn't like cocky people. He knows that everyone is different in their own way, but don't flaunt about how perfect you are or how strong you are then do not have the adequate strength to back up what you are saying. Yuu think it's degrading how people have some much enthusiasm about themselves but when they lose a fight, their first sentence is, "That was just a warm up. I'm ready now." People who think highly of themselves make Yuu sick to the stomach. But, even he cannot change the people; the people can change themselves.

"If this is what you're going to give me... then I'll find someone else to entertain me." Yuu dislikes weaklings. Being that he is nonchalant but nonetheless dedicated to his training, he trains himself to know that only the strongest will survive, to when it is called 'Survival of the Fittest'. Yuu thinks that weaklings will only do nothing but slow him down, so he pushes them past their limit to become much stronger than what they really are, even though he does not really care for them or about them. He dislikes weak people because they are fragile and can break easily, a trait that he's seen much in battle against his enemies that are proved to be nothing but trash to him in the long run, or in a short notice.

"I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of losing to death." What he fears the most is this: “when Death comes, be ready to fall alseep.” Being in a state of losing your life is a huge thing that all shinobi should be concerned with. Samurai from the Iron Country are meant to go by this code when Daimyo tells them to do a mission. They do the mission under any cicrumstances, whether it means to be one on death terms. He fears that if he is weak himself, he would drop his guard completely and lose a battle in state of weakness. He fears that being beaten in a tragic numbers of times is weak for a shinobi to go through. The humiliation of never winning a single battle should hurt the shinobi to where the core is.

"..." Although Mujin does not speak on what he fears in his life, there are a lot of things that he fears recently. Being the most important is death. Living in Jokigakure and under the Jokikage's shadow, death was a means of giving it your all until you cannot breathe no more. He is afraid that his body might give out on him, indicating the tough training that he always puts himself through. People calling him an animal because of his clan and their animal-like ways is another thing that frightens Mujin. That is why because of his current personality and his clan together, he is and always will be, an animal.

Motivation: "This hatred, it motivates me to become stronger... it motivates me to kill whoever is in my way..." Hatred. The one thing that fuels the evil in himself to burn, to become stronger, to become powerful. His motivation is the beginning of a new life, a life where his past can never haunt him. Motivation takes the emotion of hatred and the aura of darkness around him and uses it in his will; burning to grow stronger. Hatred is the reason why he still lives and the reason why he still fights. His hatred. For not bringing his parents back into his life.

"I have to train... I have to become stronger then what I am now..." His second motivation is training. Blood. Sweat. He dedicated his life into training, his hated life into training. Training keeps him sane and from going crazy, studying his own movements so that he can become much faster and stronger than what he is now. Pain motivates himself to do more and train harder; feeling the physical pain that strives to do better than what he is doing now to reach his maximum limit or, by far, go past it.

"I don't need anything. So there's no purpose in finding anything." Yuu has no purpose of any motivation that he lives up to. Yuu believes that he has everything to regret and has no purpose of living a life. But by training hard everyday, he keeps the momentum he has with all of his might. Some even say that the death of his mother is what caused him to act such a way.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan

Bloodline Ability: The first of the Sharingan's powers is being able to see the flow of chakra. The Sharingan can tell if a person is under a genjutsu because the person's chakra flow would be irregular.

The Sharingan's second-most prominent ability grants the user an incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to easily recognize genjutsu and different forms of chakra, though not to the same extent as the Byakugan. This also allows the user to pick up on subtle details, enabling them to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movements. As the Sharingan evolves, gaining more tomoe seals, this ability extends to being able to track fast-moving objects before finally giving some amount of predictive capabilities to the user. However, even though the user may be able to see an attack or know it is coming, their body may not have time to react.

The Sharingan's third and most well-known ability is that it grants the user the ability to memorize any technique that he or she witnesses, apart from other kekkei genkai techniques. The user can memorize ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as their own, or even modify them to create their own new techniques. In order to reproduce a copied jutsu, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. In addition to physical skill and kekkei genkai techniques, the Sharingan cannot reproduce jutsu dependent on other factors, such as summons that the user has not signed a contract with. (Jutsu is only able to be copied by Ninja in the Copy Wheel Path, but basic fighting movements using fists, feet, swords, etc as well as behavioral movements can be copied by every Uchiha)

The Sharingan's final commonly-used ability is capable of inducing a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent through genjutsu cast by simple eye contact. More advanced Sharingan users can take the hypnosis ability even further to the point where a powerful summons or even Bijuu’s may be controlled. When this was used against summons and the Bijuu’s their eyes took on the tomoe pattern of the users' Sharingan while under hypnotic influence.

