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 Ningyo, Maikeru

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PostSubject: Ningyo, Maikeru   Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:46 pm

Miakeru Ningyo

Section 1: Basic Information

Last Name, First Name: Ningyo, Miakeru
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: May 12th
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 163 lbs

Specializations: Puppetry, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Water, Wind, Lightning

Rank: Genin
Village: Chikagakure

Section 2: Personality

Personality: I am a quiet person who likes to keep things to myself and from time to time will say things if it needs to be heard. I think of life as a game and a masterpiece at the same time. I believe that puppetry itself is an art since it is rarely used to this day. When it comes to fighting with my puppets, I like to consider them as my friends and I will sometimes rescue them instead of them rescuing me.
Likes: I like being alone and being able to be in my thoughts. When alone, I like to use my imagination and live in my own fantasy. I like to find out a person’s tactics when fighting and use that to my advantage. I have this rather odd enjoyment of pitting people against my arsenal of puppets.
Dislikes/Fears: I hate those who can’t handle themselves in battle. If you want to live, you need to know how to react to the unexpected. Act too slow, you’ll just get killed. I fear that extinction of human kind itself after witnessing the destruction of my own village and people. I am not a fan of people who look down at me because I have the ability to control others.
Motivation: What keeps me going is to find a reason to keep fighting. Thousands were slain and millions more were killed because of the Raksaka. Why should I resist when all of us are doomed to die anyways? I also have a dream of making a masterpiece that the world will remember me by when my time has come.

Section 3: Clan Information

Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
History of Clan: N/A
Location of Clan: N/A

Section 4: Background

Character History: I remember much of my days being filled with torment and teasing because of my ability to manipulate puppets. I was first born in the village of Chikagakure. I had grown up and had lived like any other who lived there. We were poor, lived on small rations, and had always contributed to the village as best as we could. My parents were puppet users as well and had been ridiculed for having such talents. They had taught me the ways of puppetry when I was able to produce my first chakra strings which was around the age of 10 or so. I had started off with the basics, they had given me miniature dolls and taught me how to manipulate it. They had started teaching me about the human body and how joints work. This was to show me where the best places where to put my chakra strings at. My father had taught me about where the best locations were to place hidden compartments to perform sneak attacks. He had said that the key to puppetry is to catch your opponent off guard and then deliver the final blow. My mother on the other hand, taught me about swordsmanship. She said taught me special ways on how to keep your puppet holding a weapon. When I was enlisted into the Ninja Academy at 14, I was treated the same way I was treated as my parents. They thought I was weird to have such abilities and that I would have trouble carrying around a bulky object. I decided that I would focus more on my regular training at the Academy. When I got home, I would practice training with the puppets my parents let me barrow. I was getting the hang of things but I was still having trouble with activating the opening compartments. On the day before our last day of the Academy, we were tasked with sparring with one of our classmates and to win. If we won, we would move on to becoming Genin. If we fail, we were never told. I told my parents about this and I wanted to make my own puppet to use. My parents didn’t like the idea but they both went to my teacher and asked if it was alright. I was told that I could but nothing too deadly could be used on it. My parents and I set out to work on my first puppet. We decided that it can launch senbon and have wrist blades. I made it look like a little kid, sort of looked like me in a weird kind of way. It was late but I went out that night and started to practice with my new puppet. I didn’t think of a name yet because I wanted to get a feel for ‘him’ first. The next morning, my father had given me a sealing scroll. I asked what it was for and he told me it was to carry your puppet in a more simple way. He taught me how to seal it and how to release the seal. I was so excited because in the next few minutes, I would face off with one of my classmates and I was determined to win. I would show my village how useful I can be and how glad they would be to have a puppeteer on their side. When we got to class, I had noticed that everyone had stayed up to be prepared. Everyone had packs at their side and back and I also noticed some had actually brought swords. I was starting to get nervous because when I walked in, everyone just stared. Our teacher told us to get in a line and told us to follow him to the arena. The arena was where the Chuunin exams were usually held and today it was free for the moment. When we got there, the teacher had us all draw numbers. Those that had matching numbers would face each other. The person who I went up against was one of the boys who had brought a sword. I gulped and went over next to him. I put my hand out for a shake but he just ignored me and walked away. We sat on the side lines and watched as the other students did their battles, I was the last one to go. We got into our positions and all I did was just smile. While the boy was taking swipes at the air, I got out my scroll. Everyone around the arena had gotten quiet and started to lean forward so they could see what would happen next. The boy too had stopped swiping at the air to see the outcome. I quickly did the seals and placed my hands onto the laid out scroll. A large cloud of white smoke appeared and I took the chance to connect my strings. When the smoke was cleared I was already ready. The boy, I noticed, started to tremble a little bit as he saw my puppet. The battle soon began but I barely remember much of it. All I know is that I had won. I was now a Genin.

