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 I'm Takin' a Stroll (Kama/Open)

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I'm Takin' a Stroll (Kama/Open) Empty
PostSubject: I'm Takin' a Stroll (Kama/Open)   I'm Takin' a Stroll (Kama/Open) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 11:13 pm

I was bored and needed a break from the crowded village, so I had decided to walk down in the Mork Tunnels and see what was going on. I wore my usual outfit of black skinny jeans, my cut-off white t-shirt, and boots. The darkness made my power sleeve seem like it my arm was non-existent and that there were red striped floating in the air. I jostled my dark brown hair and walked around. It was so interesting. I was hoping to maybe find some sort of inspiration for my Power Sleeve Release.

I'm Takin' a Stroll (Kama/Open) Renga10

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I'm Takin' a Stroll (Kama/Open)
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