The hypnotic ability coupled with the other aspects of the Sharingan, can make the user appear as if they can "see the future". First, the user must perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes and possibly their thoughts and words through careful observation. Then, they suggest an action to the opponent such as hand seals for a jutsu that the opponent and Sharingan user already know and copy that. With these things done, the user can complete the action even before the opponent does, possibly using the Sharingan's genjutsu to confuse or delay them. As with other genjutsu, genjutsu cast by the Sharingan are capable of putting an opponent to sleep, inducing paralysis, replaying memories to someone else, or creating various illusions to deceive someone. The potency of the Sharingan's illusion is dependent on the user's knowledge and skill with implementing genjutsu.

Although the Sharingan consumes the user's chakra while active, the chakra levels that the user must exert is so insignificant that they can keep it active constantly. However, when a Sharingan is transplanted to a non-Uchiha, the chakra drain is significant, leading them to cover it up when not in use, to stop the drain.

The Mangekyō Sharingan gives the user access to several powerful techniques, including the powerful fire jutsu Amaterasu and the almost unbreakable genjutsu Tsukuyomi. The Mangekyō Sharingan erodes the eyesight of its users, eventually causing blindness, which can be prevented by obtaining another pair of Mangekyō Sharingan from a sibling. The new Sharingan is dubbed the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

40 Posts or Life-Threatening Occurrence (Must be passed by Staff) to achieve Tomoe 1

1 Tomoe allows the user to see chakra and copy movements such as : Stances, lip movements and even eye movement. Speed/reaction boosted by 10% (Half a rank).

Chuunin to achieve Tomoe 2

2 Tomoe allows the user to see chakra, copy movements, copy ninjutsu of the user's rank (once paid for and registered.) The reaction time and speed of the user is also raised by 20%.

Special Jounin Rank to achieve Tomoe 3

3 Tomoe allows the user all of the previous abilities. Their reaction time and speed are increased by 30%. If the user makes eye contact with their opponent, they can activate a genjutsu technique with no charge that can be registered for free by the user. (The genjutsu must be of B-rank or lower; simply register it in Technique Registration).

S Rank to achieve Mangekyou Sharingan

History of Clan: The Uchiha clan descended from the elder of the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths. The elder brother inherited the Sage's "eyes", powerful chakra and spiritual abilities. When it came time for the Sage to choose a successor, he questioned the two on what course of action they would follow to bring order to the world. The elder believed that might was the way to bring peace, while the younger believed love was the way. The Sage favoured the ideal of the younger brother, and therefore designated the younger as his successor, causing the elder to be filled with jealousy and hatefulness. From the younger son descended the Senju clan who would be the eternal rivals of the Uchiha.

Before the founding of the ninja villages, the Uchiha were one of the many mercenary clans for hire. Because of their Sharingan, the Uchiha clan came to be known as one of the two strongest clans, the other being the Senju clan. As time passed the Uchiha grew stronger, conquering whatever clans they came upon, such that, whenever the Uchiha clan was hired for a job, the opposing side would hire the Senju, and vice versa.

The Senju clan, grew tired of the endless fighting, and approached the Uchiha clan with a peace treaty. The leader at that time feared that an alliance would lead the Uchiha to ruin, but his clan disagreed, and he was forced to accept. The two clans came together to form Kusamugakure, with the leader of the Senju Clan, being selected as kage. They turned their backs on those who opposed the overall decision, and they defected. Now the Uchiha clan slowly regained their influence in peacetime but what happens next will depend on the generations to come.

Location of Clan: Previously Jokigakure, but because of destruction, the clan is scattered.

Section 4: Background

Character History: Prolouge

A descendant of the Fallen... is what they called Uchiha, Yuu.

