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 Terra - Open Use Summon

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PostSubject: Terra - Open Use Summon   Terra - Open Use Summon Icon_minitimeMon Apr 15, 2013 6:06 am

Rank of Summon: C
Element Affinity: Doton
Family: Hawk
Personality: Terra is a quiet hawk, she often never speaks due to how shy she is and even developed her ability to fly beneath the ground specifically to avoid others. When she is in danger she is often unable to keep her cool and goes to either extreme anxiety where she desires to leave or a type of rage mode where she wants to hunt her enemies like prey.
Size: 8'11" (height) 9'6" (wingspan)



Base Speed: Terra is able to walk along at a speed of 20 mph, slower than that of most chunin. In turn when she flies her speed increases to 35 mph.

Speech: Terra can speak like a human, her voice is soft and feminine despite her rough appearance.

Underground Flight: After charging chakra for a round Terra is able to freely merge herself with earth and stone while still moving as though she were flying through the sky. While doing this she is able to keep a maximum of one passenger with her that also moves through the earth, any additional riders are left on the surface. She can freely move through the earth like this for a maximum of three rounds. 4 round cool down.

Stone Armor: After focusing her chakra around her body like an aura for a round Terra forms a layer of earth that acts like armor. This armor is just stronger than steel though not quite as strong as titanium and lasts for up to three posts or until she ends the technique which scatters the stones. While this armor is active her speed is decreased by 10 mph.

Slate Feathers: After a round of charging Terra opens her wings wide and swings them in the direction of her target. From her wings she releases a total of 20 feathers, all as dense as steel with a razor's edge that cleanly slices through flesh and stone. These feathers travel up to one hundred feet at a speed of 25 mph. This techniques has a 5 round cool down.

Takeru wrote:
C rank - 3500

Ryo deducted

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Terra - Open Use Summon
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