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 [Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Kushino Uzumaki

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[Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Kushino Uzumaki Empty
PostSubject: [Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Kushino Uzumaki   [Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Kushino Uzumaki Icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 12:39 pm

"You are lead to a door within the heights of the Lonely Tower. The man who leads you tells you to wait, count to ten and then enter the room. he walks off and leaves you alone to your own devices. True to your word you wait for ten seconds then travel inside. You find yourself in a large room room separated into two halves by a gaping hole in the centre of the floor. A narrow bridge crosses the 30 ft gap and a light wind blows through numerous large windows on either side of the room, a quick glance within the pit reveals it drops down into darkness but you can just make out a large set of spikes that would surely impale you if you were to fall down. Standing in front of a door directly opposite you is The Proctor, he smiles and addresses you. "Welcome participant, to the first phase of the Chuunin Exams. Your task in this phase is simple -ahem." he gestures to the door behind him. "You are to simply cross the room and enter this door -ahem." His grin turns wicked and he lowers his head to look at you from below his hat. "You will not be told of any traps and dangers that could exist in this room, it is up to you to decide how you cross, you must simply enter the opposing door within an hour, failure to do so will result in failing the exams - ahem." With that he turns and leaves through the door."[b]

Weeks, even Months had lead up to this very moment, training with Takeru-Sensei, hours upon hours of painful and stressful training helped to harness Kushino into a formidable Kunoichi, no longer was she an immature and foolish child. Her time in Korigakure had helped her become what she was Today. Her body had grown accustomed to unbearable physical and mental stress. Kushino peered over the room with care, it was obvious the bridge itself was a trap and only someone stupid would attempt to cross it without a second thought, Kushino closed her eyes for a moment to allow herself to picture strategy in her mind. Kushino's eyes shot open in a instant and immediately kicked into motion, reaching onto her thigh pouch grabbing out her altered Kunai that had a large amount of chain connected to it. Kushino walked back to the front of the room as much as she could, her back touching the wall of the room. Kushino took in a deep breath, on her exhale she ran toward the other side of the room at full speed, as she reached the edge she jumped trying to gain as much air as she could, in a quick flash two of the kunai went flying to the roof of the room, jamming itself in place. Kushino was now dangling above the massive hole, holding onto two chains that hung to the roof. Kushino began swinging motion allowing herself to swing back and forth closer and closer to the other side.

On the last swing Kushino yanked the chains pulling them loose, she went flying across the room landing on her foot on the other side. Kushino rolled up her chain Kunai placing it back into her pouch, a large smirk spread across her face "Easy as pie..." she said proudly walking through the door.

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[Chuunin Exams] First Phase - Kushino Uzumaki
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