Yuu Uchiha. A shinobi born of the Uchiha clan from Jokigakure, the village hidden in the pitch darkness in his eyes years later. At age 2, he left Chikagakure as his side of the family was moved to Jokigakure because of population control, feeling as the clan should spread out to different villages but keeping close distance toward each other. A loving, graceful child, he was seen by others as the golden child of happiness. Always having a smile on his face near the people that adored him and his family, something bothered his parents about him in a strange way. They could not figure out what the situation was, so they left it at bay. Only one thing was for sure: people took their son's kindness as his weakness, and things started to change. There was a tragedy on sight. A hit set out. Someone wanted Yuu dead as a young boy, judging from his actions right now. People were insulting him, doing everything they can to break him down. They wanted to see him in pain. The best way to do that, eliminating his parents. That night, when Yuu was carefully tucked in, his parents went out on a nighttime stroll. Being confronted by these hostile ninja, they put up a good fight. But the good fight would have to end sadly. The next day, in the afternoon, Yuu had received word that his parents died in an ambush. What made the tragedy more worst was the scene of the dead bodies in front of him a few minutes after the announcement to him.

This is where the life of the soulless shinobi began to tell the tale.

Chapter One: The Academic Years; Darkness clouds him.

The Academy. Yuu Uchiha's first road to becoming a ninja. It was a tough for him, really. 2 years have passed since the death of his parents and already he had no one to care for him. He still lived in the household where he was born. The darkness shrouded itself around him, constantly thinking of that dreadful day, seeing his parent's dead bodies next to each other, holding hands, eyes closed peacefully. Walking into the academy building, the teacher announced the new student, no hello, no hi, no greetings. Everyone looked at him, and laughed. But what they didn't know, was the pain he was feeling. They all had parents whom they can love and respect, he didn't. Sitting at the right corner seat near the doorway, he paid attention to his teacher, ignoring the harsh remarks made from the other students. Calling him different names: "weird", "loser", "orphan", "freak." Some even called him an animal because of his clan. Nonetheless, the words did not sink in. During breaks they would do the same thing, recess and lunch. Only the ninja from his own clan would stand by his side, but he didn't care not one bit, giving everyone the cold shoulder.

Because of that, he trained by himself. The other Uchiha shinobi offered to train in assistance, but Yuu did not listen or take into consideration. He wanted to be alone, and many knew that. So, they gave him what he wanted. Privacy time. Time to himself. To be alone. If not training, he would sit in his room all day, or take short walks to the field and punch the tree numerous times and kick the tree as well. Multiple wounds appeared on his hands: knuckles, palms, fingers, elbows; even his legs: shin, kneecaps, thighs. The more pain, the more satisfaction. The weather stayed the same in Jokigakure, so staying outside was common for Yuu. A child born with happiness everywhere he went, now filled with hate and despair with every step he took. He didn't care how he would end up, he just wanted to be alone from everyone. He worked on his prowess, his strengths and weaknesses. With those in training and complete, he graduated the Academy at the top of his class at age 11. His enemies were behind him, and soon, they would be erased by him.

Chapter Two: The Beast within; Snarling with dispassion.

Genin. D-rank ninja. Finally a ninja. The feeling was good, but not as satisfying the taste of hatred inside him. Already on the path of darkness and the path of a shinobi. Life never felt sweeter. Assigned to his squad, he cared nothing more then to just do the missions and do them right, or die trying. Ready to take step into the real world of a ninja, his acknowledgement would soon be known. But for what purpose? Already giving up on everything around him because of his parent's death, there was nothing else for him to fight for, other than his life. Just like Genjutsu, everything and everyone around him was a mere illusion that he would rather break instead of keep looking. He isolated himself from his teammates, seeing as they were weak in physical strength and not compared to his prowess. But he tended to take time with his sensei for private training, since his sensei was part of the Uchiha clan himself. Only three people respected him and he "somewhat" gave them respect, mutual feelings to say the least. He could not wait but to leave this village, for the death of his parents kept on interfering with his life right now.

Missions were easier the more they got them. The Jokikage got word quickly, started piling the team's missions with more difficulty. Did not phase Yuu; all he needed was him and his hatred to fight til the end. Most missions included traveling to different villages along with hostile ninja along the way with the passion of killing any shinobi that comes in their way. While doing these missions, their sensei had warned them of another possible threat coming to this Shinobi World, a remnant flashback of the last Great War. Was Yuu ready? Possibly, no. But he did not care nonetheless and let the thought and feeling slip his mind as his concentration was to defeat these hostile ninjas during missions. Most of these missions were fun to Yuu because they involved hostile ninjas who were a good challenge, so killing them would satisfy him a bit until everything was settled with his passion of hatred.