Genin Life: When I was had been given the title Genin, not much of my life had changed. I was still being harassed, not physically but words were being said. It had seemed like the only friends who I had were my puppets and my parents. I know had three of them in total, each of them resembling my parents and me. I filled my days with missions and it was soon time for the Chuunin exams to start. I was one o the first to sign up that day and I started to feel the same feelings as I did when I was on my way to the Academy. I had asked my parents if they could help me with a special project that involved two things. One was to combine my three puppets and the other was to use jutsu while using my puppets. They both had laughed and told me I would have to be a lot stronger and be able to control a puppet with one hand. At first I thought that could be impossible but they also told me that one day I could control ten puppets at once. I was confused for a few minutes but then they both took out scrolls and soon my house was filled with twenty puppets. I looked in awe as noticed all of the fine details that were put into the puppets. It looked almost like a masterpiece with all of them here and my parents controlling all of them.

Chuunin Life: I had gone through the chuunin exams with ease and was soon into the next stage of my ninja life. My puppets were coming along well now that my parents were telling me better ways on how to catch an opponent off guard. The only major thing that did happen was the awakening of the nine tailed beast. I had heard thousands were killed and even more had been injured. Worse, almost all of the villages had been destroyed and have been migrating into either Morigakure or Chikagakure. I was able to meet some puppeteers but I didn’t talk to them that much because I was stuck in my fantasy were all of my puppets were my friends. I started to train myself harder and take on more challenging missions so I could quickly rank up to become a special jounin. Years passed and soon I had finally been allowed to rise up and take my place as a new Special Jounin.

RP Sample: Today was one of those uneventful days. All of my chores had been done around home and my parents had no errands for me to run. My ANBU friends were off in another village doing a mission. I didn’t feel like training today either. My mother had suggested I should and go see what missions there are. Seeing this as a possibility to get out and move, I ran towards the office. When I arrived, I was just in luck to hear that there were a few still left for the taking. The one that I took was a patrol mission. There had been a few occurrences of a thief wearing a black mask that kept stealing money from food venders in the market district. If the thief was spotted, I had the right to engage. I rushed out of the office and took off towards the market. Walking on the streets would take to long so I did a quick shortcut by running across the roofs of the houses. When I arrived in the district, I stood on top of a tall building and took in my surroundings. As any other day, the markets were full of people wanting to make bargains with the vendors to get the best deal. Everyone was bumping into each other and making quiet apologies as they passed. I scanned the area for a few minutes until someone had caught my eye. There was a mysterious hooded figure walking from underneath the building I was standing on. The cloak was all gray and the person looked rather short, perfect for getting around big crowds. I strained my eyes on the cloak to keep it in my sights. The hooded figure had made a slow look back at the building and that’s when I saw the black mask. Bingo, target has been spotted. Assuming that it was a man, he started to pick up speed and started to head towards one of the networks of tunnels. It was probably here were he was hiding when he wasn’t stealing. I stayed to the roofs and kept my eyes on him. As soon as he was out of the crowd, he made a full out sprint. I jumped down from the roofs, scaring a few people, and took off towards the cloaked man. He must have heard me because he made a quick look back at me and picked up speed. He had suddenly stopped and weaved a long list of hand seals. Once he completed them, three massive boulders came up from the ground and tossed one of them at me. While he was making the seals, I was weaving my own for a counter attack. When I saw the boulder coming towards me, I was able to dodge it quickly, but found that another one was coming my way. I finished the last seal and let loose lava at the boulder. The lava covered the boulder and was already melting it down into more lava. With more of it present, I had the lava jump at the last boulder. Not expecting the attack with such speed, the man quickly lunged himself away from the boulder only to make a face plant on the cold floor. I jumped over to him and looked down. At least I was able to do something for the day.

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PostSubject: Re: Ningyo, Maikeru   Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:46 pm

I'm gonna poke in for a second, but I believe we are only accepting Genin for Chikagakure at this point in time. I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but until then, I ask that you change your rank to Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Ningyo, Maikeru   Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:19 am

What if I were to change the village to Morigakure?
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PostSubject: Re: Ningyo, Maikeru   Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:14 pm

Never mind, I have been informed. Changed to Genin.
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Ningyo, Maikeru
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