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 To the host of the Hachibi

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PostSubject: To the host of the Hachibi   Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:06 am

Going off of what her source had told her, the man she was looking for would be in Morigakure. Kushino had her gear all ready and packed, and as usual she packed lightly. Now came the hard part. Kushino would have to sneak out of the Village without Kushino knowing, she knew he would stop her from leaving seeing as the Chuunin exams were right around the corner and besides that she was travel to the base of the empire. Kushino waited for night to fall and snuck out the window of her room, traveling via rooftops of the Village Kushino took one last look of the Village before leaving the gates, she would be sure to return in time for the Chuunin Exams but for now her Research was more important.

Kushino traveled for days nonstop and only ever stopping for things that seemed important, her goal was the main thing on her mind and was her motivation. During her journey she came upon many Empire and Rebel Shinobi but being she was a neutral that allowed her to pass. On the way Kushino heard many rumors about the attack on Morigakure, she hoped the man she was looking for would still be there, if not then her research would be put to a halt. Kushino had traveled many days till finally she found herself lost. Morigakure was just a few distances off but even so she found herself lost. That was until a man approached her, he was of the Empire and asked her what her business was within the Village. Telling him the truth the man took Kushino to the Village, she had finally reached her destination.

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To the host of the Hachibi
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