Hearing of hidden secrets that were stashed from every person in every village, unknown to anyone in the world, untold from no one in the universe, Yuu thought this "secret" would be hidden power; something that he did not lust, but wanted to figure out. The concept of bringing his parents back were out of the question, but who cared? He didn't. Every step they took, every corner they saw, every turn they turned, there would be something mysterious watching them from afar, or someone ambushing them. Yuu opened his ears, and heard rustling noises coming from certain bushes. There, Yuu took out senbon and picked up different smells from certain directions. Throwing a senbon at the upper right direction in a tree, two senbon in the left direction in the bushes, 1 senbon at the right direction in the bushes, while his team did the same through the orders of their sensei. The senbon that Mujin threw came in contact with the ambushed ninja's forehead, indicating he hit a direct shot and they were dead. The other ninja in hiding; injuries to their shoulder. The other ninja hiding ambushed the team as soon as they found out they were caught.

A fight between the squad and the ambushers. Yuu snarled with the taste of hatred in his system and that he hated these ninja for attacking his team. The leader of the ninja recognized Yuu's clan symbol on his jacket. He was part of the Uchiha clan no doubt; and from the same village because of the Jokigakure headband. Apparently, this one was different, seeing as all Uchiha members resided in another village after the war. Yuu did not care of what they were either thinking or whispering. His animal instincts kicked into high gear, and he was out for blood. The leader stepped in the middle of the group and halted his men. He looked at the sensei. They were even in height; judging from both chakra, even in skill. "What gave you the right to trespass, Joki ninja?" The leader spoke in a boosting, big tone type of voice. Yuu's sensei answered peacefully, not peaceful enough to sign a truce, "We came to find what we all heard of was a mystery. The mystery you bastards have kept for too long!" With that being said, the leader through his left elbow at the sensei. The sensei did not move, only swayed his head backward. Doing so, he dug his animal-like claws deep in the leader's abdomen, picked him up and slammed him to the ground. The other ninja retaliated, attacking the squad. The leader, somehow, got up from the impact and shifted his right knee forcefully into their sensei's chin. An act of violence, this leader must be killed.

The fight went on for a couple of minutes. Mujin charged third after his first teammate. His rampage would be short as his fight with the older ninja left him useless on the ground. The ninja scoffed at him, saying, "Where is your protection now, little puppy?" Laughed at, scoffed at, Yuu cried tears of pain. The hatred sunk in deeper, and deeper. Upon laughing, the ninja was fiercely attacked by Yuu's squad. Yuu, getting hit with a right hook to the left jaw, laid on the ground, slow to get up on his feet. The ninja toyed with him, giving him insults after insults. What triggered the beast was when the ninja said this: "After the Great War, I bet your parents died in filth. I'll bet they never loved you!" Eyes flashed open. Slowly, Canine teeth began to form. His eyes had changed to a different state. He shifted his gaze to the ninja who talked ill of him. The ninja, now frightened, stood his ground.

Minutely Time Skip

The battle was over. The enemies were defeated. Hatred swelled up inside him as he finally let it all out. Motioning his body into his twos, he continued toward their destination. His team following. His sensei knew the feeling, but did not warn his other two students as they saw it themselves. The making of a beast was their teammate. Continuing doing several high-rank missions, they continued their road to become the best of the best. And there came, the Chuunin Exams.

Chapter Three: Beast or not; hatred motivated his training

Chuunin. Age 13. Another step toward greatness. Was not much really. Discovered his abilities, his prowess, his specialties. Choosing Taijutsu because of his clan and of his abilities. He began learning the secrets of Muay Thai. And the secret to combining Muay Thai and Ssam-Su Taekkyon together. A bone-shattering and kick-boxing art, Yuu had much to almost 95% trouble learning the technique behind the fighting style Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a speed form, and as such, Yuu made sure that he paid close and careful attention to ever flowing graceful and aerial movement he took in his strikes, wanting to improve on both strength, velocity and combo-tactics. For some strange reason, it was never a problem for him to swiftly shift his style from Muay Thai to Ssam-Su Taekkyon while in combat, giving him the upper advantage in both offense and defense. While others struggled to reach a fast enough punch speed and elbow precision to injure an opponent, Mujin, non-surprisingly, never had this problem, significantly quickening his training.

While learning Muay Thai, Yuu also improved himself on his clan jutsu and mentally, even at the same time. Having Keen Intellect of certain villages he traveled, even staying in Iwagakure, he was able to make punching, kicking, and the elbow of his body to defend or strike a simple reflex he could use in any occasion. With his training he was taught simplicity in attacks, velocity, quickness, and determination. His clan jutsu were easy to apprehend, having his sensei teaching him the basics of the Uchiha jutsu and the clan's abilities altogether. It was an average day, the atmosphere was hot, making the air humid and the sun out during the day. Canine fangs stayed as his teeth, only staying because of his evil-like nature. He also continued to practice his Muay Thai as well, issuing different styles while doing so. Feeling the hatred of everything that happened, he pushed himself to go faster and faster until he met his limit.

His efforts were to be thankful for, even his sensei. He was now ready to live this place, to tear the remains of his memories. It was time for him to leave, to never come back. Those memories of his past will haunt him if he returns. Anyone in his path will be obliterated, and he means anyone. Comrade, or enemy.

Chapter Four: Hatred finally left something.

Joki. Village full of the Battle-Hungry Uchihas. Home of the Jokikage and many Uchiha shinobi along with it. Some ninja reside there, others moved to different villages. Little to no birds in the sky flew, only clouds of emptiness took control of the sky and the breeze of chill ran down everyone's spine, signaling it was chilly. Cold weather. Shinobi were working hard, under the order of the Jokikage. Civilans were granted with smiles of safety and happiness. Welcoming any newcomers. But only one ninja was not happy, his hatred still resigned in his body. Time to make his move. He was at age 17. Abilities far rival of a Jounin rank.

Chapter Five: Leave; never come back.

Yuu Uchiha, age 19, arrived at Jokigakure, flourished by the renown hatred that swelled inside his body since the day his parents died. Wrecking havoc onto the village made him appeared to fake his death. A funeral being held in his loss, only with three people who attended, his squad from years back. Hatred began to swell even more inside of him. Iwagakure was nothing to him anymore. He had cut all ties with Jokigakure, and now, he will settle the score when he is ready to. Living in the abandoned house that still stood, all lights were off. He waited. Until the perfect day for Jokigakure to lay waste eternally. He snarled at this God-forsaken village, only he would wait.

RP Sample:

A beast. A monster. That was what they called him. Did he care? Not one bit. He wanted to lay waste to everyone around him. He didn't care who. Men, woman. Not the children, "anything but the children." They didn't care for him when he was a child, but the children should have a future. He had his future; a future of hate. An Uchiha with a passion for despair, blood, hate. His eyes glowed with the color of light blue, light green from afar distance. The Uchiha clan had one tainted member, who lived in Jokigakure, who killed, who sold his soul to his hatred, let every good go by and only brought bad. A beast. A monster. Who's only purpose was to destroy.

It didn't take long for Yuu to settle on his rooftop to Jokigakure from his abode. No one would ever see him up there anyway. Uchiha members roamed around in different villages, living their normal lives. The Uchiha clan will eventually face Yuu, but only that time will come soon. Until then, his hatred overshadowed his very appearance, his beast-like instinct got the better of him. He did not care for it, like he did not care for other things in the world. All he could do is wait, and wait until that rightful time to strike back hard and cause major damage. This village and all other villages will bleed from the wrath of Yuu Uchiha. He could see it now.

"..." Visualizing it all crumble. His hatred making him complete, making him stronger. Nothing and no one could stop him. "..." Yuu Uchiha will leave every village tainted with Uchiha mark all over, even Chikagakure, even Jokigakure where everyone else resided. "This world..." Yuu looked at Jokigakure and closed his eyes. He saw it all now: his birth, his parent's death, when he was an academy student, being picked on. When he was a genin, finally releasing his hatred. When he was a chūnin, the hatred motivating him. And now, a Jōnin; faking his death. No one but three people came to his funeral, all three fell sorrow and two cried. The Sensei bowed his head in sorrow as all three departed. "..." Opening his eyes, the hatred welcomed him, "...will fear the wrath of Yuu Uchiha."

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Unfortunately, we are not allowing any more Jounin for awhile. We're fairly new still and we're trying to establish our grounds as a site, which we can't do without some lower rankers (that aren't alts of already higher ranks). I encourage Genin, but I'll settle with Chuunin or Sp. Jounin if you're really really passionate about it. Your app is quite impressive however.

Just tell me what your rank decision is and we can begin on the actual moderation of your app!

Welcome to Province!

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Special Jōnin.

And thank you.
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Well I see that you changed your last spec from Chakra Flow, which means you're good to go. Edit in your new rank and:

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Zyryu wrote:
Specializations: Taijutsu, Chakra Flow, Ninjutsu, Fūinjutsu

Its the second one
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Uchiha, Yuu
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